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  1. Panasonic eneloops are China made. Fujitsu are the new owners of the old Sanyo made in Japan actual Eneloops
  2. lee82gx

    Top 10 Technic sets since 41999

    I have bricked 42042 and it was really playable. One of the few I’m determined to keep bricked.
  3. lee82gx

    [MOC] Dual-Driveshaft Pickup

    Outstanding design. Your spoken English is great too.
  4. lee82gx

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    Going to be more expensive than the 42054 at a smaller size and no PF?.... I'm on the fence too, don't get me wrong after a whole barren year of 2017, this looks so freshly classic Technic.
  5. lee82gx

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    Was there any indication of price on this set so far? I was hoping that Lego wouldn't attempt another 42070 in terms of pricing.
  6. lee82gx

    TLG to Axe 1400 Jobs

    I'm not sure why nobody is talking about the elephant in the room: Bootlegs. I don't support or condone it but its effects are really easily seen in emerging economies (like mine in Malaysia). We had a very quick boom in 2014-2015, fueled by the Poly pack Shell lego craze and the scarcity of Modular sets, causing rises at even 30% above RRP. Suddenly in late 2015 came the onslaught of reasonable quality bootlegs from China, and it steered much sales from those willing to buy genuine at RRP (but no supply). Note that the 30%-50% premiums above RRP for big sets are a significant proportion of our average incomes. By the time Lego stabilized the supply with their new manufacturing facilities, we start to see even larger and more expensive sets (so called Ultimates etc) which I can understand from a business perspective of trying to upsell, but at the same time I feel that many of those willing to buy big sets were already sated by then. I have no solution towards piracy, when you can see that in emerging economies is rampant in entertainment, creative products and even in cars nowadays. But it is certainly a factor against growth and demand for Lego.
  7. I'd have to say 8110, its just too cool, versatile (think RC crawling, 4WD) and has plenty of room for stuff in the back! Not to mention at a nice big scale.
  8. still not working.
  9. Google drive link says either the folder is missing or I do not have permission to access.
  10. Can I get access please?
  11. lee82gx

    [C-MODEL] 42048 - Formula 1

    hi jyd80, Is it true that you removed your MOC from Rebrickable? I have it marked as a liked MOC and recently I can't find it anymore. I'd like to still have a copy of the instructions if possible.
  12. lee82gx

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    All h1 2017 sets are on the shelves in Lego stores in Tokyo.
  13. lee82gx

    Accessing new website on iPad

    I was waiting for such a thread to chime in. I have a nexus 5x and lg tablet both behaving like this, only on this website.