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  1. Maybe off topic but I bought kingdoms set 7188 King's carriage ambush yesterday at my local toy store. Was surprised to see this set still available (was also the last one) because its from 2011. I recently came out the dark ages so I missed out on the Fantasy era, kingdoms and castle sets. Although the last wave (Castle) has some sets that are still for sale they dont look appealing enough to me. Castle is definitely my favorite theme, I had the full wave of Knight's Kingdom I and some of the viking sets from 2005. The Carriage set I bought is really cool looking. I really like the build and surroundings like the trees they added in the set.

    I can't wait for the new castle wave, I hope it will be much better than the last one from 2013. And perhaps something like a viking theme again? Would be awesome :classic:

    Also what are your guys opinions on the castle wave from 2013?

    Like many have already said, the best thing were the minifigs, I would have been able to buy the kings castle but it didnt really look appealing to me - was kinda bland - this disappointing feeling towards the castle made me realize I needed to build my own castle one day!!! :)

    I bought sets 70400,70401,70402. 70400 is a nice battle pack if you ask me, the other stuff is just OK, I guess.

    Personally I would really like some long term commitment from lego in regard to castle. I mean, they should bring out a couple of waves in the beginning of the year, half a wave during summer, and repeat this cycle. Each wave should consist of at least on villager pack (some village building, village animals and of course VILLAGERS :)).

  2. Lime green in the water, but sand and dark green work as well. And I may be able to post one on flickr in a while.

    Many thanks in advance! I am still struggling with my tree builds - really love the bigger trees that you have and especially how the leaves are so well put together

  3. I wanted to do a more dark mountain type build, so olive green seemed to fit better. Thank you for your comment!

    It's dark tan and brown sir! Thank you for the feed back. To everyone else thank you again guys!

    OK - its the daltonist in me :)

    just btw - what color have you been using for the water in the beacon tower?

    - any chance you could do a tutorial on those trees?

  4. That is wicked! I love the two-toned stone work, and i reckon those lime-green palm fronds add some great colour. I love that dense-vegetation look too, its something im playing around with myself.

    Love the bird too.


    There is a whole lot to improve. But for now this is the way I wanna go! - I am thinking about creating some sort of a jungle area, some lush landscape ...

  5. many historic / fantasy MOCs play with texture; lots of rough surfaces and lines, and arguably colour precision might less important in these instances. So if colour ain't your forte, you might be able to show your Lego creativity in other ways?

    I have been thinking about this a lot recently, you can sometimes place limits on your creativity by putting up unnecessary boundaries.

    Anyway, best of luck brother, I look forward to seeing the results!

    Thanks, as of now I have been just playing around a little bit :)

    even though its nothing special feel free to have a look at my latest creation :)


    upload pic

  6. I also have the same problem with seeing colours. I can't always distinguish them. Orange tones can look like light green to me. When I was drawing pictures as a kid I always took brown pencils instead of red ones. : P Colour "blindness" can be a pain in the *** sometimes.

    Exactly!!! :)

    I remember talking to a guy once and telling him about it - he couldnt really believe it :). A delivery truck with a tuborg label was standing next to us, he asked me what the colors on that label were. Well, that one was easy I thought, green writing on brown background. He looked at me in disbelief and said: For real? You dont see the colors? - it was then that I learned that the writing was actually something like light or bright brown on very dark green background... :) so much for colors!

    Yes being a daltonist is not fun - but I am sure that theres lots of worse things out there... :)

  7. Endriu, my dear friend - You must stop fearing failure, and start building already. There is no perfect manner of assembling anything that is subjective. Art is entirely subjective, and therefore one must dive into it, faith first, a leap of death, knowing that the worst that can happen is that you will not be pleased with the outcome. And if you are not, well, thus the beauty of art reveals itself: Art allows you to assess your failure, to reason with it, to discard from it what was unpleasant to you, and to try again to approach your imaginings. Nobody - absolutely nobody - does it right the first time; and if so, they definitely do not do it again immediately the second - it becomes a chase, a constant chase, after yourself, after what you see in your head and feel in your heart. And who, who exactly, besides you, can determine what is most appropriate there?

    Learn to displease yourself, so that you may began living.

    Start building. Constructing and deconstructing again. Only then will you be able to decide 'what precisely goes with what...'

    Otherwise, that senseless drive for immediate perfection with be the end of all of us.

    I wish everybody would began with building on a small scale before venturing out unto the world an inkling to do it on a grand scale without any practice whatsoever.

    And if I'm way off base, disregard the rant. It was just a hairball of thoughts that couldn't stay down anymore. I'll vacuum it up after it dries.

    Thank you for your words!

    I am building 'all the time'! - Last of my builds was a small cliffside with some palm trees on top... not good enough to post though.... :(

    The reason behind my questions about brick colors is that I have a problem with colors, its hard for me to distinguish colors, or even name them when the shades are untypical. Lego is helping me with it a little bit as I learned to match the colors with the descriptions :) like dark green, bright green and now bright yellow-green, if I didnt know the official description, I wouldnt be able to name them. - So matching colors is not easy for me at all.. :)

  8. Maybe if you mix it up with other colours to create some accents? I think grass colours depend on the climate zone you are looking for -> the more north you go, tze darker the colours will get.

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too. Looking at mocs its mostly dark green, though.

  9. Now I have another color problem! :)

    I bought myself some green baseplates - in regard to grassy surfaces dark green seems to be the best IMHO, in fact its the only option if I want to create some uneven grassy terrain as I dont have any of those bright green plates anyway. So dark green is my color of choise for grass.

    Now what about that bright yellow-green? What do you think? Can it be useful for something? Would it pass for a grass area? I mean its kinda yellowish...

  10. Now I have another color problem! :)

    I bought myself some green baseplates - in regard to grassy surfaces dark green seems to be the best IMHO, in fact its the only option if I want to create some uneven grassy terrain as I dont have any of those bright green plates anyway. So dark green is my color of choise for grass.

    Now what about that bright yellow-green? What do you think? Can it be useful for something? Would it pass for a grass area? I mean its kinda yellowish...

  11. I built mine yesterday (together with the shipwreck defense). I liked it so much that I went to buy both soldier sets today... now I am kinda out of money (unplanned).

    I am even thinking about buying the brick bounty - probably during summer time, need to save up some money now... no more sets for :(

  12. I red recently that 17th-18th houses or "habitations" in Martinique and Guadeloupe was painted in white or yellow ocher with timbered structure. If you're interested in, I can send you the link (sorry, it's in french, but with pictures). It's a scientific publication.

    Thanks for the info! - I have finally come to the conclusion that I dont really like that bright yellow color (the one thats used for the beach hut). In the end it was a good decision not to buy it, invested the money into the treasure island set - for the minifigs basically (and some parts). I made a decision only to buy sets that will be most useful in the long run for castle/pirates mocs/dioramas... time is probably not of the essence (as it will take a long time to get so experienced as to post something here, though).

  13. I have bought it but I don't know what to say. The building is really poor, and the alternative models are ridiculous.

    It's not fair to compare it with a modular building, but I want to avoid to compare it with the bike shop and cafe because I paid €42 for it and I paid €37 for this one. And I think that I build both and I put them together I'm going to be very disappointed.

    42 for the bikeshop? thats a bargain, a paid almost 60!!!

    Anyway - I am very happy with the bikeshop/cafe, bought it for the pieces actually.

    My opinion on the toy/grocery store? - I think its rather poor, like the reviewer already stated, its got lots of tiny pieces and the building is rather small, actually the other two builds look better imho. As I am buy creator sets primarily for the pieces I will give this one a pass and wait for 31038 changing season creator house - that looks somewhat complete and like a real building, its got a lot of tan bricks as well...