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    What is your CODE?

    My code? for now? Buy as little as possible... :)
  2. Thats exactly my idea, too!!! lol - I dont want the ship either :) I must admit, though, that I am planning on buying it just for the minifigs basically, and maybe the octopus and the croc, the sets arent actually anything to write home about IMHO
  3. Thats how I put it to myself as well! As of now I dont have any children but maybe someday I will and they might start playing with the stuff that I have bought - and if I wont have any children? - well, then I can invest all the more money into myself :) - so in the end nothing is wasted right now I am struggling with idea to buy the current pirates sets (save for the pirate ship) - as they are new I still have about a whole year to decide and who knows maybe there is gonna be a sale -
  4. Even though I just started I already bought a couple of sets and ordered some pick-a-bricks. I told myself that buying a little bit more stuff in the beginning is quite ok and should cease with time, well, I gotta be careful though, cause there are always new ideas coming up of what I might collect or add to my collection. In the beginning I was into trains - wanted to build a city and stuff - but then I turned to the medieval context and bought a couple of castle sets - unfortunately I had to realize that the best castle sets were released in the past and are REALLY expensive to get nowadays - I wanted to buy the medieval market, struggled a couple of days, and finally let go - I guess you cant have them all - so I decided to stick with the castle stuff that I already got and patiently wait until some new sets are released. After I made that decision my eyes turned towards pirates, as this is another theme that would be of interest to me - to be honest I dont quite like the sets that are around and I havent made a decision yet if I should get into it but its definitely on my radar. Today I have seen a sales regarding those smaller sets of star wars - and I thought about buying them, even though I already made a decision not to get into the star wars theme as it would somehow contradict my plan for the long run - creating a nice landscape (pirates and knights are more or less compatible IMHO even though you might need a little bit more water for pirates). So yes, you really gotta be careful and make priorities for yourself what you really WANT to buy and what you NEED to buy otherwise you might get into some financial trouble or end up with a lot of stuff that might either be incompatible with each other or might just overwhelm you.
  5. Hey guys I have been thinking about that lego tower bridge set lately. As you probably all know its got a lot of parts and the price per piece ratio is kind OK. But then, as I want to build a medieval setting I am kinda worried that most of these parts would be useless eventually? What do you guys think?
  6. I will probably take it... like you say, you cant have too many parts - maybe it will show some interestings techniques as its labelled as an advanced built... hopefully :)
  7. Thanks for all your tips. But like I said in an earlier post, I have abandoned the concept of building a city/town together with the railroad. My reasons: Cities are basically flat and consume a lot of space, if you want to make it really good, that is - you cannot just have a couple of houses and call it a city - like a small train station and two or three buildings - that just doesnt cut it. My original concept was to create a lot of landscape - nature - mountains - lakes - trees - lots of foliage. Of course, these things can be connected with a town and it would probably look amazing to have a railroad running through that but like I said, the space required for that would be immense - not to mention the money that had to be invested in the long run. After watching lots of mocs on youtube I came to the conclusion that a medieval setting would be closest to what I had in mind. You dont build cities there, but rather smaller villages and castles - so in this regard its kinda perfect for me, well at least in my imagination - I already realized when trying out a couple of things that my experience is so little at this point that its gonna be a long road - but I dont mind
  8. Hey there guys! I am just about to start with my lego adventure,I am 35 years old, I guess its never too late... Anyway, I am planning a slow start and slowly move forwards in order not to stretch my budget (at least thats the plan). My goal is to creat a small city and some countryside, and most importantly a nice RAILROAD. At this point I am about to make decisions with pack to buy In regard to a train starter pack I want to go for the cargo train 60052 - the train looks nice - I have no real opinion about the rest - but you need to get started somewhere (please, share your opinions on this train with me!) But where to go from there? I was checking lots of youtube reviews, videos and I am a little bit confused. Since at this point, my experience with lego building is almost non-existent the following questions bother me 1. If I want to build some sort of a city - the lego city sets come to mind - but the lego creator buildings seem much more sophisticated. How is that? Which ones would you choose? Are both lines compatible? The lego creator sets seem to have more bricks in general. 2. Is there any point in buying those lego classic sets like 10696 for example? I will probably have more questions in the future but these are the most urgent ones as they directly connect to my upcoming first purchases. Many thanks in advance!
  9. On my quest to find some affordable lego sets that contain lots of foliage I came across the lego creator sping set. - I bought myself a couple of those :) (gonna make a nice cherry tree!) What made me wonder were the bracelets (upper parts) that were used as flowerheads in this set. I have also seen those on that amazing medival village tutorial. It may sound a little bit stupid, but which ones do you prefer as flowerheads? Does it make sense to have both kinds mixed together? Right now I am leaning towards those bracelets, to me they look a little bit more lego-like...
  10. Endriu

    Flowerheads or bracelets

    http://brickset.com/parts/4216479 - for example its called bracelet upper part - its can be used as a flowerhead
  11. Endriu

    Flowerheads or bracelets

    Thats the one I was referring, too! Its quite good! (bought it a couple of times :) - will make for some nice cherry trees (I hope) Definitely true! - I have place a pab-order today :) - it would be pointless otherwise As far as this springset is concerned, its actually quite useful. Of course, accumulating those minifigures is quite forgettable, especially now that I am seeking some historic mediecal context. However, that set has a lot of value actually, besides 4 big leafes, three stalks, and one of those flower things (dont know whats it called). It has 20 of those braceletts (16 purple, 4 yellow), AND (and that turned out most interesting to me!) it has 9 cherries!!! adding cherry trees will enrich any moc IMHO :). it also got some fences (three) - I doubt they will be useful for the medieval setting, though. Parts for a water fountain might come in handy on the other hand. It has three of those bows that you can use for making trees - the fall set has actually six of them but IMHO its not as good because it doesnt really come with anything else that I would consider useful - its based around fall so it comes with lots of 'leaves' - its just not my bag!
  12. Endriu

    A Guide to building a Medieval Village

    your tutorial is really amazing - maybe a little bit overwhelming for a newcomer like me, but still very inspiring - hope I will be able to do that myself one day
  13. Endriu

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Sounds good to me!!! Even though I bought a couple of sets (the smaller ones) from the current castle era. BTW is there any point in combining different castle sets (in regard to the minifigures(knights))????
  14. Thanks, I must admit, though, that I have currently forsaken the idea of building train tracks - long story - I am heading towards mediaval settings for now. My idea was to create some nice landscape and have the train moving through hills, forests, mountains and stuff - but from what I can see it might take years to get experienced and the bricks :) - so I am rather starting slow - right now I am experimenting with trees and rocks, general terrain building and foliage
  15. Next cargo train? Do you have any links?
  16. Well the Ewok village is fantastic, to say the least, but its also a little bit on the expensive side. Actually I found something, on the cheaper side, its the spring scene. Its got a tree some flowers, even some fences (might come in handy some time). Just btw, in that spring scene set, they used bracelet upper parts as flowerheads, I checked on the internet that there are some real flowerheads around. Which ones, do you guys prefer? As of now I have seen only the bracelets in real life :) - Would it look weird if I used both?
  17. Could anyone recommend lego sets that contain lots of foligage? Tree items, flower items, mushroom and what have you?
  18. Its nice - but it doesnt really appeal to me right now I have ordered to small creator sets in order to get some experience (tree hous/mountain hut). As of now I am imagining what I would like to build. Totally interested in creating landscapes, and how to make them appear as organic as possible. Have watched some videos on youtube on how to build trees - WOW! building the trees shouldnt be a problem - getting the appropriate building material? - I dont know how to pull that off - it will be a long process Im afraid - but thats OK - like I said, I am starting off small and gonna build my way up (SLOWLY!) btw, having checked out many city layouts - what I didnt really like are the street plates, and generally most builds are rather flat surfaced, I would like to get some heights in my terrain - will see about that
  19. Thanks! I totally agree with you. I know my limits - right now I have no experience whatsoever (save for some early childhood experiences which dont really count ) so I will start really small, gathering experience, trying things out and see where it will get me... Gonna try those smaller lego creator houses first I guess, they arent too expensive and have some all kinds of pieces which should give me a decent amount of pieces to experiment with -
  20. Thanks!!! Bought myself the camper 60057 today, my very first set - just wanted to see what it feels like. Indeed the creator sets seem to have a better price per piece ratio - and the builds seem a little bit more sophisticated. As of now I try to keep the budget as low as possible (Nintendo is my other hobby :). I am planning on buying the mountain hut 31025! - because I want to build a mountain in the future (generally I am more inclined towards landscapes), so I was wondering where to get the parts - but lets face it, I am starting from scratch - so it will probably take years if not decades to fully realize what I have envisioned. And from I understand Lego brings out new sets each year - so it might be wise to wait for models that best suit the overall plan. Yes, the possibilities seem endless - however, I need to get some experience, and do a lot of planning. I dont want to got out and spend huge amounts of money on numerous sets (of course that would be great in its own right! :).Getting the pieces will be the most difficult par. If I manage, I want to build a small city ( dont have specific plans for it yet), but most importantly countryside - a mountain, a lake, a river, with a train crossing the river/lake on a bridge - thats my general idea/theme. Of course, it may all change with time but you need to have at least a small vision where you want to go - chaning course is always an option. As of now I plan on buying one train set - to see how it all works. Of course, more train track will be needed - but thats something for the future. Right now I want to slowly accumulate some stuff - and see which direction it will go. Once I have got a certain amount I might consider some train layout. As a matter of fact, I want to at least buy another train set (definitely not the highspeed train - to modern looking for me :) ), that will provide some extra tracks. I will have to visit one of these stores (more into online shopping pricewise and generally I havent thought about outing myself as lego fan, yet :) thanks for the link - just had a quick check and it inspired me already - this one here: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3750/9679704467_44962bae26_m.jpg just amazing - the cliffside is just awesome - I want to do stuff like that will have to check out that PAB. the thing that got me worried about the classic sets is that its really a little bit of this and a little bit of that - stuff that I might either never use or stuff that is not sufficient