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    Review: 31036 Creator Toy and Grocery Shop 3-in-1

    42 for the bikeshop? thats a bargain, a paid almost 60!!! Anyway - I am very happy with the bikeshop/cafe, bought it for the pieces actually. My opinion on the toy/grocery store? - I think its rather poor, like the reviewer already stated, its got lots of tiny pieces and the building is rather small, actually the other two builds look better imho. As I am buy creator sets primarily for the pieces I will give this one a pass and wait for 31038 changing season creator house - that looks somewhat complete and like a real building, its got a lot of tan bricks as well...
  2. Endriu

    Review: 70412 Soldiers Fort

    I am plannin on buying the whole series except for the ship. Really wanna get into the pirates theme. Personally, however, I think all of these sets could have been done better. Too few parts in each set IMHO.
  3. I would appreciate new sets for the castle theme. Especially some that would provide villagers/regular people, something like the medieval market village etc. In fact a medieval lego creator series would be awesome, with one or two buildings a year... :)
  4. Endriu

    brick colors

    You could be right on this one! - I think I will give this set a pass. Will probably wait until august to get the new creator house which has sand bricks (always good I guess) or maybe try to get the old seaside house which has a lot of medium blue (which is actually very nice IMHO). As a matter of fact I wasnt sure about that yellow color from the beginning - if I bought this set I would feel compelled to build something with it lateron and maybe I wouldnt like that - guess there are more suitable colors out there... Thanks a lot Dzoni!!!
  5. Endriu

    brick colors

    Maybe not yellow? I see, yellow is a controversial color...
  6. Endriu

    Brick colors

    Thanks a lot! Havent thought about wet sand before... good to keep in mind just by the way: Looking at your pics I realized that you used some more 'modern' windows and fences. What about those? Of course its your moc and your freedom of choice... Until now I was heading towards the 'medieval market village' example (some parts are really hard to get btw).
  7. Endriu

    brick colors

    True, but still I want to create things as close to 'reality' as possible. And as I just started with lego recently I want to buy sets and pieces with a certain goal in mind. Right now there is this beach hut - I recently bought set 31026 - bike shop and cafe to get some bricks and pieces and try building something medieval out of it, the brick colors seemed suitable. The roof tiles of the beach hut (earth blue) would complement the roof tiles of that set (which had only a couple). Now the beach comes with a new brick color for me (yellow). So I wanted to check how much this purchase would benefit me in the long run. But thanks to you and the guys from the historic board I am sure that this one will be a good purchase.
  8. Endriu

    Brick colors

    Thanks! :)
  9. Endriu

    Brick colors

    that was convincing!!! the third house is amazing - (others as well!) thats the way I wanna go... it will be a long way Im afraid
  10. Endriu

    Brick colors

    Exactly, they seem to stick mostly to grays and browns... thats why I was wondering about less usual colors and how they could work. As it is now, there arent actually too many sets out there that deal with historic context. So in order to get some sets at all I am trying to buy sets that I could somehow re-build into something historic, at least thats my plan. And with this beach I wasnt really sure... btw, I wouldnt want to have a yellow castle :) As a matter of fact medieval times were most colorful in regard to clothing, a fact that is generally misrepresented in media
  11. Endriu

    Brick colors

    Any color? I am no expert but I thought that yellow would be a little bit off in regard to historic contexts...
  12. Endriu

    brick colors

    For real? Yellow? Like yellow medieval houses? - I mean I am no expert but it feels kinda weird - but maybe I am mistaken...
  13. Endriu

    What is your favorite lego series

    MY favorite themes would be castle and pirates - I am not necessary into movie based themes (even though star wars is kind of tempting!) I always liked those themes and would like to create dioramas for it. I hope the will continue the castle theme in some meaningful way - btw historic/medieval creator houses would be awesome!
  14. Totally agreed! Now that I bought four of the green ones I must admit that this kind of green is not really cool... :)
  15. Endriu

    What is your CODE?

    I am relatively new to lego so I am trying things out. My general aim are mocs - long way to go...., I want to build a medieval diorama - lots of countryside, probably a castle. Right now my main focus is on gaining experience with terrain building. Also I am trying to redo creator sets into some medieval style (mountain hut!). Thats my plan for now - this star wars thing just went into my head - its not that I wouldnt like star wars, its just that I made a decision not to get into it, and now the idea is running around my mind... Lucky for you that you didnt open the boxes and could return them :) Yeah, its really a shame they discontinued the castle theme - kids probably dont like it anymore and as they are legos main target audience... well, who knows maybe something new will come up next year...
  16. Endriu

    What is your CODE?

    I was trying to set up a code for myself lately as I spend more on lego then intended... One rule "was": just stick to the castle theme (and maybe pirates - not sure yet!), besides that I would go for some lego creator sets and pick-a-brick orders. At one of our supermarkets there is a sale, microfighters for like 5 EUR - so I bought set 75033 today in the morning, before I checked on the net that it had lots of elements that I could use for sloping - and as the price was quite ok, I picked it up. At home I looked at the minifig and the small blaster that came with it - I somehow liked it... morever, I felt that should buy one more pack as the elements are really good (eleven md. grey 1x2x2 slopes which are not available at pick-a-brick). - I bought two more... It wouldnt be so bad - but in the evening I was already checking other star wars sets on the net - besides another microfighter there are also two battlepacks on sale... Its quite a tempting idea to expand my theme horizon, especially now that no castle sets have been coming out lately. Well, I bought the star destroyer for its parts only - and now I am toying with idea to buy more star wars - so much for the code. Its becoming a little bit addictive - maybe I should stop for a while and play videogames or something and do it in smaller bursts, like having two or three lego weeks every once in a while where I buy one set or maybe two and order a brickbag to complement what I might have tried to build. - I don't know...
  17. There's always pros and cons I guess. I checked my table again, it actually can hold 10 of the 32x32 plates, eventually I ordered 4 of the green ones, that will be definitely sufficient for quite some time and after that I can still decide which way to go.
  18. Endriu

    What did you buy today?

    bought myself three 75033 microfighters today- 5 EUR per pack. IMHO this set has some value in regard to sloping...!!!
  19. Ok, I see... Well, for beginners like me 32x32 seems to be perfect, and shall the need arise I can always buy a 48x48 lateron.... Another reason why 32x32 seems perfect for me is my table, I can put 6 of those on it but only 3 of the 48x48 baseplates I guess there is no right or wrong in this scenario...
  20. Just btw which baseplates do you guys and gals prefer? I am thinking about two green ones and one sandy baseplate to start with. My longterm plan is a medieval setting (paybe pirate as well) with a focus on nature - so a grey baseplate (especially one that is 48x48 big) doesnt seem to make sense.
  21. Endriu

    Battle of New Orleans, January 8, 1815

    Amazing work!!! I wish you could make a tutorial on how you made those trees - greatly appreciated!!!
  22. ah,.. OK - I didnt know that! :) thanks
  23. Well, maybe they're not THAT BAD but they arent good either IMHO - they contain relatively few pieces for the asking price if you ask me. BTW which parts are you referring to (always eager to learn :) )? BTW the other code thread has somehow inspired me as invested 'lots of money' lately into lego. So I set up some rules to me, currently I was supposed to make one last pick-a-brick order (for about 60EUR) and have some time off. In regard to the pirates sets I even wanted to wait for a sale or something or maybe even completely abandon the idea. Funny thing (also a little bit frightening) is, I went to our local carrefour today and just wanted to check the legos they had (they have this 5 Eur sale for small starwars sets). So I went there and checked those star wars sets again - then I remembered my new 'code' (still in the making) and decided not to buy any sets that don't really fit the general theme, no sets for parts only (thats a good rule actually!). So I was about to leave the lego department when a young lady approached me, she was clothed in some duplo dress and told me that they had a sale on duplos, buy one and get 30% off the cheaper second one. I told her, I am just interested in lego (didnt tell her it was for me, though). Then she said I can buy lego as well and get the 30% off - oh no...!!! So I asked her what if both items cost the same (I was already thinking about the outpost and the treasure island), she consulted her colleague and said its OK! - I was shopping with my mother, though and decided to check back with them later this afternoon (dont want my mother to see me investing too much into lego! :) ) well, so much for the code - of course I was planning to get those sets anyway sooner or later so this deal might not be so bad after all... Still tell me about the interesting parts - I am always eager to learn new ways of applying parts!!!
  24. Hey guys I have a slight problem. I ordered some pick-a-brick pieces - bought some windows and doors that I could use for medieval buildings (wanted to adjust my mountain hut for example). The windows work fine, look kinda cool - however, there is a problem with the door.(Element ID: 4561915 Design ID: 64390) I dont have a proper bow for it :( It was just when I got it that I realized... According to the medieval market instruction design element 3307 is needed - but seems to be unavailable. A similar one 15254 exists but I dont know how this will work out - anyone got some experience with this one? Is there any other way that I could install the door without the mentioned elements? Please help!!!!
  25. I was checking with pick-a-brick lately and realized that lots of items arent really available, actually arent even displayed. Is this temporarily? or are they generally not available? Some limb elements were listed as not available but displayed....