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  1. The father of a family is angry about the refugees. However, in a dream he becomes himself such a refugee. He experiences the problems of a refugee. When the dream is finally over, he has to make a decision.... The film is the second one of a team of students on our school. They are between 12 and 14 years old. The film was made for a German audience.
  2. Hello, my name is Tobias. I'm a teacher at a school in Erfurt (Germany) and founded a team of 5 to 10 students, who are interested in making Brickfilms. I posted our first film in the forum: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=107984 Feel free to comment! Greetings from Erfurt!
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    Brickfilm - The appointment

    He wakes up, but it's to late. The appointment was set at 8 o'clock. Will he make it in time? In autumn 2013 we founded at our school a team for the production of brickfilms. This is our first result. The students developed the idea. They are between 10 and 14 years old. We shot the movie with 8fps. The final editing was made with the MovieMaker from Windows - which was quite annoying. The film was made for a German audience. However, it can be understood by English-Speakers as well. Enjoy the film and please leave some comments!