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  1. DaddyWhale

    Modular Building 10232 Palace Cinema

    Apart from Town Hall, I have a hard time seeing any of the modulars in a small town setting. I believe that FB was modelled on a specific New York City fire station, PS is a pair of townhouses, which tend to be more common in larger cities, GE looks like a London department store (my wife thinks it looks like a dreary Debenhams we used to pass by in Clapham Junction), and both CC and GG look like urban buildings to me. The Palace Cinema seems to continue that tradition.
  2. DaddyWhale

    A native speaker of English needed

    I (native American English) speaker would definitely go with A.
  3. DaddyWhale

    Mini Modulars

    I wonder if it's because each building in Pet Shop is only 16 wide. There are a lot of small details that may be hard to capture in 4-wide minis. Market Street also has a 16 wide building, but LEGO got around that by building a 5 wide mini. The alley is only 3 wide.
  4. DaddyWhale

    Lego Best Links, for news

    MOC = My Own Creation!
  5. DaddyWhale

    Large Lego sets such as Taj Mahal

    This list might help you: Also most people love the modular building series. Look out for Fire Brigade, Grand Emporium, Pet Shop and soon to be released Town Hall. These are all large detailed sets, with 2000+ pieces
  6. DaddyWhale

    Suggestions for the center piece of a lego town

    If I were building, I would also choose a cathedral. Perhaps the OP could think about what caused the town to develop in the first place. Often they are centered on higher ground, which is easier to defend. Or the bend of a river. An Old West town might be centered around stage coach stop or train station...
  7. DaddyWhale

    Ideas to make a telephone

    There's a nice phone in the townhouse (red building) in 10218, Pet Shop. See step 19 in this pdf:
  8. DaddyWhale

    Poll on your favorite/best Modular building

    I've got all of them except MS, and honestly my favorite is Pet Shop. I like its scale and detail: the loft bedroom, the cellar door in the back, the bathroom, the windows in front. Its shorter height and the fact that it is actually two narrow buildings makes the scale more believable for me when put next to FB, GE, CC. I guess it's not as technically innovative as GG, but it works as a whole and as if a part of a real town. Next come GG, CC, FB and GE, more or less in that order.
  9. DaddyWhale

    Question about 8258 B model

    Thanks a lot for the confirmation and info about the XL motor!
  10. Hi, I've got a small question about the 8258 (Crane Truck) B-model: I've noticed during the build of the pickup truck that the rear axles are two studs lower than the front. As a consequence the truck slopes a bit downwards (front is lower than the back). Is this how it's supposed to be? Have I made a mistake in my build? By the way, I really like the build so far. It's simpler than the Crane Truck. But I like the look and functionality, though much less complex, a lot. Will write more when I've finished in Blakbird's 8258 B model thread. Thanks! DaddyWhale
  11. DaddyWhale

    Modular building question...

    A quick update. I got home and checked these parts on my Pet Shop. You guys are absolutely right. It's not the same part as in Cafe Corner! Thank you for the info! I agree. Even as a new set, straight from LEGO, this would cost a pretty penny. I'm guessing $250 or more. But it's worth every cent!
  12. DaddyWhale

    Modular building question...

    I'm convinced that you (two) are right about this! I took another look at the PaB flash rendition of this element. Sure enough, it has small side supports. Even if my Pet Shop uses the original design, I guess my ordered parts will not. Ultimately not a huge deal for me as I've bought CC to complete my collection rather than as an 'investment'.
  13. DaddyWhale

    Modular building question...

    Great job!! Frankly your Green Grocer looks nicer to me than the original
  14. DaddyWhale

    Modular building question...

    Thanks again. I'll take a look at the part on Pet Shop when I get home. Perhaps bricklink's inventory information is incorrect in this instance. When I looked up 87544 on bl, it claims that it's an alternative part in Pet Shop. It's not listed as a Pet Shop regular item.
  15. DaddyWhale

    Modular building question...

    That's interesting! According to bricklink, this part is exactly the same in Pet Shop: 2362b, White Panel 1 x 2 x 3 - Hollow Studs. I'll let you know if it comes with the supporting walls! Yes! That's the part I ordered from PaB. With respect to the 1x4x3 you bought. As already mentioned, they are used as window frames. If this is not sacrilege, you might consider sawing them in half?