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  1. All is in the title, LDview 4.3 is now available. The download page:
  2. Thanks for the info! I see that this new update fix the systematic error encountered by Ldview since the previous one. Was not a big deal but it's fine to see an error-less loading :D
  3. Yep, but if i had not ordered black ones and received red ones then asked brickowl to fix the problem, more people would have fallen into the trap.
  4. In fact, that was an error on Brickowl, some sellers called the red ones Black. Brickowl has just fixed the problem.
  5. Can someone confirm there is NO BLACK 6.5 extra stiff shocks available in 2018 technic (or other range) sets?
  6. Here is how i deal with this "problem". I remove the involved parts (in this case 62520.dat X2 and 62519.dat X1) from the PLI and put over the PLI a picture of the complete assembly (mimicking perfectly a PLI). In the case other parts than 62520 and 62519 are involved in the step, i include them in the picture to.
  7. That makes sense, it could explain the LDconfig issue.
  8. Just tried it but it doesn't change anything.
  9. Looks like the Ldconfig file issue is another problem (or a spin-off the slowliness). i struggle with this bad behaviing LDconfig file, it self updates without any action from me (it reverts to default settings time to time). Perhaps MLcad updates it but i wonder how, when, why? I've tried to replicate the issue but it doesn't work.
  10. Great news! A question about updating via LDview: When there is an updated LDConfig file available, does LDView update it to?
  11. Hi everyone. I encounter a sligth issue with MLcad 3.5. Since i have done a fresh reinstall of Lpub3D, MLcad is now slow to launch (7 to 10 seconds from the moment you click the icon or a file that opens with it). Before that, it was very quick to launch. I know the link between this slowiness and Lpub3D install is kinda fuzzy but something strange happened at this time: my LDconfig file had been reverted to default (whereas i had some custom setting for colors such as black, dark blue). The new LDconfig file (i've tuned it back to my personnal settings) has now a kind of light yellow as "main_color", but that color remains dark grey when you use it. Not a big deal as i dont' use it but it confirms the ldconfig file has been modified. So, what's your point of view?
  12. Probably, and i could be interested by such a system....but i wonder if you can spend hours with a VR helmet without issues like headaches, sickness.
  13. That's a problem you'll meet with several color: olive green, metallic silver and others. Ldraw colors code and Brickstock colors code don't completely match. Even more tricky: Trans Orange in Ldraw is considered as Trans NEON Orange in Brickstock/Bricklink. So, you'll have to manualy edit the part list when file is imported in Brickstock (like Olive Green parts) then carefully check the list to fix the "trans-orange/trans-neon-orange like" problems. However, if someone knows a way to unify the way ldraw and brickstock are managing colors, i would consider him as an half-god.
  14. No problem, let' see it in PM.