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  1. Stunning work! Would make a very good set of minifig scale VW classics. What rendering tool do you use?
  2. Dealing with Lpub3D updates, i encounter a slight issue: because my windows is a 64 bits system, each update via the "check updates" feature fails. A box pops up and tells me there is an incompatibility between 64bits system and the uploader. Has someone encountered the same problem?
  3. I confirm. You can "melt" MPD sub files into a single LDR file with MPDCENTER.
  4. GREG998

    [MOC] Porsche 917K 1971

    Whatever the blue, this version CAN'T be built because of lack of available references in these two blue colors.The orange parts are avialable (the design only required some minor modifications). Anyway, if it was buildable, what kind of blue would you choose to reproduce the gulf livery? -Medium Blue or - Maersk Blue
  5. GREG998

    [MOC] Porsche 917K 1971

    It failed to Lego Ideas...but now it's available on my site (instructions or full kit):
  6. I create Lego cars instructions, professionnal way, so this question gets my interest :) I would put it at the end. I would avoid all things that could interfere with building process, builder mind must stay focus on building.
  7. GREG998

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    Dealing with the Ovoid canopy used as a frontlight, i've had the idea in late 2013 on a ferrari 330 P4. Never seen it elsewhere apart this 911 RSR (and today your moc). Anyway, this part shouts "i'm a front light" i don't think anybody has copied.
  8. All is in the title, LDview 4.3 is now available. The download page:
  9. Thanks for the info! I see that this new update fix the systematic error encountered by Ldview since the previous one. Was not a big deal but it's fine to see an error-less loading :D
  10. Yep, but if i had not ordered black ones and received red ones then asked brickowl to fix the problem, more people would have fallen into the trap.
  11. In fact, that was an error on Brickowl, some sellers called the red ones Black. Brickowl has just fixed the problem.
  12. Can someone confirm there is NO BLACK 6.5 extra stiff shocks available in 2018 technic (or other range) sets?
  13. Here is how i deal with this "problem". I remove the involved parts (in this case 62520.dat X2 and 62519.dat X1) from the PLI and put over the PLI a picture of the complete assembly (mimicking perfectly a PLI). In the case other parts than 62520 and 62519 are involved in the step, i include them in the picture to.
  14. That makes sense, it could explain the LDconfig issue.
  15. Just tried it but it doesn't change anything.