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  1. GREG998

    [MOC] Porsche 917K 1971

    Thanks :)
  2. GREG998

    Render my model?

    I can try something with POVray. (MP sent)
  3. GREG998

    [MOC] Porsche 917K 1971

    LOL :D Porsche 917 by Greg998 - Lego 1:8 Scale by Greg NineNineHeight, sur Flickr
  4. GREG998

    [MOC] Porsche 917K 1971

    Thank you :) KING OF THE RACECARS by Greg NineNineHeight, sur Flickr 917/30 Yellow - see through mode by Greg NineNineHeight, sur Flickr
  5. GREG998

    [MOC] Porsche 917K 1971

    Here you are ;)
  6. GREG998

    [MOC] Porsche 917K 1971

    Thank you :) The two newbies: 917/20TC Interserie and 917/30 CanAm Porsche 917/20 TC by Greg NineNineHeight, sur Flickr PORSCHE 917/30 by Greg NineNineHeight, sur Flickr
  7. Seen it. I'll wait for feedbacks about it to update or not. For now, the 2.3.6 gives me total satisfaction.
  8. GREG998

    [MOC] Porsche 917K 1971

    Now , hear it: 917 TURBO start up by Greg NineNineHeight, sur Flickr
  9. GREG998

    [MOC] Fast & Fabulous

    Fabuland figs have decided to make a movie with my porsche 917 stuff :D :D :D Fast & Fabulous by Greg NineNineHeight, sur Flickr Fast & Fabulous by Greg NineNineHeight, sur Flickr
  10. GREG998

    Smugmug acquires Flickr

    I used to have timt to time this "bad panda" weird page even during yahoo era. Some days ago, it was often enought to get this thing. I think it occurs when the staff works on the site.
  11. Thanks for your input. I fought to uninstall the 2.3.7. Ultimately, i've removed manualy the Lpub3D folder from my /programfiles and reinstalled the good ol' 2.3.6. The 2.3.6 is the best versions of LpuB3D i've ever used. On my system, it never fails, it's fast it's smooth. Can't undertand the 2.3.7 is such a mess.
  12. I encounter a lot of problems with the last update (2.3.7). While 2.3.6 was excellent, this one runs very bad on my system. Using files made with 2.3.6, a lot of things go wrong. - Part step dividers unable to be centered, - Step placement doesn't work well (as it used to act some updates ago). - Page dimensions that can't hold anymore steps on it (whereas it worked good when setted up with 2.3.6). - Assembly image randomly placed on page. So, i'll go back to 2.3.6....if i find a way to make the uninstall feature work. I could uninstall from program list but there is a risk to loose set up. EDIT: impossible to uninstall this thing, even through windows program list.....smells not good.....
  13. Thank you very much! It WORKS! :D
  14. Hi. I encounter an issue with Stud.i.o "Photo Real" features. It simply doesn't work. It has never worked on my system (Win64 - 8 go RAM - 1024 Vram). When i launch it, a dos window pops up, telling me "could not create log file (....) the situation terminated abnormaly." Any help would be welcomed :) A screen capture of the message: Studio: Here is what i get when launching Photoreal rendering by Greg NineNineHeight, sur Flickr