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  1. Inactive since 2015? Really?

  2. pedro

    [SWBP] – Phoenix Squadron

    I like this! Very much in the Battle Pack style. The dropship's landed form looks cool - I'd be inclined to swoosh it around like that...
  3. Ooh... contests!

  4. pedro

    Star Wars Battle Pack Contest

    Thanks dude, I've sent you a PM.
  5. pedro

    Star Wars Battle Pack Contest

    Undeniably! It's less a case of relying on stickers to make it look good and more a case of creative use to add those finishing touches. For example: 7668 came with three, circular Rebel Alliance logos. They didn't alter the aesthetic, but gave the model that little extra bit of identity and were / are usable on a variety of elements in a variety of MOCs. As you can gather I have a sticker in mind for use on a particular element...
  6. pedro

    Star Wars Battle Pack Contest

    Quick query regarding this: "You can use official stickers or custom stickers for the minifigures only." No stickers on parts then? We've seen those in battlepacks before...
  7. pedro

    Expanded Universe Contest

    Thanks. My experience of EU is all through comics, graphics novels and games - although I am familiar with the characters I've not read any of the books so it'll be tricky for me to reference iconic scenes, etc. I'll ponder it some more...
  8. pedro

    Expanded Universe Contest

    Hey Guys, Great contest with loads of potential. Just wondering if you'd consider adding Dark Empire to your list? It's another series turn novel set some years after the Battle of Endor and deals with the battle against the Imperial Remnant, the return of the Emperor and his clones - it's a well known storyline and spawned two sequels itself! You can check it out here: As befits the Star Wars universe, it's got loads of amazing scenes, settings and vehicles and would be great to include in the contest too. Let me know what you think...
  9. pedro

    UCS Helicarrier

    There I was, primed to get another modular town house... and this comes along! I'm really impressed by this model. It's packed with detail and excellent great features; love the spinning turbines (wish we'd see more of this in LEGO's helicopter offerings), the micro aircraft and deck vehicles are really nice and the use of nanofigures to build out the crew and prominent personages from Shield was surprising and is an awesome touch. I think those will look great either on deck or on the bridge. I wish it didn't have stickers as I feel the asking price should cover printed elements, especially when they're so few, but feel this is mostly made up for with those lovely printed runway elements. The minifig selection is a welcome addition and look great on the display stand. Many have complained about the lack of Coulson but let's face it, he's incredibly easy to MOC. There are also quite a few complaints about it not having a minifig-scaled bridge but (without knowing exactly how deep it is) I'm sure this could be modded to accommodate them. I do agree that power functions should've been included given that they're so prominently called out in the video, will just have to give my wrist a work out every tie I want to see those turbines spin. :) I think all in all Marcus has done a great job in bringing us this. All I have to do now is come up with a purchase plan!
  10. pedro

    Aliens: Hadley's Hope Colony

    Really superb creation - amazing attention to detail. Love the characterisation in your other creations too. Look forward to seeing your next creations!
  11. pedro

    MOC - Blade Runner Police Spinner 44

    Thanks for the positive comments! It looks like my LEGO Ideas story has ended for now. I resubmitted the project separating it from the franchise, instead focusing on the work of Syd Mead, but unfortunately this wasn't enough for it to pass the review process. I'll likley try again in the future. In the meantime, I'll finish off the LDD model - including all the amendments I made to the physical model - and once that's done I'll upload it somewhere so anyone who'd like to build there own version can do so. Get your blue spraypaint on standby!
  12. pedro

    MOC - Blade Runner Police Spinner 44

    The movie is a classic… you should definitely add it to your to-watch list. Neo-noir they call it - has such a great feel to it. Thanks for your kind comments!
  13. pedro

    MOC - Blade Runner Police Spinner 44

    Thank you very much! The front prongs / wheel housings were especially hard to get right - I went though many , many iterations of those. At one point while working on the LDD model, I realised I couldn't swing the doors open too! Now there's a nie little slot they fit into with a dome piece to provide friction and "lock" the doors closed. Cheers. Unfortunately this hasn't been approved yet (see comments above). If it makes it through I'll be sure to post a link.
  14. pedro

    MOC - Blade Runner Police Spinner 44

    Yes, I'd have thought so too. Lord of the Rings and Batman explore some very dark themes and display disturbing imagery but are fully licensed (and of course, awesome). This wasn't so much supposed to be a a representation of a the film or scene within the film directly, rathermore a recreation of a fantastically designed vehicle by a legendary artist, Syd Mead. As I mentioned above, Mead himself gave a talk at LEGO and was given a model of the Spinner by the design team! Their decision is made however, so I've resubmitted the project, removing any reference to Blade Runner (and the photos with the minifigs specifically) and try to make it about the vehicle itself and a homage to a great artist, as it was always intended to be. Here's hoping... Thanks, glad you like it!
  15. pedro

    MOC - Blade Runner Police Spinner 44

    That's really nice of you sir, thanks! Unfortunately the idea has not been approved for LEGO Ideas at this time primarily because of the nature of the subject film. I'm going to remove all inferences to this, focusing specifically on the design itself and try resubmitting it. Fingers crossed!