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  1. I built this classical looking castle back in august, finally got around to taking pictures of it. Its modular! The back is sitting on the shore of a lake, don't have any cool bricks to add awesome water effects though. Hope you enjoy! More picks on flickr of the other interiors and such, nothing to grand. Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Flickr Link: https://flic.kr/s/aHskMQZ5e9
  2. Jreacher

    (MOC) Classic styled Castle

    Thank you all, glad you have enjoyed it. I also love the realistic builds, but don't really have enough special bricks to pull them off on a scale as large as this.
  3. Jreacher

    [MOC] Forbidden Island Revisited

    Awesome re-make! love the classic yellow for the sand! Very well done, looks like classic pirates, looks great.
  4. Jreacher


    that looks great creative and original! The legs are very cool.
  5. Jreacher

    [MOC] Expanding the MMV

    Very nice! They both fit well with the official sets. Now you just gotta make a landscape for them to rest on!
  6. Jreacher

    [MOC] LEGO Castle

    It has a very simple and classic Lego look to it. I like it, its very large and looks like fun. I would have made the curtain walls taller, and would probably leave the red slope pieces off of the battlements. The village could use a nice stone pathway/ paving to break up the green. Are there any interiors? Also the waterfall coming out of the castle is a cool touch.
  7. Jreacher

    Pirate Ships

    I wouldn't consider this pirates really, more like a ninja, pirate fantasy action theme. When I think Pirate mocs i think sailing ships and flintlocks. You only have two pictures and the quality is not very good at all. I would like to see more of the ship. Are you familiar with the old "Time Cruisers" Theme from the 90s? Thats what your build reminds me of. From the two pictures that do not show much I cannot give too much feedback. However From what I can see I would say to build the ship less blocky. Ad some angles and curves. I would re-think a better color scheme that flows together nicely. Its a cool idea to use a pre-fab floating hull, just ship looks like it needs some improvements.
  8. Jreacher

    [MOC] Diocletian's palace

    It looks great, however if you could build it that would be much better. But I don't think this will ever make it to sale. Not because its bad, but because of Legos history with what they sell. This is an unknown monument to most people in the world. Its size is quite large for a mico model as well. When Lego passes something on Ideas they pass stuff that they know will sell. This has no special parts, and I don't see a lot of people picking this off store shelves. A while back someone built an awesome Goonies pirate ship set. It made it to 100000 and was awesome… Lego Denied it. Lego ideas works well with Know Historic structures or sets with high playability or nostalgia such as the Dr. Who, birds, back to the future. Good luck with your endeavor. Those are just my honest opinions.
  9. I don't think modern military belongs in "Historic Themes" The helicopter looks good, it is a very classic looking design. one thing i would change the guns, the little birds have gun and rocket pods on wings not on the side as you have it.
  10. Jreacher

    Knights in White sat in...

    Great modular house! I enjoyed looking at the interior, really like the bed design on the second floor. Your custom knights look good, i wish i had some crusaders. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I took my last castle build and made some major changes. I added a drawbridge and put a moat around the castle. I changed the keep, and added a nice looking library/ tower. Added a market village inside the walls as well. And made the dark forest outside the castle with a watch tower. The first picture was an entry for summer joust. The rest of the castle follows, I probably should have put minifigures in the pics, but i always like to take pics without the minis so you can see more detail and not be distracted. Contest Pic Faction Action Skirmish outside Dark Forest Castle Untitled by K R, on Flickr The castle and forest Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Front Untitled by K R, on Flickr Birds eye Untitled by K R, on Flickr The Inside Untitled by K R, on Flickr Had to use prefab walls on the gatehouse cause i was running low on bricks…. :( Untitled by K R, on Flickr The watchtower and forest Untitled by K R, on Flickr Link to Flickr Album https://flic.kr/s/aHskAucTTn Hope you enjoyed!
  12. Jreacher

    [MOC] Throne Of Bones

    Thats really cool, the throne is awesome. Has a very sinister look, well done.
  13. Jreacher

    [MOC] Game of Thrones- Blackwater

    hahaha, OOPS! that awkward moment when you destroy your own people.
  14. Jreacher

    minifigs for mocs

    brick link is a good way to army build…. but be careful, a lot of sellers on brick link think their stuff is gold and charge an arm and a leg. When i did some army building on brick link I would only pay $2.50 or less for a mini fig. But If i can get a Lego battle pack with the figs ill buy those instead. I find a lot of sellers on brick link are just people trying to get rid of old legos they had as a kid for an overinflated price. This isn't true when buying bricks or pieces…. but when buying retired sets or mini figures. I wanted to buy another Black Seas Barracuda, but in the US the only sellers want $200 or more and half of them the sails are stained or torn. If your trying to sell a retired ship the sails better be perfect or you should be selling it for less then original market value. Sorry for the rant.
  15. My 8x8 for the summer joust contest. Here we have the infamous chicken master turning brown chickens white! Turning brown chickens white! by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Just a quick and fun build for the contest. Hope you enjoyed.
  16. Jreacher

    [MOC] Dark Forest Castle of the Lions

    Thank You. Yes i agree that more vines and thicker landscape would have been nice. I wanted to do more natural hills and trees, with larger vines. But ran outta green stuff haha.
  17. After much thought I have a great idea for lego. I love building mocs… so for me ill just continue buying bricks off brick link and building what i want.. however I would love for lego to come out with mini figure pack…. imagine just boxes of mini figures like we had in the 80's and 90's. 6 figs to a box with accessories. they could do a lion one, forest men, wolf pack, dragon, fantasy, villagers etc….. Id buy those…
  18. Jreacher

    Sunset Mirage (update)

    For lighting something that always works well for me is going outside on a sunny day when the sun is not directly over head. The natural lighting can do wonders to show detail, just watch out for shadows from clouds, trees, houses etc. I would say if you are gonna keep the ship the same length maybe space out the mast a little bit more.
  19. Jreacher

    [MOC] The Harbor

    Roof technique is very cool. The build looks great, love the house and the storage area, the pier is exceptional as well.
  20. Jreacher

    (MOC) The Chicken Master….

    Thanks, no interior, I probably could have added a small interior to it now that I think of it. However that boat has sailed as I demolished the build to start my build for the faction action part of the contest.
  21. Jreacher

    Sunset Mirage (update)

    You really need better lighting for your pictures. But on to criticism.. I think your ship needs to be longer, and the front of the ship is too long and pointy. The rear also looks like it needs work, its very blocky and does not really blend in well with the rest of the ship. Look at the design of the BSB and SES, thats how the rear cabin should look. Also if you add hull sections to make the ship longer you can give more spacing between the mast which will really give it a better look. Its a good start, but to be considered on ideas i think you need to give it a more classic lego pirate ship look.
  22. Jreacher

    Future Castle Sets?

    I would like a multi year castle theme as well. And I am surprised that Lego doesn't have castle themes more often, considering most kids loves castles. If they would just bring back the crusaders, forest men and black knights I would be very happy. Honestly with my luck Lego won't release a castle theme until 2019 haha.
  23. Jreacher

    Future Castle Sets?

    I miss the 80s and 90s. As a kid Lego always had Pirates, Castle, Town, Space and then some random theme… now they have a lot going on. I remember going to the store and saying do I want a pirates set today or a castle. Now I go to the store and there is nothing. But like you others, I don't think Lego will re-introduce a new castle theme until 2018. The last castle and pirates themes were low on sets, and the pirates theme only lived for a year before disappearing. I am really hoping that Lego will introduce classic castle again, and praying that on of the sets is like a UCS set or something else substantial.
  24. Jreacher

    Imperial Port

    This is a beautiful MOC. I love the Fort and town buildings. The rock work is great, and the ocean although simple is really nice looking. I also enjoy the open back that allows a glimpse into the action.
  25. I also like the classic Lego set feeling this has to it. It looks like the last two castles Lego has made and fits well. I always did wish that Lego would release two castles at a time, one for good and one for bad guys. The play features are a nice touch as well, the trap door is a Lego classic!