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  1. Just found out that you can get 5% discount at Manchester Discovery Centre, so it'll be less than £40 :) Definitely getting it in two weeks when we go!
  2. I think there is a really nice variation of accessories for series 5, but i can only see myself wanting the lumberjack and an extra axe really.
  3. coupi

    What did you buy today?

    Just a bunch of random bits and bobs on Brick Link; Series 4 minifig accessories; paintbrush and palette, 2 x surfboards and two brown fishing rods, a complete Series 4 sailor minifig and one of the little red parcel trolley things (which I've wanted one of for years!!!). Hopefully there will be a Lego set or two with my name on when my girlfriend finishes work today too :) I hope I can get at least one 30131 and one 30091! I really want to get hold of the 5770 Lighthouse Island set! :(
  4. Superb review, it's made me even more keen on getting this set! Just a little scrap of information for you, the two secondary models are called boathouse with lifeboat and seafood restaurant with fishing boat. Now to find it as cheap as I can in the UK! Thank you! :)
  5. It's non-LEGO related, hence posting it in here, I just need to ask a favour of someone from one of these three countries, and I will make it worth their while! :)
  6. If you are from one of these three countries, let me know, as I need some help! Thank you :)
  7. A few days after I posted on here I had two sets missing some pieces, got on to Lego straight away, but sadly, still no replacements :(
  8. Did you get an email or anything, or did the items just randomly turn up one day?
  9. coupi

    Help on design

    Maybe use a pair of binoculars and a few wrenches?
  11. One newspaper = three sets :)
  12. I only just found out about this, thanks to my girlfriend who works at WHSmith
  13. coupi

    MOC: The Ploughteam

    I really love this :) It would be cool to see it done with more stages; level soil, ploughed soil, grass, small plants, large plants and plants golden ready to harvest!
  14. I completely forgot I had entered this, thank you for reminding me! Fingers crossed I make it to he final 12 at least!
  15. coupi

    Sliding door design

    Thank you very much :) You've come up with a great idea there!