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  1. 45 minutes ago, BrickFunatic said:

    If everyone could pick one new minifigure (could be a new variant or a completely new character), one new mold and one new location they wanted to see next year, what would it be?

    I think mine would be Hagrid without his overcoat, Fang and the Gryffindor Common Room.

    Kreacher, Slytherin Locket and Grimmauld Place... Could all appear in one set to be honest haha...

  2. Just got my hands on the CMF :sweet: They are absolutely fabulous! What a fabulous series, I'm truly happy with them now that I see them in the flesh!
    And once again, LEGO's customer service is top notch! Someone already mentioned this, but the LEGO Store in Paris sorted them out to avoid people touching the bags, and customers can ask for the ones they'd like, even getting them all at once should they want to :wub: 

  3. The way I see it, Gringotts not being included, that excludes Deathly Hallows completely. Borgin and Burkes not being in there also tells me that they really focus on the magical aspect of the Harry's first arrival. The description litteraly The only element hinting to a reference to any movie above Prisoner of Akaban is WWW. Now that doens't mean we won't get older variants that link into Half Blood Prince, but I could totally see them include Fred and George Variants like they did last time and not "waste" spots on trio variants.

  4. 41 minutes ago, Zepthire said:

    No wonder they had so much trouble finding him!

    :laugh::laugh::laugh: Ahahahah! 

    To be fair, they're not even faithful to the Portrait of Lily and James included in Privet Drive. They updated the picture ever so slightly, adding James' scarf and sideburns for the CMF photograph, which is so much more detailled. I love it.
    I agree though, I'd much rather have good figures than meh designs to ressemble some sort of old drawing. Imagine all figures having to be based on previous designs from those sticker books. That'd be a bummer hahah

  5. 6 minutes ago, deskp said:

    Im quite negative to the cloth piece on Kingsley, it looks ok in digital renders, but flopping around like that on the actual figure is horrid.  Should have printed the coat on him as well..  this new soft cloth is even harder to maintain nice than the old stiff one.

    thanks for the images!

    Nothing can't fix :wink:
    Totally do agree with you though on the questionnable quality of that cloth


  6. Those pictures and video review are great! Answered all our questions. I feel Kingsley's overal torso design isn't the greatest, looks a bit blank, but getting him in the first place is awesome.
    They're really growing on me :pir-love:
    Can't wait to get my hands on them... That is when LEGO will finally acknowledge they're all over the internet and stores :laugh:

  7. 20 hours ago, Intergalactic Bricks said:

    Does anyone here know some good mods for the 2020 figures? A lot of them I don’t like including: nymphadora, mr Weasley, lavender brown, mrs Weasley, and Vernon just to name a few

    I get your frustration with some of them. Mrs Weasley I personally stick to the 2010 which is such a great figure. For Vernon, I used this customized version for ages before the official one, which I personnaly really like and will probably use now. And Lavender's torso design is great, not fond of the face or hair combo so switched back to my personal preference.


  8. 18 minutes ago, Otherworld said:

    Does anyone else find it kinda odd how they went out of their way to make a new hair mold for Slug Club Ginny? Even the twins get more screen time and dialogue in those beanies. Perhaps they could use it on a future CoS Ginny? (She has wavy hair in that scene as well)

    I was thinking that too. It's one of those obscure variants we talked about a few pages back. I guess they used the CMF Budget to make a new mould, because they can :laugh:  Her hair in CoS is quite wavy but no where near that mould. Not to mention the Burrow Set gave her the original hair, so I guess that's what we'll be getting if she ever shows up in a Cos Set. As for the new mould, it isn't unheard of a mould only ever showing up in a CMF, so who knows, we might see it pop up somewhere else, or might not...

  9. 5 minutes ago, Robert8 said:

    If I recall correctly, the exact same thing happened with CMF S11. That time, it as found at a store in Poland weeks before the reveal. 

    Do you recall how they handled it? Or they just let it pass?

    Just now, 2lazeetomakeaname said:

    I have a theory that LEGO purposely leaks stuff to build up hype:laugh:

    Aaaaaaaaaaand that makes sense too hahaha Leaked publicity is free publicity in a way :grin:

  10. 19 minutes ago, Otherworld said:

    Lol and it’s not just leaks, but actually being sold in stores already haha what...

    1 hour ago, BacktoBricks said:

    Pretty normal standard practice for Lego. ?

    Madness :laugh::laugh:
    I always wonder in those kind of situations if at LEGO Headquarters all hell breaks lose and the community managers lose their minds :grin:

  11. Can anyone make out if Neville's robes are identical to Hermione's from series 1 ? It seems like he has some sort of brown sweater sticking out from underneath his robes but maybe it's just the picture. 
    Odd to give him medium legs, when all the others now have normal legs (although I get that the Monster books hints at him being based on year three) Would have been great to get some regular legs with gryffindor robe printing, could have added some variety.

  12. Some great figs! They defo put the most exciting ones on the front package. :grin:
    Then again, I'd say it was to be expected. Faithful to the standards of a Second Licensed CMF, some great new ones among a bunch of meh variants. They couldn't possibly top the first one, unless they had granted most of our wishes/predictions. The lack of Pomfrey, Crabbe, Goyle, Rita, Tonks, Lockard and Kreacher is a bummer. But as most have pointed out, some of those are still in the race for further sets.
    A lovely series altogether for any HP fan.

  13. Just now, Lego-Freak said:

    Leaving off Gringotts would be an incredibly bad move though :tongue: As I’ve said before, a 400$ DA needs to be as complete as possible. You can’t expect customers to buy a set like that with one of the most iconic and important parts missing and for them to patiently wait 9 months to buy it separately :laugh: That’s like selling a UCS Millennium Falcon without the cockpit and then releasing it separately 9 months later

    #Agreed. I don't see how anyone can expect Gringotts not being in Diagon Alley, It's literally the main feature of the movie scene. If the set had been a big 100 bucks, I could have imagined one or two shops for display. A 400 Diagon Alley is bound to be as complete as can be with several buildings. Would it deserve a stand alone set based on Deathly Hallows ? Sure, and we might even get one (Totally can see a dragon escape set, a mine cart adventure or what not, something in the spirit of the Horntails or Room of Requirement set, only slightly bigger. Few figs, Dragon, some carts or vaults etc.) And who knows, maybe the will even include the Dragon straight into this set. The leaked figures don't hint to that at the moment though...
    The building based on the Leaky Cauldron is a somewhat different matter, since theoretically Diagon Alley starts where the Leaky Cauldron ends. Maybe I'm alone on this but what really jumps to mind when I think Diagon Alley is Hagrid and Harry walking into the streets on John Williams magical tune. The Leaky Cauldron at that stage is behind them. Then again, depending on how they decide to display the set, I could totally see them including it, and I would love them for it. But if anything's gonna left be out, it better not be Gringotts. :laugh:

  14. Just now, TheRandomBlocker said:

    That’s 100% one of the Patil twins, she has black hair, not brown and I believe Parvati Patil wore a pink skirt type thing with an orange top and Padma Patil wore the opposite (orange dress type thing with a pink top)

    I don't man, the quality is really too bad to tell Id say. Would be great news though in this somewhat disappointing set. Yule Ball is not what we expected but hey, some nice surprises might be come up ! We did get Flitwick based on Goblet of Fire/Half Blood Prince outfit after all in the Philosopher Stone based one. 

  15. 16 hours ago, Seaber said:

    I've added the cowl piece rather than the hood piece to MacNair. Pius Thicknesse and a few Aurors. 

    Haha, how funny! I also gave him a black cowl and I'm using that exact same head for Pius, I use the dark brown hair variation though. And other robes. Really nice figures though. Like the Mary Cattermole a lot too, clever choices.

  16. 48647938241_c45531b931_c.jpg


    “Harry witnessed Professor McGonagall walking right past Peeves who was determinedly loosening a crystal chandelier and could have sworn he heard her tell the poltergeist out of the corner of her mouth, 'It unscrews the other way.”

    ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    A little vignette about one of my favourite scenes from the Order of the Phoenix. Poltergeist Peeves wreaking havoc. His character never appeared in the films, to my regret, so it seemed only fair to give him a LEGO makeover, based on the video games' design for all you potterheads you get the reference, enjoy :wink:.


    Chandelier design inspired by the fantastic Xenomurphy (If you don't know his work, check him out, he's awesome!)  
    Blue  waistcoat provided by



    Thank you for your time and attention

    Geertos13 signing out

  17. 69399007_1423474594443139_30528240176867

    Another variation on Slughorn with his signature robes, next to him another potion brewer, Madam Pomfrey


    Bill Weasley with his soon to be wife, Fleur Delacour. Updated Fleur to have a more "femme fatale" quality to her looks. As for Bill he's a personal design somewhat based on the books description.