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  1. JesterF

    [MOC] ATT Armored Trooper Transport Non-Canon

    Sweet! That's what I think!
  2. JesterF

    [MOC] Episode 7 Speeder

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing the file!
  3. JesterF

    Some LEGO Star Wars trivia from new book

    Wow alot of the trivia I didn't know about. Thanks for sharing!
  4. JesterF

    [MOC] Micro Star Wars Chess Set

    Awesome! Great build!
  5. JesterF


    Small but detailed. Great Work!
  6. Happy Easter!

  7. JesterF

    LDD MOC - Apartment building

    Hi there the build was beautiful mind I also have the file as well? Thanks in advance :thumbup:
  8. JesterF

    MOD Imperial Trading post

    The second pic is cool and kinda creepy but overall great work
  9. Have a Good Friday Everyone!

  10. JesterF

    A normal working day (MOC)

    Hahaha the microscopes looks like Wall-e but that's just me i guess Anyways Great moc and your wife's job is cool
  11. Definitely one of the finer mocs I have seen dealing with the A-wing also I browse your account and found out an instructions on the A-wing your kindness will be appreciated!
  12. JesterF

    [MOC] Mount Tantiss - Cloning Chamber

    Fantastic I just loved the mixing of the loght with the moc. Great Job!
  13. JesterF

    [LDD] AT-AT

  14. Sweet! I can now change my profile! :D