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  1. I tried coloring over the whites over her eyes.




    In my opinion I really doesn't think it works because of how her pupils are black with a tiny bit of purple. 

    It just looks off with a style that doesn't white on the black shadowed face. 

    Maybe solid white pupils would work?

  2. Just going to point out. Lego does not own the design for the lego brick anymore so as long as they aren't stealing prints or set designs from lego (they aren't here with these sets) they are not doing anything illegal by making sets of MOCers with their permission. 

  3. 9 hours ago, JACKATTACKS said:

    I have been inactive lately (so I don't know if this has already been said) but how come Anakin has grey legs in Darth Vader Transformation? As far as I know, he was missing half of each leg. Surely it would have been better to have given him dual moulded legs instead?

    Also, it appears to me that Darth and Anakin both share the same new face print? I'm a bit disappointed as the only Darth Vader minifig I own was from the 2011 Millennium Falcon and I would have liked to have got the new white head variant instead. Also, does Darth feature new torso/leg printing. I know this is a lot of questions but I'm just really hyped for this set!!!!!!:grin:

    Anakin was shown with robot legs whn he was on the table. 


  4. 49 minutes ago, Kevii23 said:

    It's a sphere, a droid in the movie(s) and it's been called right a few times over the last few pages.

    Need any more hints?

    Its IT-O Interrogation Unit, I knew it!

    And I did some research. I was able to find a Phase 2 Clonegunner in the old ROTS toyline



    But he has the wrong armor. This guy seems to be using Phase 2 chest armor like in clone wars




  5. 1 hour ago, starwarslotrluvva said:

    10225 R2-D2 had a rotating head, retractable third leg, computer interface arm, and saw. The saw was first seen in Return of the Jedi. Imagine if Lego had made the UCS R2 after A New Hope. They wouldn't have added the saw because it wasn't revealed until a later film.

    Forgot he had the arms. 


    But look at R2's tools so many of them are conflicting. If they didnt know about the saw they could of gave him one of the arms that were in ANH. 


    Also we know some of BB-8s tools allready, a storage compartment, a lighter, an arc welder, a saw, and magnet cables,