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  1. Here is my latest Breaking Bad MOC – Saul Goodman’s Office! This one was a bit more complex than my previous MOC of Hank and Marie’s bedroom that I did a few weeks ago. It was a bit tricky getting the walls angled perfectly where the columns could fit and break up the panels accurately and symmetrically. Also it was hard to capture some of the details in such a small scale. My only complaints are that the tops of the columns could have a better round shape (see reference pics), the scale is a teeny tiny bit larger than minifig scale, and I wish the client chairs were more to detail – although I wrestled with different techniques and couldn’t get the metal S-frame type of chair accomplished in minifig scale, so I kept the same color scheme but gave it 4 legs instead of the metal frame. Overall I did what I could to keep everything as close to accurate minifig scale as possible (which was ultimately the hardest part), which meant some minor sacrifices, such as the molding along the lower portion of the walls and the crown molding around the top central viewport-window. But enough of me being hard on myself, it’s never 100% perfect! That being said, I love how I did the custom stickers to give the parchment-type look and feel of the constitution wall panels, and I do feel it does a great job of making it instantly recognizable. I used Avery sticker paper and scaled a design of old English style Constitution text on parchment, and printed it and that was it! It fit perfectly on the 1x6x5 panels. Overall I’m very pleased with the outcome! The Saul and Jesse custom figs are from the Citizen Brick Albuquerque Action Squad set, and the Walt face is from the MinifigFX version of him (sold in the lab coat, I made a street-clothes outfit for him). Enjoy!! Saul's Office by Tyler Laabs, on Flickr Welcome to the office! by Tyler Laabs, on Flickr Custom Constitution Stickers by Tyler Laabs, on Flickr Everyone's Favorite Shady Lawyer by Tyler Laabs, on Flickr Hank and Jesse discussing plans by Tyler Laabs, on Flickr Better Call Saul! by Tyler Laabs, on Flickr Reference Pic of Saul's Office by Tyler Laabs, on Flickr Reference Pic of Saul's Office by Tyler Laabs, on Flickr
  2. Here's a little mini project I did lately. I was super late on the bandwagon and just recently binge-watched Breaking Bad about a month ago. Of course I immediately began itching for Lego Breaking Bad stuff, so I bought a very nice custom Walter White minifig, and bought Jesse, Saul, and Hank 3-pack labeled the "Albuquerque Action Squad" sold by Citizen Brick. I've also since made Mike Ehrmantraut and Marie Schrader figs as well. Ultimately my goal is to make MOCs, whether small dioramas or larger scenes, to display all the characters in. I always loved Hank, and found it quite funny when he began his infatuation with his minerals (NOT rocks). So for my Hank fig, the first MOC I've done is Hank and Marie's bedroom (post-Hank's attack). I tried to focus on the small details: the ruffled bed sheets, the pull-bar behind the bed, prescription bottles on the night stand, and of course the laptop and minerals on the pull-out bed-side table. I also improvised and made the curtains purple (Marie would approve) since I couldn't replicate the tan/lavender floral-print ones from the show. Also attached some reference screen-caps below. Enjoy!!
  3. Checked this today because I have an eerie feeling we may be getting it today. Hope I'm right and glad I'm not the only one!
  4. Thanks!! Still thinking of ideas for Noghri figs. There is a Chima crocodile head that has good Noghri-like features but is green - not steely grey or even a bluish grey. The one close is a sand blue Chima bat fig. None are to my liking since the other figs are so accurate - so I may want to find a custom fig maker to design a Noghri face
  5. I am willing to do the C'Baoth confrontation in the Wayland town square, as well as the Karrde/Mara at their base scene. Also I can brainstorm on the New Republic council scene, since I've been wanting to Bricklink a Mon Mothma fig. As for the Leia and Khabarakh on Kashyyyk, that one is easy if we find a good Kashyyyk MOC that we can plug Leia and Khabarakh into. My only concern is how we will design Noghri figs, and of course keep continuity among differing figs between different builders. Also I think we should add parts of the scene with the mole miners drilling into starships in the Sluis Van shipyards, and cloaked TIEs coming out of the exploding empty freighter. Maybe Kuat could do this one as well? Also if you do Luke & Mara in the forest, perhaps Mara putting Luke in his "prison cell" with R2 next door. I think these were just locked storage sheds. Overall I think with these scenes we can really get a great trailer. Something very foreboding and dreadful. Honestly I would love to possibly storyboard this trailer, and maybe we can adjust some of these scenes - add or remove some - depending on time. I'd love to shoot for 2:30-3:00 long. I will get to hunting on ideas for Noghri and Bothan fig possibilities as well!!
  6. TLaabs

    [MOC] Battle of Utapau (my own version)

    This is breathtaking. You get my #1 vote. Love it!!!
  7. As the MOC'er of the Thrawn Command Room, I absolutely LOVE this idea! Originally when I made my Thrawn MOC, I contemplated making a video of the introductory scene in Ch.1 where Pellaeon first enters the command room. I wanted to use some audio from the HTTE audiobook narrated by Marc Thompson, although I don't know how that may clash with any copyright issues (many people use the original TFA teaser audio to make Lego-recreations of that so idk) or if we'd have to use our own dialogue. Even the ability to use some music of sound effects would be nice. Ultimately if we shoot for more of a teaser and not necessarily a mini-movie, I think we could definitely mash up some of the MOCs and compile a good bit of scenes, although I agree that more may need to be built. I just started listening to The Thrawn Trilogy on audiobook for the second time, and with this in mind I can pick out some particularly important events and go from there. I'm not the best at editing but I have some friends that I believe would be willing to help. I say we start brainstorming and see what we can come up with!! Also are we going to attempt to limit this to just HTTE or anything in The Thrawn Trilogy (TTT)? I can't recall if the Mount Tantiss facility was shown or just mentioned in HTTE. Obv it was a point of interest in The Last Command (TLC), and what about Dark Force Rising (DFR)? Its a phenomenal MOC and I think it should be in there even if we do stick to HTTE. The abbreviations will help too from here on out :)
  8. TLaabs

    [MOC] Anakin's Jedi Interceptor with Hyperspace Ring

    I love this!! The SNOT use is done well and I abolsutely love the stand that the ring sits in - makes an excellent display piece. Fantastic MOC!
  9. TLaabs

    [MOC] UCS A-Wing

    Love the modular feature of the build! Such a creative method, I love it! Fantastic MOC!
  10. Here are more updated pictures!! The Thrawn MOC is officially complete! I have added more greebling to the outside window of the Star Destroyer bridge viewport, giving it more texture on the outside: 001 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr Here you can see the stickers for the tactical displays. I mixed stickers from the Avengers tower with I believe the Hulk Smash Lab set and a couple other random ones, essentially anything that looked tactical and computer-ish. Much less hassle than attempting custom stickers, while still giving the same appearance: 003 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 002 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 004 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 005 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 006 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr And now for the art scene. Instead of having the sculptures scattered around the floor (although the book says there is artwork on the holo-displays, scattered around the room and on the walls), I decided that to stay as true to the book, I would make the sculptures appear to be projected from the same double-display ring that the tactical displays appear on. The whole idea was at the touch of a button, Thrawn could change from the artwork to a secondary command bridge. So I kept the same functionality and design of the displays, just changed what exactly it is displaying (art vs tactical readouts). I hope you enjoy the finishing touches on this MOC. I am proud to say I am done! 007 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 008 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 009 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 010 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr 011 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr And here is a final shot of all my Thrawn Trilogy characters: Mara Jade, Talon Karrde, Joruus C’baoth, Thrawn and Pellaeon: 012 by A Couple of Bricks, on Flickr
  11. TLaabs

    A normal working day (MOC)

    This is a great vignette! Love all the details, especially the air conditioner
  12. TLaabs

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    Rumor is the Ferris wheel will be the VIP exclusive set to get in May, and it would make sense since I believe the mixer was around the same time last year.
  13. TLaabs

    MOC: The Ocean Restaurant

    This MOC is gorgeous and brings back memories of my vacation to Miami last year. Really captures the feel and style, and even showing friends who aren't huge Lego fans picked up right away that it was styled with Miami in mind. I just love this MOC!!
  14. TLaabs

    McLaren F1 GTR

    Thoroughly impressed at how great this looks on such a small scale. Very refreshing too to see some classic McLaren cars, and it blows the Speed Champions P1 away. Love it!!
  15. TLaabs

    [MOC] Amsterdam Red Light District

    I love the creativity. Not something you see every day, and it really captures that red light district feel! Great work!