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  1. ozacek

    Lego motorized vs manual

    I think vehicle-related functions are better motorized, but for other types of mechanical functions I'm begining to lean towards manual. More functions can be packed in (motorized functions do take a lot of space), and models can also be smaller (I really like small/mid-sized models with lots of functions). One of my favorite 2018 set is still the small 42084 Hook Loader.
  2. Thank you, I appreciate :) About the 32124 1x5 plate, it's just because it has studs and I prefer to build completely studless. Lego indeed still uses that part, but they also use regular lego parts in technic sets, which I don't (in fact, whenever I build other people's MOC's, I always do without all the regular parts). Speaking of other people's MOC's, the next on my list is your 675LT Spider. I don't particularity want to build a McLaren Spider, but I really want to see that roof mechanism in action! :)
  3. ozacek

    Volvo L350F farming-style

    Personally I don't build with chains & rubber bands so I don't actually own any, but you're right, in a case this like, a chain really would be the best approach. Maybe I should order some for next time.
  4. I wonder about that... maybe it could have been achieved if I could move the actuators up, but they had to be there because of the dense gearbox. In any case, I tried many pivot approches and that's the best I could find.
  5. ozacek

    Volvo L350F farming-style

    Right, I did notice that, but it would require yet another gear to reverse the rotation, which complicates things and I didn't want to spend more time on that particular model since it's not a realistic render anyway...
  6. Thanks Doug for all the pictures. It's so much easier to understand than with a description.
  7. ozacek

    Volvo L350F farming-style

    There is: (it's also on the rebrickable page for the model, along with more info)
  8. Ah well look at that! Surely that makes things easier, I didn't know that part existed. Like the Genie says in Aladdin, I feel sheeepish :) I guess I should change the question to "Does anyone have a better way of driving a new large turntable with an old worm gear" then.
  9. What exactly are the new & old worm gears? I know of type I & II (4716 & 32905), but as far as I know it's only the shape of the axle whole that changes. Thanks! That's actually much less than 1/2 a stud. The blue axle on that image is 1/2 a stud too high:
  10. I'm not sure whether this question has been posted before (couldn't find it). Does anyone have a decent way of driving the newer 60-teeth "type 3" large technic turntables with a worm gear? After spending some time in MLCad trying to align parts based on Sariel's solution with technic bricks, that's the closest match I could come up with: It's not an exact match, but it seems to work pretty well, although it doesn't leave much space for anything else on the turntable... On the following picture you can see the actual mismatch - the axle is the ideal position. Sariel mentions in his book "it's very difficult to mesh with a worm gear".
  11. ozacek

    How to deal with the thieves

    Once again I probably have different opinions than the majority, but if it were to happen to me I would probably feel more proud than anything else that they would actually pick a design of mine, out of all those out there. Plus you have to consider that yes, they steal the design itself, but they still have to produce all the bricks, package, marketing, sell. It probably can't be qualified as a "quick buck". In any case, I definitely think it shouldn't prevent you from release public instructions for all the others! Like @vectormatic puts it, "Lego designs by their very nature are open source" and I like that idea. For that very reason I also make public everything that I build, even if it sometimes takes a lot of time. I take from the community, I give to the community :)
  12. ozacek

    Volvo L350F farming-style

    Right, most people prefer to choose a machine and fit mechanisms in it, but I prefer to choose a mechnism and fit a machine around it :)
  13. ozacek

    Volvo L350F farming-style

    I actually build more for the fun of making interesting mechanisms, whether or not they have a real-life applications or meaning.
  14. ozacek

    Volvo L350F farming-style

    I have lots of other projects... I guess anyone who wants to do that can pick up from there, instructions are available and for free.
  15. ozacek

    Volvo L350F farming-style

    Pure technic building fun :)