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  1. preroller

    Medieval Village 10193 - still worth it?

    I just picked up sealed MMV and a MVR. built the MVR, now just sorting out the MMV. It is a happy day :)
  2. good call, the brick build itself is not within the 8x8 parameter.
  3. Earth - Past, Present and future. Theme Creator (3 in 1) This is my entry for Mega B. It features a 360 degree view for centerpiece display, and is modular, so you can display all 3 levels separately. There is a hole that runs through the center all the way down the middle. Main mini fig used - PALEONTOLOGIST from season 13 also includes Evil Wizard (13), Warrior Woman (10), Fly Monster (14) and Specter (14) In the past, the Warrior Woman takes on the Fly Monster in an epic showdown in an alien looking desert. In the present, the Paleontologist, digs deep beneath the surface, to uncover buried artifacts and treasures, with the help of her new found friend Specter. In the future, the Evil Wizard and his crab minions were defeated in the mountains, so he's building up his powers for a new battle in the fiery core of the earth!
  4. Here is my entry for Series 15 "the Queen" Theme would be Castle.
  5. preroller

    MOC Dice Tower

    Simple dice tower I made, works great!
  6. I'm almost done my entries, should finish up this weekend. Lots of fun! Great job by everyone so far.
  7. preroller

    3739 Blacksmith Shop

    Finally got around to uploading my pics of my modified version of the blacksmith shop...
  8. does it make a difference when we post our entries? I have the B entry done, but might wait til close to the end so no one steals/improves my idea. ;)
  9. found them at the local Walmart. got all I was looking for except tribal woman, faun, and clumsy guy. going back to re feel, someone might have got them already. there was 1 queen left, so I picked up her, 2 farmers, 2 knights, 1 each of astronaut, animal control, shark guy.
  10. preroller

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Phewwwww, I just finished another day of sorting, storing and doing a full inventory on rebrickable....thats about 20 hours in 2 days. over 10k pieces logged so far. only have minifigs/accesories, cheeseslopes, and special pieces to go.
  11. preroller

    Nexo Knights 2016

    saw 4 of the sets at Walmart today in Canada
  12. preroller

    WIP the Garrrrrgoyle

    coming along now....still need to work on the sails... the anchor lift and rum storage Ghost treasure guardian inside the captains quarters P-p-p-p-p-p-irate ghost! through the fog
  13. preroller

    2015 Pirates MOD Fort

    I used the 2 soldier outpost sets, and built them up a bit, enjoy!
  14. preroller

    The Wall: Rome's Northern Frontier

    wow that is incredible! how long did that take?
  15. preroller

    Review: 6918 Blacksmith Attack

    I made this set out of parts I had around, not a bad set at all!