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  1. Wow. Just, wow. I bow before your superior skills! I especially love the galleon - those lines and angles are really tough to get right, but you nailed it!
  2. Captain Hookey Hand's Pirate Paradise

    I love this. You've packed so many details into such a small MOC. Love the colors, too!
  3. [MOC] The Pirates' Inn

    Very nice! I'm also curious if there is an interior.
  4. HMS Reckless (WIP)

    This is gorgeous! Another inspiring ship! I'm also wondering about the visible deck studs.
  5. Jack Sparrow and a bottle of rum

    That's pretty cute! I love the way you did the roof.
  6. [Collaborative MOC] Wacky pirates

    This blew my mind. Amazing and hilarious! The fort is incredibly well designed, but my favorites are the little islands with people on them.
  7. Eldorado Outpost

    I love this! I think your rock work is incredible. Well done!
  8. mixels-Pirate Ship

    This really made my day. Thanks for sharing it!
  9. Topsail Schooner "Lady Kathryn"

    I just noticed she was indexed as a brig, as well. Not sure how I missed that. Anyway,yes, I think you're quite right on a lot of your points. Part of the challenge for me in building her was that most of the examples I saw of Lego-built schooners were early-19th Century, while I was trying to build an early-18th Century schooner. The stern is general less sloped on 18th Century schooners, and the rear deck is higher. I also wanted to make it as close to the waterline as I could to give her smooth lines, but I did not count on the bow coming out so blocky. In one way this works better for an early-18th Century schooner because they were rounder in the bow than their later cousins, but it does make the bow look more blocky than I wanted. This was the first (and thus far only) brick-built hull ship I've made, so there was a lot of experimentation, trial-and-error, and redesigning on the go. Next one will go more smoothly. I've been planning to refurbished her for a little while now. I won't be doing custom rigging because 1) I don't have the time to put into it, and 2) I want to try that on a much smaller vessel first. Thanks for your insight! I think you nailed it when you said I could go farther on it.
  10. The Eternal Quest for Data

    Just saw your note about corroborating sources - I'll check through my books soon and see what they say, and if there is anything useful I can let you know.
  11. WIP Green Schooner

    I used your schooner as inspiration when I was working on my own last year. Yours turned out much better than mine, and I did learn a lit trying to figure out some of your methods. I really love the color scheme on this ship, and seeing it with the rigging really blows me away. Well done!
  12. Bumblebee

    This is gorgeous.
  13. My first MOC - Small Island Prison

    Welcome! This is very cute. I wish I could build smaller, more compact projects such as this one. I'll echo the others who said that it brings back nostalgia for the good ol' days of Lego Pirates.
  14. 18th Mansion..

    Woooooooooooow. This is incredible! The scope of this project boggles my mind. I especially love the landscaping - your cobblestones are outstanding.
  15. [MOC] 14-gun Pirate brig & small brigantine

    The sterncastle on your first ship is very well done. In shipbuilding I found that the hardest part to get right, but you make it look so easy and natural! Your second ship is very bright and well designed. Thank you for sharing your creations!