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    [WZ6:B7, Ulandus] Northwall Defender's

    Thanks, since there are no complains, i think I got the challenge right..
  2. marcu22

    Warzone 6: Last Stand of the Salamanders

    My entry is also up...
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    Hello my name is Tooie!

    Welcome to EB! You will find a lot about the Simpsons!
  4. marcu22

    Hello from a Virginia Pirates theme fan!

    Welcome to Eurobricks! You've chosen a nice theme
  5. marcu22

    Bag End Moc (ish)

    Nice table, with all these stuff...but as others said before: so sad that these dwarfs would look strange, standing around the table maybe someday we get moveable short-legs... Nice Moc overall
  6. Glad you like him! Now I'm ready to make some Points in the actual challenge...
  7. Hi, So I want to join the Guild of Kaliphlin, with him: Name: Omar Ben Salem Age: 24 History: Grown up in Barqa, Omar always was in contact with trading, selling and handling with money and ressources. He grew up and tried to get part of the City Guards of Barqa, like the most of his friends. Soon after started the training, he realized that he can't get along with to much authority. Omar decided to break up the education and starting to do what he is really into: Getting his own little Business and start merchanting. Since these day Omar is travelling around the lands of Kaliphlin, always searching for good deals to increase his wealth. But he isn't as egomanic as it sounds. Omar never forgot where he's from, he always supports the merchanters of Barqa and is interested in the trading issues of Kaliphlin. Even if he's not the bravest soldier, he's always absolutly loyal to the Guild of Kaliphlin. One of Omar's talents is to unite people behind him, supporting him or his thoughts... ...I hope you like him and accept my young Hero in Kaliphlin Regards
  8. Thank's for your replies! I've chosen an guild(hope they let me join )... and I'm starting to get motivated, building against the mighty force of the Desert King. Especially competing with Disco, as a compatriot of mine is interesting for me...
  9. Hi, Even if i'm new to EB i want to join this interesting challenge...I have a look on this whole thing for quite a while and starting to get all the rules (getting along with the language^^). I would join Ulandus, seem's to me that members are needed the most over there. Do I just start with Challenge C/ Warzone 6 or did I got something wrong? Regards
  10. marcu22

    MOC - Morisledge Cottage

    It might be hard to build something after ''Blue water castle'' But this one is nice, catchy colours and a little bit of an new wall technique...i really like it! And i also like your use of string: In my opinion it add's a lot to the MOC, doesn't matter if it's Lego or not!
  11. After your outstanding Mustafar-Moc, you created another awesome piece of art! The statues are great eye-catchers, espacially these plated armours are one of my favourite parts!
  12. First of all, I want to say Hi to this great EB-community! While this is my first post and also my first posted Moc i'm happy to get part of this... So here is my biggest creation in my short moccing history, hope you like it even if it's quite a bit of reading/watching : Title: ''Somewhere in the Shire'' Size: 96x64 Studs Pieces: about 20.000+ i guess Time: four weeks intense building Idea: I wanted to build something big. During watching tons of flickr-pics i created the idea of Bag-end, but in fact i wanted to do something new. So i created the idea of an village with small Derfel/Cesbrick houses for hobbit's. So i can get an good ''village'' effect with less pieces -> little houses for little men. Once i had that in mind, i started planing and browsing BL. Finally i achieved this: ''Somewhere in the Shire'' Some detailled impressions... All Hobbit's are kitbashed, mostly PotC,HP and official Hobbit Torso's... Saw this fence design on EB-user IvanStorm's Bag End... Lovely Crops field, sawn on flickr by great Bart de Dobelaer Here you see the mayor of my little village, this guy in blue/gold has his own big townhall Behind the village there are some nice little places, time to fall in love... He's not amused, working while his brother having fun in the fields... I hope you like my Moc, even if it's not totally Tolkien-proofed...right now I'm back out of my Dark Ages for half an year and totally addicted to castle/LotR. Prepare for more, i have to choose an Guild Regards from Germany, marcu