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    [WZ10: F9, Ulandus] Take over Petrea!

    Glad you like it! It seems that the fountain is the star of the fine with that, it's one of my favourite spots too...
  2. marcu22

    [CG: K12, HC v. U] Bless you!

    Haha, nice Idea! We should introduce some allergy test's in the Ulandian recruiting system. :) Interesting to see how you picked up even details like the bottle! You did a good job, in interpreting my GA with your own parts. Regards...
  3. Hi, like Garmadon already posted, we planed an double Guerilla Attack on K12/ Ras-El-Akhen under the control of the High Council. He posted his entry yesterday, and we saw some Ulandian infiltrators getting in to the city by hiding in a wagon full of hay. So let's see how the Guerilla goes on... Gatehouse Occupation: ''You can pass!'' the guard yelled! The farmer's wife slammed her whip, and the carriage moved on. ''Haha, we're in!'' whispered Cedric. He was one of two chosen Ulandians. He and his partner got the task to infiltrate Ras-El-Akhen and find a weak point of the defense. The carriage suddenly stopped. ''Is there somebody?'' the farmer's wife said. She jumped on the ground and took a look into the hay. ''Mhhmmhm..I felt like I heard somebody...mhmm.'' Cedric whispered..''Hey, take a look!'' he pointed on an crowded place. ''It seem's like there is some disturbance over there. Let's take the chance to get into the Gatehouse! We'll give a sign to our soldiers and smash the mechanism..what a chance!'' The scene in an forced perspective view: My Kaliphlin character Omar Ben Salem is showing his wealth to the envy residents...they should not pay him to much attention! I hope you like my first Guerilla Attack. Garmadon's and mine are very different builds but I think in maintenance the Idea counts...Right now I'm pretty happy with the streetdesign and the haywagon. Two techniques i will definitly use again...after all this GoH building my lego room is a total mess. Four Buildings in 11 days, let's take a short brake ;) Regards...
  4. Thanks guy's! My vote goes to Jacob. Like that bridge/trench!
  5. marcu22

    Warzone 10: The Battle for Petraea

    This will be definitly one of the best warzones! Thanks Ska, for creating this! My Entry:
  6. Hi, So here's my Entry to Warzone 9 - The Battle for the bloody Lane. Contain the Road of Oil! The face's of the young Recrut's showed an frightened expression. Why? Why were these two young guys send out to patrol the important Road of Oil? The barbarian Ulandians came straight towards the young soldiers of the High Council. There we're no opportunity to hide or to escape. They had to face the enemy, even if it's the last thing they will do... An additional picture of the figless scene: I used this technique, which I've seen in a MOC of Markus who's probably one of the best german(Edit: ooopsss austrian^^ ) builder's these days...The technique it is not that new, but still something special and rare. It was my Intention to create some kind of special Road for this Warzone, since it is an important part of the Mini-Challenge... Hope you like it!
  7. marcu22

    [WZ10: DK] Battle in the Gardens

    Nice entry! It seem's to me, that this Warzone is going to be something like the ultimate Showdown. I started building for this, just today. And my Motivation is high. Very high. So..of course I like the floor, cannn't remember where I've sawn it before.. The garden works very good for an oriental city, very realistic. I could imagine something like this in Kaliphlin! The green in contrast with the tan is an good coulor scheme. While I'm probably going to be an or the(?) "Aquanaut of Kaliphlin" , i would add trans-clear and trans-blue studs to the water parts. For sure it depends on your availability of these parts, but it's just how I like it...also some kind of better lightning would increase your presentation, and highlight your good MOC. Regards P.S.: (I hope I'm not to rude with my Critics, not easy to transfer it in english.)
  8. marcu22

    Warzone 9: The Battle for the Bloody Lane

    Forgot to get my Entry in here: Contain the Road of Oil!
  9. marcu22

    [WZ10:DK] Liberating Petraea

    Puh! Now i took a look at your Entry a few times. I'm really getting into building some kind of an oriental city once. So much potenial: beautiful coloured houses, as you show them! And I have the tan-stuff to do it... If i would live in the USA/Arkansas you would have received an PN, titeld: "Colab?" ;) So: Nice Work, good presentation and we have to enter something high-high-Quality into WZ10(good that some time is left...) Regards, marcu (Member of Kaliphlin ;))
  10. Hi, So here is my entry to Warzone 8 - Battle for the Trade Lanes: The Son's of Poseidon: The Son's of Poseidon are an old Ulandian tribe, their main colours are blue and gold. Born on the sea, the Son's we're send out to dominate the coast of Kaliphlin. Espaccialy the Qar-Arken River Delta is an important area to control. Weapon's and trading goods could easily be shipped deep into Kaliphlin from here. But no merchant could pass without the permisson of the Ulandian Soldiers. An big annoyance for the leader's of the High Council, they had to provide their troop's. Scouts we're sent to the Delta, to find out more about the Son's of Poseidon. Which kind of ship's do they use? How many soldiers are they? The scouts soon, got to know much more about the Son's, than they preferred... Hope you like it, it's a scene not that deep in the delta but I think it fits the description of the WZ, espaccialy for me as an Ulandian. Regards... Edit: I would choose I16 for next Warzone if i would win.
  11. marcu22

    [Free Build] Relaxing on the farm

    Agree with Graham! Where is his Torso from? BL-Link or Set-Number would be awesome! It's hard to find medieval torso's for usual People(no soldiers), which could get turned into Fleshies... Regards
  12. marcu22

    [GA:K12, U. vs. HC] Gatehouse Occupation

    ;) No secret, that I'm a Disco-Fan. He teached me about presentation and photographing, while I'm just a building for about 6 months... Will see when i could use the sandgreen ones too...;) Thanks for all your comments guys!
  13. marcu22

    [G:K19 U vs. HC] A Ride into Ras-el-akhen

    Haha, i was building about 3 hours on my Gatehouse-Version till now (time for bed), now I see yours and mine can't be more different ;) turned out much more oriental. But I think the idea counts. Prepare for doubled Guerilla High Council, uploading tomorrow! Hopefully ;))
  14. marcu22

    [WZ11:C4, Desert King] The Wanderer's Grave

    I really like your ideas, about placing the legs of minifigs in an special but very creative way! Do you had some inspiration for that? I would be interested ;)
  15. I got Bregir's point, but I just want to add some of my offense but in my eyes, every counter is somehow effectiv and turn's the attacker loosing. If just decide by the point of effectivty no GA could win. My vote depends on the idea and the Story, but also on presentation,creativity and of course the look. Beside my view you will have to arrange with votes from 'visitors', which haven't read all hundreds of GA's and CG's ;)...
  16. My vote for best wall goes to Jacob. I like the realistic (in my eyes) colour-scheme and the thickness. You could have done some tiling on the walk(how do you say?) for the soldier's, but that's just an small point.
  17. marcu22

    [WZ8: L11, Ulandus] - Floating Defence

    Nice! Good concept, we definitly win ;) and the "delta" landscape is realistic!
  18. Hi, so this is my try on an Counter Guerilla to Mass Editor's nice Fort: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=107881 ''Underminig the Scourge!'' or should I say: ''Helping land...'' ''Erik started running. ''Old Tom...Old Tom'' he shouted. Erik nearly reached the end of the mine. He had to breath, before he started to tell his old father what he have sawn. ''I went down the north side of the mountain to get some firing wood, for my lovely wife...but...first i only heard some strange noices, creatures screaming in a language i never heared before... Horrible! ..Carefully i risked a glimpse on these strangers...there were dozens of frightening troops, troops carrying the sign of Desert King! We have to alarm the Ulandians of Boreasport! '' ''No!'' Old Tom made an grimly face.. ''It will be too late! We need about four days to reach Boreasport, the troops of Desert King could travel right behind us. WE have to keep them away from Boreasport and any other city. Now it's our turn to protect our land from the offenders...Call the whole family, we are going to the mining spot right under the coastal path. I've got a plan!'' The family took down the wooden stakes of an mine section and undermined the coastal path, to let those offenders go down: Click for video: (Is there an chance to embed it here?) ... Hope you like, it was hell of work to get mechanism work. I cursed for three hours, but i didn't give up and I'm finally happy with an quite okay video... Regards, Marcel
  19. Tunnel MOC's are quiet popular these days ;) I espacially like the hinge-work at the wall! Another wall design, and it works great. Looks like an really classic castle.
  20. Hi, So here's my first build for Ulandus. Back down, Desert King: No chance against those Salamanders... ''As the troops of the desert King reached Northwall, they realesed their special weapon. Something strong and animalistic...submissive till death. ''The Thing'' started to attack the Wall's and the defending Salamanders had to react. Hot pitch had been very useful in the past to keep intruders away...let them burn!'' Picked up Disco's Desert King Army-Design, hope you're right with this... Regards Edit: If i win, i would choose I15 for next WZ.
  21. marcu22

    Challenge IV, Category C thread. [CG:L16 U vs. DK] Counter against MassEditor on L16
  22. marcu22

    [WZ6:B7] The Fall of Northwall

    Another awesome wall design! It's really an interesting challenge, everybody used an very different design but they all had top quality.
  23. marcu22

    [G:L16, DK vs. U] A Helping Hand

    Countered! Link: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=108104 Edit: Nice fort by the way, hard to counter! Maybe I have a chance...