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    [O-E02] First Order: Jarin II

    Thanks to all of you! I'm happy that you like the water, it's quite a pain to place the studs the right way.
  2. marcu22

    AG - Octan Corporation Meeting Room

    Weekly free-build for E02-Jarin II : First Order:Jarin II
  3. Hi Eurobricks, I want to present you a free build I was building on for a few weeks. It all started with LJ and SK building their beautiful Katoren. So i decided to get in to oriental city building and chose my SigFig's hometown Barqa. Cityleader: Gideon. Perfect to get an advice for question's about architecture and stuff...I took all the tan bricks I got and tried to build something represantive for Barqa. In my build i show a trading place in the center of Barqa, i tried to get a relation to the native agroculture and the fisherman's / the sea. I also brought in several ''races'' of Historica, like Elves, asian styled Ulandians, Orks and so on...Think this typically for an seaport like Barqa. Mixed cultures are also shown in the variety of the used architecture. The main blueprint of this build is leant to the market place of Siena,Italy. Awesome place i have been to once! So here is my Marketplace of Barqa: Some detailed Pic's: Hope you guys like my creation, and correct if there are historical mistakes in some part. Regards, marcu All my Pics on Flickr!
  4. marcu22

    AG - Octan Corporation Meeting Room

    80 to Bob!
  5. Hi, my first build for AG: Planet: New California - G03 by: marcu / Octan Cooperation A Sandworm on his way through the desert landscape of New California. This beast should be hard to control, on the one side it seem's armoured heavily by a plated armour on his back, on the other side it's difficult to figure out where it could appear. It's just sure that you don't want to meet this in an open desert. Explorer's are trying to find out, which kind of nutrition the worm prefer's to localize the regions it could appear. Regards
  6. marcu22

    Free Build - Marketplace of Barqa

    Thanks for all your Feedback! After this bigger build, i have enough pieces to get into four-side viewable buildings. Also interior would be an idea...I just love Kaliphlin...
  7. marcu22

    [Challenge 1] [M-C02] Abyss Creature

    Puhhh...i instantly have a Deja-Vu. I see balance disscussions incoming because of M.A.N.T.I.S. power. As in GoH focus on building should be the best for me. haha...;) So I'm looking forward for your entries. Nice use of the leaves, we all bought without knowing what do with.^^
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    AG - Octan Corporation Meeting Room

    Hi, to all! I've already finished some piece of desert for G03. Will upload soon!
  9. marcu22

    AG - Octan Corporation Meeting Room

    Hi Octan's, Last night two o'clock german time I recivied a message from Kai that there are (upcoming?) Problem's with those guys from M.A.N.T.I.S., she asked for help and i can't skip her out. So I want to sign in for Octan Cooperation: marcu44 - Pilot ''My weapons may not be the best, but my reactions as a space pilot are!'' (Should I post a 100x100 Pixel Pic here, or somewhere else?) As I informed myself about, what actually is going on I saw the Due Date for Challenge 1 . Instantly grabbed the bricks... Regards P.S: Is it necessary to build one thing beside the challenge per week? What are possible planets and tasks for an pilot?
  10. marcu22

    [WZ10:F9, Desert King] The Final Battle

    Wow! This is your Price for an awesome show. Well deserved Frontpage! Personally I liked you're GA's/CG's the most. You have thrown out some very creative stuff there. Cyclops, Sea Horse, Rat orphanage... Btw: Should that be me running? ^^ very realistic! Alles Gute, ich freu mich auf mehr!
  11. marcu22

    Al Amarj Island

    Gideon and you are Master's in this architecure. I tried myself in this roman style (with a touch oriental) but I failed. You are shaping Kaliphlin for upcoming builders! You motivate me, to create MOC's with a nice colorscheme like this here. Once more I love your presentation! Pictures are perfect! A setup-Pic (maybe exclusiv for GoH^^) would be great. And yes, this is one of the best MOC's ever! Will soon be Frontpaged(EDIT: Happened 20 Minutes after this comment^^) ....
  12. marcu22

    [Cat D; DK] Flag Parade at Sultan's Gate

    Uiii, there's a lot going on there. As colorful as parade should be I think. Nice size! But hey: I see my sidewalk, i see those "barrel'd" palm tree's...but where's my sigfig?
  13. marcu22

    The City of Katoren

    I didn't know that you two are brother's, that's awesome -> doubled the amount of Bricks^^ That's also the explanation to my question. You could both see Katoren daily.
  14. Good evening to all, I'm proud to present you the final part of our tripled Guerilla against the evil Desert King. 1. Sneaking into the City...with a lot of noise - KaiNRG 2. A noisy Parade - Garmadon ''The orchestra of Sultan's Gate'' The musician's moved forward, on and on through Sultan's Gate. Finally they reached the throne of the native mayor. This is the chance. One of the mightiest man of Nothern Kaliphlin, right in front of the band. Hardly they concentrated to hide their emotions of hate and anger. Unobstrusive they arranged theirselves around the throne, still playing songs for the enemy. Secretly the Drummer dealed his hidden weapons, and as all members recieved an sword he started yelling: ''Foooorr Ulandusss! Fooorr Kaliphlinnn!'' The Guerilla's stormed the throne. Ready to die this day... Overview The parade: Quarry and Slaves from all other Kaliphlin. The mayor get's deafeted from behind. The orchestra of Sultan's gate... Hope you enjoyed our triple and somehow final, huge Guerilla... Regards!
  15. marcu22

    [CG: B12 DK vs. U] The Day the Music Died

    Haha, just crazy. I really was like: "???, he photoshopped his figs into my build?" Even for me there are just a few parts to see the difference. I'm glad you like my style, i think you spended a few hours with it ;) Nice Job!
  16. marcu22

    The City of Katoren

    I have to leave an comment here ;) First of all it was great, how you presented the city in parts. Everybody could take a closer look to all the details in this. More and more tension to see everything connected ;) Personally, i like how you show medieval life beside war and fighting. Still something special for me.(Haha, when your autocorrect saves 'me' as 'ME', you know your in GoH) The colors work good together here, even if the tan/grey Combo (the wall) isn't my personal taste. Kai described it in a good way. Nice job, you two! Who "owns" Katoren in the moment? ;) Regards
  17. I changed it. He still is quite an very important DK leader, but not the "One".
  18. marcu22

    Challenge IV, Category C thread.

    Part 3 of our guerilla against B12 - Sultan's Gate.
  19. Hmm, I'm just not to deep into the rules. My idea would be to change it into the mayor of Sultan's gate. Or would it be the same, just named different? It maybe would be more of taking an strategical point, than taking over the whole empire of the DK.
  20. marcu22

    Freebuild: The Reach

    ufff... This vegetation is very good. You brought in about 6 to 7 different-colored leaves. Normally i would argue: ''Too much.'' But it works perfectly here. Even the lavender leaves fit into the color scheme. Your choice to do the same tree-design for every tree of one color makes it look realistic. You really made an ''sensefull'' forest.
  21. Awesome! Impressive that you kep't all these builds together for weeks\months. Most of the time my stuff is already dissambled before uploading ;)...just a matter of part-avability, i think. Btw: This Section of Barqa, is one of my all time GoH-Favorites. While my Kali-fig is from Barqa, I would be interested to build something represantive for Barqa someday.
  22. marcu22

    Challenge IV, Category C thread.

    That is what I wanted to ask..or should we count for ourselves? And could I add "Aquanaut of Kaliphlin" to my Sig? Since we have won the Warzone?
  23. marcu22

    Katoren City Hall

    First of all: I love your collab, I take a look on everything named Katoren. Even if I'm not the biggest fan of the main color scheme tan/light gray, I like your idea's in adding unusual colors like this lavender. These white domes are cool, and -I think- tricky to build. Maybe i will copy it once , if I'm right you got an little explanation to them on flickr... The city hall has more of an romanian architecture. Maybe there is some historical background I didn't recognized but I'm unsure if it will fit into oriental Katoren. Mark inspired a lot of us, with his gorgeous white, dark red, gold Lampsacus builds. best regards!
  24. Hi, so here I'm proudly presenting my Entry for Warzone 10. In my eyes, this is and will be one of the best Warzone's in this Challenge. ME's awesome 'Liberating Petrea' motivated me to invest a lot of time and passion into this build. Of course it's a long time till due date, but i could't resist while I had the idea's. ''Take over Petrea!'' The Barbarian's from Ulandus had overcome the outter defense of Petrea and straightly went deeper into the city. Just one aim sparkeled in their eyes: ''Get rid of these High Counciler's''...The mob moved through the alley's of Petrea and civilist's started running. Taking only the bare necessities...Blood will be shed, this day. All Pic's available on My Flickr! Right Side: The actual/falling governor of Petrea: Front View(recieved new torso's, love them!), I'm quite happy with the fountain...: Right Side, that Harem ;)) haha: So, i hope you like i do! So fun to build Regards
  25. Haha, nice idea! Special: The one with the best wedding shown, get's the "Player of Kaliphlin" Haha