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    Idyllic forest house

    Hi, a small, idyllic house beside a few trees. Hope you enjoy the small scene :) Idyllic forest house The deer design is from Grantmasters . Kind regards, Marcel
  2. marcu22

    Idyllic forest house

    Thanks to all of you, glad you like the build :)
  3. marcu22

    The Giap Towers

    Hi, Unsure if I'm posting this into the right category, but my build is kind of apocalyptic so it might fit the best in here. My build is highly inspired by malaysian artist Chong Fei Giap, I recommend to check out his illustrations . They are an amazing source for ideas if you plan to build some stuff which could also fit to the Ninjago City to name another inspiration. The Giap-Towers by Marcel V. I've built the towers modular, four-side-viewable and as sturdy as i could, because i'm planing to bring them to the Skaerbaek Fanweekend, which is just around the corner. Hope you enjoy.. ~Marcel
  4. Hi Eurobrickers, After the Harry Potter Vignettes you may have seen in the past few months, I'm now ready to present you my biggest MOC ever created: The iconic home of the Weasley family, in my case I focussed on the version in the second book. I used a Artwork featured in a "Magical places" book for inspiration. It's pretty close to the model used in the film. So... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Burrow Ron: "It's not much, but it's home." ....Harry: "I think it's brilliant." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A few more pictures could be found on my Flickr stream(following the link above), I try to take a few more, was bit in a hurry while the MOC is exhibited in the moment. Hope you like it, Regards Marcel
  5. marcu22

    The Burrow - Home of the Weasley family

    Thanks, I'm glad that you like my version of the burrow! I'm interested in your version of it. The color is definitly about personal taste, probably a mix between grey and brown would look just right. About 4 months, while I tried to build about 3-4 hours a week. Exhibited it at ComicCon Germany, with quite a few LUG Buddies. It was great, combined Lego and several geeky stuff. Hope to get something done for the next year.
  6. marcu22

    Star Wars Anthology Contest

    My Entry: Small - http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=132985
  7. Hi, a little entry to the Star Wars Anthology contest: I've build a little scene showing Anakin on one of his missions during the time he spent becoming a Jedi. Between Ep.1/ Ep.2... "Pfffh, I'm definitly going to join the dark side after this!" Hope you like it, Marcel
  8. marcu22

    [Anthology]-Small-Anakin becoming a Jedi

    Thanks, glad that you like it! I guess if it would have a bit more gold/yellow at the stomach, it could be one
  9. marcu22

    Kaliphlin Outpost

    Hi to all of you, I've been away from GoH for a while now, I still had an eye on the Guilds but just wanted to build various other stuff. I'm back with a small (not quick) free-build, with a more than lame titel since there may be dozens of Kaliphlin Outpost's ... I've tried to incorporate a few new (for me) interesting techniques: Kaliphlin Outpost I've recognized a thread listing up all the free-builds, should I do a post there? Regards
  10. Good evening Eurobricks Members, I want to present you my current project: I'm creating a series of Vignettes featuring the adventures of Harry Potter, hero of my youth. Right now, I plan to upload a Vignette (nearly) every day in March starting from the beginning of "The Philosopher's Stone" to whereever I might end with. Main goals of this series are presenting Vignettes with a high quality photography, showing various techniques and NPU's and following the rule: "Small but cool" or however you say in english ... So let me take you on a journey... #001 Pivet Drive No.4 #001 - Privet Drive No. 4 #002 At Ollivander's Wand Shop #002 - At Ollivander's Wand Shop "Curious indeed how these things happen. The wand chooses the wizard, remember... I think we must expect great things from you, Mr Potter... After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things — terrible, yes, but great." —Ollivander to Harry about his wand #003 Platform Nine Three-Quarters #003 - Platform ''Nine Three Quarters'' "Don't talk rubbish. There is no platform nine and three-quarters." —Vernon Dursley #004 The Sorting Hat #004 - The Sorting Hat "Oh you may not think I'm pretty, but don't judge on what you see, I'll eat myself if you can find a smarter hat than me." —The Sorting Hat, opening lines of the 1991 Sorting Hat's Song #005 Gryffindor Common Room #005 - Gryffindor Common Room "Password?" —The Fat Lady #006 Snape's Potion's Class #006 Snape's Potion's class "Cruel, sarcastic and disliked by everybody except the students in his own house (Slytherin), Snape taught Potions." —A description of Severus Snape #007 Gryffindor's Boy's Dormitory #007 - Gryffindor Boy's Dormitory "Chocolate Frogs have cards, inside them, you know, to collect - famous witches and wizards. I've got about five hundred, but I haven't got Agrippa or Ptolemy." —Ron Weasley, to Harry Potter I hope you like my progress so far, daily updates on flickr, I will also update this startpost from time to time. Kind regards from Hogwarts, Marcel
  11. marcu22

    The adventures of Harry Potter

    Thanks! I just missed a way how to represent strings without cutting anything ;) So...while there are a few members following this thread, I want to share the final builds finishing the series: #023 - The chessboard chamber #023 - The chessboard chamber #024 - Potion's chamber #024 - Potion Chamber #025 - He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named #025 - He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named #026 - Hospital wing #026 - Hospital Wing #027 - The great hall (Description!) #027 - The great hall So, the series is finished, i hope you enjoyed it as I did building it! Regards
  12. marcu22

    The adventures of Harry Potter

    I, of course, would love to see more HP! As you said, they might be good to display at events. Right now I dissamble them right after taking the Pic's but I already got plans to rebuild (and display) a updated, four-side viewable TOP 10 out of all builds... As usual there are a few more with my answer: #020 -(The)Fluffy awakens #020 - (The) Fluffy awakens #021 - Devil's Snare #021 - Devil's Snare #022 - Chamber of winged key's #022 - Chamber of winged key's Regards
  13. marcu22

    The adventures of Harry Potter

    Thanks! The Invisible Cloak is probably my personal favourite one... Yepp, there are lot of memories...I removed the dust from 'The Philosopher's Stone' and found things written/drawn into the book about 15 years ago ;)... I got 5 new Vignettes to update this thread: #015 - Norwegian Ridgeback Norbert #015 - Norwegian Ridgeback "Norbert" #016 - Forbidden Forest #016 Forbidden Forest #017 Tower's of Hogwarts #017 The tower's of Hogwarts #018 - Hagrid reveals a secret #018 - Hagrid reveals a secret #019 - Brawl! #019 Brawl! Regards
  14. marcu22

    The adventures of Harry Potter

    Glad, that you like it! The troll became my most popular creation ;) Got some more for you: #011 Quidditch #011 - Quidditch #012 Wizard's Chess #012 - Wizard's Chess #013 Restricted Section #013 - Restricted Section #014 Mirror of Erised #014 - Mirror of Erised Regards
  15. marcu22

    The adventures of Harry Potter

    Thanks to all of you, nice to see that I can 'transport' what I planned while building the vignettes. As a word to the inspiration: I read the books, I saw the films (I like them (...a lot)), and I played several games on PC, Gameboy or similar in my "not so long ago" childhood. First book released when I was five years, read with it's more like having several views on scene's and places. I freakin enjoy the Book: Harry Potter - The Book of Magical Places. Of course, go for it! To be honest, I used four Flex Tube Leftovers to connect the bedposts in this inverted way. 3L bars should be a tad to long...Oh and my creations tend to fly apart pretty easy As a short update Vignette #008 - #010: #008 - Madame Hooch's first flying lesson #008 - Madame Hooch's first flying lesson #009 - Forbidden Corridor #009 Forbidden Corridor #010 - Troll! #010 Troll! Regards, more to come...
  16. marcu22

    AG - Octan Corporation Meeting Room

    40 Credits to Bob!
  17. marcu22

    [O - E03] Measuring Ertauq

    Hi, so here's my weekly freebuild: Located: E03 - Ertauq Tags: Exploration, Land vehicle _____________________________________________________________________________________ - Measuring Ertauq - Collab with John Hannibal ''Woooohhh, what a ride. These aren't the best shock absorbers Octan ever invented!'' ''Grrr, we came a few moments late, all speeders we're already lent. But I think we reached a good spot. Hop off!" deliver ''Urrrghh, what is this instrument about?'' ''It's measuring the emissive gas and sends these informations to Dr. Long. She has the code to acess to this instrument from wherever she wants.'' ''That should be fine now. Let's get away from here.'' '' *Cough* That's the sentence I waited for. Out of here'' ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hope you like it...
  18. marcu22

    [M - F02] Octan Games

    Nice idea! Reminds me of the TBBT-epsiode including the robo-fight between Sheldon and Kripke. Once more you present a good looking landscape, these blue things are clever!
  19. marcu22

    [K - A06] Dust Demon base

    Nice, that Micro-Hangar is my favourite part! Beside that, the floor-design with the inverted plate is creative. This could probably get improved with some pattern. Have to try it myself once ;) Btw: Is famous outside of Germany? Haha
  20. Hi Eurobricker's, my weekly free build: Loctated: F02 - Lesser Drigo Tags: Building, Civil, Vehicle, Land/Water Vehicle ~ Sample Delivery on Lesser Drigo ~ // Outpost owned by Octan Coop.; Located in the arid, volcanic area's of Lesser Drigo.// ''Oh, Hi! Welcome to our new Octan Base here on Lesser Drigo!" "Yeesh, this is what I'd call an arid planet. I won't be surprised if you don't get many guests around here." "To the contrary, you're the second one today! So, Sir, should I refuel your vehicle?" "Oh, I would appreciate that very much! My starship is located just a few meters west. Make sure to refuel it with 'B.I.E.R.'! That's the only juice my ship'll take! *thinks for a second* ''I never heard of 'B.I.E.R.', hopefully his ship will take our 'Nitro Oc.' for extra mph.'' ''Glad to see you, marcu!" "Hi, ummm... I didn't expected you here Doctor Long. But, by the way, it seems you've gotten a nice tan since we met the last." "I had to leave my laboratory for an inspection of this new outpost. You wouldn't believe how much sabotage she's suffered already. If only MANTIS could understand that everything would run so much smoother under Octan control. So here I am. Do you have the samples from Jurin II? Since we're both here, I can collect and catalog them personally." "I do! Here they are..." "Wow, that is just amazin.... I mean... *ahem* Upon cursory glance, this specimen does appear quite interesting. Certainly worthy of further observation in our geology labs..." _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Additional Picture (credits to Patrick Massey, who teached me about the sense of figless pictures ): __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I hope you like my build for this week. I invested a lot of time in taking and gimping picture's to present some nice stuff.(Sigfig Picture for every character )... Last week i forgot to mention Danny Longlegs who corrected all my dialogues, like this week. I appreciate that so much, it improves my english and i get into the ''slang''/spoken language we definitly do not learn at school ... Regards, marcu
  21. marcu22

    AG - Octan Corporation Meeting Room

    Please transfer 50 credits to Bob!
  22. marcu22

    [O - F02] Sample Delivery on Lesser Drigo

    Thanks, to all of you ... Even if it's space/Sci-Fi we're now building for, I didn't build that crazy so far. I think I won't use yellow or red landscape, but I also own some of these lavender leaves, I probably HAVE to use in one of the next builds...
  23. marcu22

    [O-E02] First Order: Jarin II

    Located: E02- Jarin II Tags: Eploration, Vehicle, Spaceship _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First Order: Jarin II :"HQ? It's marcu here, calling from Jarin II." :"This is Dr. Danielle Long, reading you loud and clear. How was your first flight for Octan? Any lime green on the radar?" :"Encountered some asteroid fields in orbit, but I entered Jarin without any problems... No MANTIS sighted. It should be fine to research safely." :"Make sure to take some samples of the foreign soil. It's important to know if it's worth stepping up efforts on Jarin II." :"Understood. I will confirm with you when I'm ready to leave. Over." ~Found a place to land~ :"This seems like a good spot to go ashore." :"Hmpf..I don't want to get wet, they told me they were going to give me some futuristic equipment. I knew about shovels long before Octan..." :"Damn, that's muddy. Let's get these samples and get out of here ASAP." ~Denggg~ :"Hmm, don't know what that could be? I guess I'll just take it; Danielle will be overjoyed by this sparkling piece of dirt. Let's grab the samples and get out." -End- ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Additional Pictures: Sans Figs [/url] So, this is my spaceship for Andromeda's Gates. ''Die Garstige Gans'' is my first ship build as a AFOL. Regards, marcu
  24. marcu22

    AG - Octan Corporation Meeting Room

    Im a bit unsure, if I get(if yes how much) tag bonus points. So I transfer 60 Points(+ tag Bonus?) to Bob. EDIT: Thanks, got it now. So...^^ 63 Credits to Bob!
  25. marcu22

    [M - F02] Mission S-F02 - Waterbug

    What a good job for a weekly build. That shows me: Stop writing -> get into building! You're kind of a motivation!