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  1. this topic is going nowhere.. keep up the info tho.
  2. L3gonut

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    i'm wondering if TLG is still to release a proper flagship
  3. L3gonut

    Peel P50

    I was thinking about the reliant robin too ^^
  4. On one hand I agree with you, more than half of my collection is sorted and rdy for mocs, on the other hand,,, i'm guilty of still having 41999 mint in box stacked in the back of a cupboard.
  5. L3gonut

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    What personally would be on the wishlist for me is, a technic-product-line, in which more advanced mechanical systems are mimicked. eg; A Vessel engine drive shaft. Complemented with; Engine Gearbox Controllable Pitch Proppelor ...Just a thought.
  6. L3gonut

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    Think that's a fair price!
  7. L3gonut

    Balloon Burst Machine

    Guessing topic? Just saw the vid nm my reark..
  8. L3gonut

    DAF truck axles 6 , motorized

    I rebuild 42043 to Bmodel, last weekend and I thought that was heavy... nice build(Y)
  9. L3gonut

    Driving LPE with Lego compressor?

    du u mean to use oil or water as a medium?
  10. Y not buy the copter for the time being? did so myselfe today
  11. I think it is a good tool to sort ur legos, especially for peeps that have no organizing system yet. Keep it on (Y)
  12. I think LEGO designing is moving to a still will work design for the lowest retail price that wil work. However i can imagine that panels wil not provide all the sturdiness as opposed to bricks.And for those old skool legoers; LEGO is a changing..
  13. Hi, 42009 I did it twice once the original( 2nd copy went to spares), 2nd I started making Jurgens ultimate(ongoing..). Take ur time, when building, to make sure ur gears have no friction when building, I'm sure you can make the outriggers move.