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  1. The rear wheel house looks great. Even without stickers it looks fantastic. For me Charbel's Porsche 919 is one of the most beautiful technic builds here.
  2. took9

    Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser

    I finished Anio's UCS Venator a few month ago with some changes:
  3. took9

    71014 Soccer Minifig Series

    This series is limited with 37000 displays (each with 60 minifigs). So there are only about 120.000 full sets in production, which is not very much. Thats why the market-price is higher compared to other CMF-Sets. You can buy the minifigures from Saturday in some shops in germany , but i've heard they are already sold out in many shops. So all what we can do now is to wait and see what will happen on Saturday...
  4. took9

    UCS Bricklinking, times 12...

    Painting them was impossible, even with primer. But you can copy or improve my solution:
  5. took9

    Bricklinking an Imperial Shuttle 10212

    You can find also some finished black versions of the UCS-Shuttle. They are around 300$. I think white and black are the best colours. The main problem of the shuttle with it's glare are scratches, that's why i didn't bricklinked it so far.
  6. took9

    [MOC-WIP] Hoth probably around 75098?

    I lhink this moc is perfekt for the 75098: There are more pictures with AT-AT and Snowspeeder in this album.
  7. took9

    75098 Assault on Hoth

    For a kid it's just a playset. For an creative adult it's a beginning of a huge diorama for the lonely Millenium Falcon or/and AT-AT.
  8. Take care of the fakes on ebay. You can get a fake from almost eyery minifig (and set) from Ep.VII, there are also fakes from white Boba Fett...
  9. The minifigurepriceguard can help to compare the price and style of the minifigs: http://www.minifigpr...STARWARS.0.html Some minifigs are really a kind of art, they have a nice plain expression. Unfortunately these are always the most expensive and older ones. Under $20 I can recommend the old T-16 pilot, Luke Dagobah, old Boba Fett and Darth Vaders Apprentice. And it is also important to know that there will be a lot of fake sw minifigs (latest ones) in future.
  10. I think the Naboo is one of the best UCS Ships. But the shiny parts have to be chromed, gold chromed, not sprayed. I think there are some shops who offer rhe service: chromebricks or you can find Anio's solution with his fully chromed ships: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=69102 You can buy the sticker-set at ebay in excellent quality for 10€.
  11. took9

    [ MOC ] Batpod UCS

    This is a smart and systematically mod. I like also the area of the front wheel. Titan coloured parts is all we need now :). Thanks for sharing.
  12. took9

    Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser

    The last Venator was sold for 1250€ approx. 4 months ago (not buy now). So the price is higher than a rebricked MF or used Star Destroyer, because it's rare. So i think it's at least a rebrick without losing money when I have to sell it sometimes.
  13. took9

    The Sets of Yesteryear

    2003 was the best Lego year so far, the timeless-set's are: Lego 4502 (Dagobah): best Lego-Minifigure (Luke Dagobah+Yoda backpacking), i like retro style of the X-Wing Lego 10123 (Cloud City): best Minifigure-Set (Boba Fett, Lando) - like also Luke's old yellow face (kind of art) 2013: 10236 (Ewok Village): most beautiful set so far
  14. took9


    Selena (Kai Play Arts) fits best so far:
  15. I wonder, that there ist no software full of all these plastic parameters which can examine these gravity effects (bending) after months and years. Because Lego is famous for its long life (or a life period) material and spend a lot of money in material development.