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  1. Here's hoping that "Jaws" ends up being a Hammerhead Corvette. The size fits, and obviously the code name is on point. Then again, Rogue One has been criminally underrepresented since its release, so maybe that's just never happening.
  2. TLG have modern minifigures for Ep II Obi-Wan and Jango from the currently retiring JSF set, so it's not far-fetched to think they'd want to reuse those. Anything with a Jedi and a Fett is going to sell well. Not sure if we can expect a third minifig in a $19.99 set, otherwise Boba could be in there too.,
  3. The 4+ X-Wing is a perfectly fine toy for children. We're used to seeing fighters like the X-Wing made with high attention to detail, as models rather than toys, but this will sell very well with the target audience. One thing I would have been disappointed about as a kid is the complete lack of astromech - no R2D2 included, no space for it either.
  4. The same thing that happens almost every year: People are drastically misjudging the market share AFOLs possess, and expect TLG's product strategy to follow their personal wishlist. I mean, the 4+ sets are obviously meant for children, which makes perfect sense given that the normal X-Wing has gotten so expensive many kids won't be able to afford one. Throw in popular minifigs you otherwise wouldn't have a set for and the idea actually looks pretty great. I'm guessing the AT-AP and Droid Gunship are more popular than people are giving them credit for. The combination of Jedi, clones and droids has always appealed to several different demographics. I also see no problems with the At-AP being largely identical to the 2014 version because that one was absolutely phenomenal.
  5. They're literally releasing the X-Wing starfighter at $100 in the same wave. The Torrent is big, the 2008 version was $60 already and that one only had one single minifigure. If we ever get a new V-19, it will be on the expensive side. If the "Resistance Transport" set is actually a Solo set in reality, there's a chance the leak of those three was completely off and they just happened to guess one correctly, so I'm not counting on the V-19.
  6. One thing that really doesn't make sense is the description for the Resistance Transport which includes: - 5 minifigures - several windows and a spacious interior - tranparent blue screens and weapons racks inside ...for a set the size of an A-Wing that costs $30-40? Either it is as big as described and costs $60-70, or it's $30 and fits two or three figs at most.
  7. Wouldn't expect any more Rebels sets. The 2015-2016 ones sold badly, the show is ending soon, and there are two brand new movies (TLJ and Solo) that are way more important. Add the odd Clone Wars/Prequels set and there's no room left for Rebels. The V-19 Torrent from 2008 was a really well done set of a very interesting fighter design, so I'm happy to see it return. It's also nice they're using the chance to give us a bunch of important Clone Wars characters in there, especially since they've stopped doing the awful animated style faces. Interestingly this new list leaves exactly one set unaccounted for - if they want to add something from Solo, that would be the only one.
  8. No idea why this of all things bothers people - physics are usually not considered in Star Wars. The way fighters move in space is 100% the way airplanes would behave within the Earth's atmosphere because it looks good, even if it's not realistic at all.
  9. I've read this sentiment a few times and it perplexes me. Humor has always been an essential part of Star Wars; if anything, Marvel copied it from SW due to the latter's success. Every single SW movie has had it, TLJ had a little more than others but it also runs a lot longer.
  10. Late but not too late I hope - Any Christmas tree is the ideal one if you find a UCS Millenium Falcon under it!
  11. Guys, as long as you keep falling for fakes, people will continue posting them. The desperation with which you flock to any hint of legitimate news is fuel for any suspiciously new account with some time to kill - but sure, why wouldn't he have seen pictures he cannot link to and that nobody else has access to? The "mix in known information and pretend you didn't know about it" shtick is old news too. This dude has nothing, and high quality pictures will be out within a few weeks given that they now tend to release sets in December in some regions.
  12. Supersonic

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    The JSF looks better in these pictures, but it's still not as sleek as it should be - the cockpit section is simply too high. The minifigures are somewhat disappointing too, as all 4 are basically identical to their last iterations. The hyperdrive ring looks pretty good though - the engines are massive.
  13. Supersonic

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Yeah, that picture is confirmed fake by its creator. Not that hard to fake, especially when you don't use a new model for the Falcon (and the nostalgia bit seems like an obvious joke). Still, with all the evidence we have, is there anybody still doubting the MF remake?
  14. Supersonic

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    It looks a lot like the last Clone Wars JSF (Saesee Tiin's from 2012) and not really like the vehicle in the movie. Disappointing, because the Delta 7 is beautiful and this doesn't capture its sleek, elegant look at all.
  15. Supersonic

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Weidly enough, his speeder is the one from 2002's Tusken Raider Encounter set. They definitely have the model for his head ready, but he won't be released with that bike. Given how hard it is to get the bounty hunters to make sense in an OT set that isn't a SSD, another Freemakers set with Zuckuss is pretty much a given.