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  1. Sayroll

    Help ID part on Inthert's Y wing

    Of course it is. Thank you very much!
  2. Hello, I'm trying hard to reverse engineer Inthert's Y wing (it can be seen here: He says that his version is heavily based on Brickwright's version, but honestly it's quite more complex. I've managed to build the engines, cockpit (he posted images of the build), and most of the fuselage, but I'm stuck, especially because there is this one part I can't identify. So I would be extremely grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. The part I'm talking about is the kind of "spring" that can be seen under the 4l reddish brown bar and 1x4 panel in the image below. I really hope someone here will be able to help me, thanks!
  3. Sayroll

    (MOC) 21103 DeLorean Tuning

    Yes, found it! Thanks so much Redtrooper27!
  4. Sayroll

    (MOC) 21103 DeLorean Tuning

    Hello, Regarding this a-pillar mod, I've been searching desperately for the piece used on Scottish Dave's (the picture linked in his reply), which is the same that was used on Larry Lars's Delorean; it looks like some sort of sword or blade, but I couldn't find it any where on Bricklink. If someone could give me the reference or point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  5. Sayroll

    Minifigure scale Y-Wing instructions

    Ok, thanks for this clarification. Indeed it's a masterpiece and I hope I can make mine as nice as yours. Thanks again for your messages; they've been of great help!
  6. Sayroll

    Minifigure scale Y-Wing instructions

    Thank you very much Schneeds for your answer. I tried the rubber bands and it works perfect. The wing attachment part substitution is a great idea. Regarding the hose, I used the same method but find it difficult to keep it nicely shaped. And I have triple checked the instructions but can't figure out how to attach the up and down claws to this part: The left and right claws with the saber hilts attach to the hole but how can you attach the up and down ones on a flat surface. I'm really confused here; if you can tell me how you did it, I would really appreciate it. Maybe there is a mistake in the instructions and another part has to used but since I've just recently started Legos again, I'm not very familiar with all the available parts.
  7. Sayroll

    Took the plunge

    Thank you all. My eldest daughter has already seen all 6 episodes and she's eager to see episode 7 as much as I am.
  8. Sayroll

    Minifigure scale Y-Wing instructions

    Hello, I'm a new member here, and this MOC is one of the reason I got back into Lego. So, I've started building mine, and I have a few questions. Please don't get me wrong, I really love this design but I'm left puzzled with some areas. Regarding the white domes, I have no clue how they are supposed to attach. The Bear, you mention rubber bands, but can you please elaborate on this please? Also, on the other side, I understand that you are supposed to use the long gray hose to make the rear of the engines, but I tried hard and first it is very hard to nicely bend the hose so it makes a nice circle, and second, there is so much tension that it just won't stay attached. The whole ship is quite fragile, but these engine parts seem to fall apart just by looking at them. And is it normal that on the center part of the rear of the engines forming a cross, the up and down claws (with the two round studs at the bottom), are attached to nothing? I just don't understand how these parts are supposed to stay together. Honestly, if someone could help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it. I suppose it's considered a sacrilege, but I even thought of glueing some parts together. See how desperate I am
  9. Sayroll

    Took the plunge

    Hello everyone, I'm a grown man of 40 from France making its return into the world of Lego. I have other hobbies, and it seems I start a new one each time I have a new daughter. I'm now the proud father of three marvellous daughters so Lego have become my new occupation between two diapers! Lego were the things I played with the most when I was I was a kid, and in 1999, when Star Wars sets started, I seriously held back myself, but 16 years later, I finally took the plunge! I'm mainly interested in the OT starships, and I already have a few nice ones!