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  1. Velouria

    LEGO Elves 2018

    I'm beginning to wonder if these will ever appear on the market here in Belgium. And I agree that the marketing is really letting these sets down. How disappointing....
  2. Velouria

    LEGO Elves 2018

    That one is still my favourite too. Also, loved Ragana's castle. It was fabulous! I like architecture builds- and animals and vehicles less. What they have been doing in many sets of the last two years- include a dragon or other animal, and a small building does not work for me. Also I loved the colors in the first wave, but hated that sickly lime green they used in the goblin sets.
  3. Velouria

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Love the buildings in that last photo. I've resisted buying any new lego in the last year, but I think I'll have to come out of AFOL retirement for this!
  4. Velouria

    LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    I hope so. A few dragons are nice to have, but a dragon in every larger set got very tiresome. Time for something else! But I love this theme, and I can't wait for confirmation that it will continue!
  5. Did not expect the hoods to fit on minifigs, but they actually fit perfectly. Much better than the other way around.
  6. I think you are right. Strange that the number they gave it in the booklet does not yield any results in google searches. Anyway, it is a very promising piece.
  7. Ragana and Maleficent definitely share some family ties...
  8. Oh, I looked it up- the little grey arm with hands on both sides in the middle here is a new part. It's 6146061 and it is not on bricklink yet. It looks like a very useful part. Also, the two large roof ornaments (6153482) seem new. Also, the hoods of course.
  9. I can remember that there was much resistance against the first Friends sets when they came out. Because the boxes were pink, and we associate that with insultingly dumbed down toys for girls. But since then, I have found that Friends sets tend to be very good builds, but the Elves sets are a step above that. These are consistently creative and colorful sets that push the limits of what is possible with Lego. It's a shame that these are marketed and perceived as girl's toys- it means that a lot of boys will be missing out on some brilliant sets. I think they are actually very gender neutral.
  10. Velouria

    Lego Elves 2016

    Second half of the castle review is up :) I had a good long look at the queen dragon and I like it very much, but I will not be buying it. I have reached dragon saturation. But, it is a great looking set make no mistake!
  11. Time for more questionable photography! This is bag 4 I think...Note the large ornaments which are made in two colors of plastic. Also, dragon and egg! This turns into Ragana's well appointed rest room. Complete with two mirrors and a line of self-branded cosmetics. I'm definitely almost pretty sure this is bag 5. So there's the facade of the main building all built up. I really like the dragon head ornament- it's an interesting little build, and very multidimensional. The light coming trough the stained glass is really nice. On to bag 6. Now with this many dragons, there has to be a dungeon hiding somewhere and this is it. It looks slightly flat from the back- I like the stepping stones on the side that have the lime green tiles suggesting that they are slimy and slippery. Getting up there is going to be a tough little journey. There are two features; a small technic assembly in the bottom right pops out the dungeon's wall, and pulling out the lime ball makes a trap door fall inwards. My only real complaint with this whole set is that it is kind of hard to line up the trap door with the surrounding frame. It's not perfectly even. This is the assembly from the front. I really like what they did with the part on the right- with a few bricks, a whole landscape is suggested, with a river, stalagmites, crystals...It's like they are switching to a different scale here, and suggest something that is maybe further away and much larger. There is a proper ravine under this bridge! And now, at last, bag number 7. So here is the Dungeon part finished. Ragana has a fabulous spinning chair and a Chrystal ball. So apparently she feeds her cat sushi and ice cream. Which makes her an irresponsible pet owner, but also kind of awesome. "Oh hello there Aira, would you come over and share some chocolate with me? Muahahaha!" "Oh and Naira...Mind that bridge....Oh #sorrynotsorry!" The bridge actually has a lot of friction and will stay in any which position you turn it. Now of course, you know, this means war. The extra bitsies I was left with! Yay! And some of the newer and more unusual bits, don't know if any are exclusive to this set though. Note the prints on the hoods, and the not so great white print on the cat. So here's the whole thing. One last look at the living quarters. So what do I make of this set? I think it is excellent progression of the Elves theme. It fits with the existing sets, but it adds a whole new dimension of darkness and evil to the universe. The main building introduces Ragana as a flamboyant character with over the top tastes. But it is also a very complete and playable doll house. It has a lot of personality, and it is tremendous fun to play with. The smaller part of the set tries to do a lot. It tells a story- you climb up the mountain over slippery steps, and there Ravana sits on her throne, ready to drop you into her dungeon! Should you escape that a treacherous bridge tries to drop you in a ravine full of nasty pointy stones and a fast flowing river! There is a whole quest suggested here, and I think it works. It's a step up from last year's castle, I think, which I found a little one-dimensional and only really had the portal as a playfeature (impressive as it was) Expensive, but highly recommended!
  12. Okay, as promised- welcome back to my old wood floor with lots of pics of this huge set! I plan to do the first half today, and the second half tomorrow. This is a big set that comes in 7 different bags. Here are the sticker sheets included. The first bag has Aira and Naida, with hoods, capes and hair pieces. Also, another one of those nifty hourglasses, and the new book piece. The bricks turn into a neat little catapult that works well. These Elves are so done with being nice! Are those blocks of ice? And the rest of the bricks turn into the foundations of the castle. This has a sliding mechanism that serves as a drawbridge and also opens and closes a set of dark pink doors. on to bag 2. Couple of lavender LURPs in here. The closing mechanism runs nice and smooth. And then we come to Ragana's couch. Just look at it! It's an evil couch! It comes with a bar of chocolate! It is also designed to be removable. And now we can see Ragana's living room. After long hard day of doing evil and dancing with dragons she strides trough the door, lights the fire and then sobs on the couch while scoffing down chocolate- looking slightly less glorious than the huge portrait of her behind her. Nobody understands her! The roof of the living room should be removable, but it is attached with rather many studs, so it does not come off easy. The book cases are a nice touch. Ragana herself. The poor gal has not been making the best life choices lately. And then there is bag number 3. Or 4. I think I'm losing count. Anyway, here's Ragana's bed of Eeeeevil. Thank goodness it comes with a night light as her nights are lonely and restless. Also a drawer underneath hiding a map and a letter. Ragana's potion making station. I think there are some new part colors in here? And her detachable bed in the castle along with a little nightstand. That's all for now folks! I hope to have the rest up tomorrow!
  13. Velouria

    Lego Elves 2016

    Just got Ragana's Castle! Hope to be able to show you some pics soon!
  14. Velouria

    Lego Elves 2016

    FYI I was in the Belgian Lego store today (Wijnegem) and they have some of the summer sets on sale. I saw Ragana's castle and the Crystal mine, and then I ran away as as fast as I could before I could see any more because I really shouldn't be buying any more Lego right now :D That seems quite early though. I thought these were announced for august?
  15. Ah, Sira. Kind of interesting isn't she? An earth Elf who just decided to do her own thing and take to the skies. She seems like a no-nonsense kind of gal who dances to her own drum. But, somehow she earns her keep down on earth running an inn. Did some kind of tragedy befell her that robbed her of her Sky Ship dreams? I sense a story here! I imagined what her ship would look like. It would have earth and sky colors, and a little bit of living space. You can click the images for a larger version! The ship has a mechanism that moves the wings back and forth. The sails come from the LOTR pirate ship- unfortunately only printed on one side. As for the style- "Steampunk" is the go-to style for this type of subject- but I wanted something a bit more magical. In the end I was inspired by the "Vardo" wagons Gypsies used. Baroque and a bit over the top, but very warm and homely as well.