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  1. I just might have to buy those building instructions as a Christmas present for myself - it looks like a great model!
  2. Is it just the black ones that have this issue, or has it been found in other colors of this part?
  3. SamS

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    What is that piece you have attached all the horns to?
  4. This is a really nice remark. I'm primarily a lurker, but would have loved to participate in the Wacky Wheels contest, except that I had only a week home with my collection between my summer internship and my semester in Russia.
  5. 2: 10 17: 6 18: 4 9: 3 22: 2 15: 1 The Boydell Stomper far and away best captured the spirit of wackiness I was looking for. This was a lovely contest.
  6. Next step is to make another module that will slice them. Perhaps using a fast-spinning 40 tooth gear like a saw? I love this kind of ingenuity. Brilliant.
  7. I don't know, I think it seems a reasonably faithful homage.
  8. Well, here's a proper 40th anniversary thing, would have been nice as an actual set though.
  9. Just need to add some pins to the second part of the conveyor, otherwise the balls won't make it up the incline. This is really an impressive set, but I think some of the ugliness issue could have been solved by recoloring the 5x7 frames in light grey to either dark bluish grey or black. Still, I think it looks lovely.
  10. I was looking at a picture of some of the new 2016 Bionicle sets and noticed what appears to be 12 tooth gear with a pin hole through it. It's on the back of the bird creature here, between the wings.
  11. I usually build the B-models, but for the 8265 I never have because it looks so uninteresting compared to the main model. I actually don't mind the "minimalist" B-models so much, like 8288, 9398, 8110 (even 42043 reuses the cab and most of the crane) because it accomplishes something different-- I like the display of the versatility of the bases of those sets. Also, though I don't own the 42030 Volvo, its dumper B-model looks rather weak. Something about front loader alternates seems to be the issue.
  12. SamS

    REVIEW: 70794 Skull Scorpio

    Thanks so much for the excellent reviews! I understand that articulation is an issue with Scorpio, but for me he makes up for all that in character. The snapping tail function is fascinating to me, and I can't see how at this price point we could have gotten so many limbs in a more posable way, so it's nice at least to have nearly a proper scorpion this size. Probably my second purchase, after Mask Maker v. Skull Grinder.
  13. I completely agree with this. This is a lovely creation. We need more like it. Make Technic more fun!
  14. Very cool. Considering its simplicity (next to something like the Cubestormer), it is quite fast. What brand of cube are you using?
  15. I never knew the ring could be used like that. This is overall a brilliantly executed model.
  16. I love this. I think it may inch its way to the top of my "to-build" list.
  17. SamS

    Hello. I'm Sam.

    Hello, Eurobricks. I'm Sam. I've been a long time reader, and finally decided it was time to join. My main interests are in Technic and Bionicle, though I do have my fair supply of more standard bricks from mostly Creator sets, and my childhood collection. I'm a young AFOL now, never really had a dark age, with a younger brother to help keep me engaged in the hobby. I live in the US, in Ohio, though I currently attend college in Maine, where a fraction of my collection has managed to stay with me. I've never been a fantastic MOCist, but I certainly like to have fun with what I make even if I might abandon some aestheticism, particularly now with a much more limited amount of parts. Still, I hope to share some of that with you all in the future. This seems like a great community and I'm so glad to be a part of it at last.
  18. What an excellent model! I just recently built the B-model for this set, which I thought was pretty good, but you've certainly outdone it. (And who needs the Arocs when you could have this? It does almost all the same things.)
  19. Same here. Did it work? It would seem so.