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  1. Here is the Beyond the Bricks video of the Train Loader...
  2. The dumper worked very well... I think I only tweaked the adjusting cogs 2 or 3 times as after a while it began to creep clock wise that would cause a jam. Once it was dialled it that part was very reliable. The train lift was a bit more problematic. Some time the train would just stop at the top of the lift. Not sure if the engine was overheating or it was jamming. Def going to try the worm gear version with counter weight. Not sure how we could mechanically change the switches for the output.... But I could take the easy way out and just have a mind storm sensor with a timer delay to change the points.
  3. Here is the GBC from Melbourne Brickvention last weekend..... Train is at the start of the video.
  4. Sorry @courbet I forgot to mention you... but I did a shout out to you @doug72 on beyond the brick... so watch for the video soon. Used the aki elevator which is not to bad... but I definitely want to convert to worm gear module next.
  5. @Doug72 I'm at Melbourne Brickvention this weekend displaying your version of the rotary dumper. I want to give credit to you... so what would you like me to refer to you as? Is "doug72" ok ?
  6. Feedback on the Doug Dumper instructions... The rotating module will run foul of the ramp during rotation... I put in a small gap with the wall one side and on the other side I extended the funnel by one panel (see video). Another tip... if you don't have a LEGO rubber band... I used a Loom Band from my Daughter and it worked really well ;)
  7. So I am having trouble opening the LXF file in for the Doug worm gear lift? is there a PDF version of the instructions. Also.... can you confirm that is an 11L on page 48 of the rotary dumper?
  8. alanburchill

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Zig Zag Lifter - Its an old one i know, but the version i built is jamming all the time. I see the issue is with all the 5x3 lifting arms that are not spaced correctly. Has anyone else been able to get this module working reliably?
  9. Thanks, having done the v1 train and other Aki modules i think the Rotary Dumper might be a challenge i will still try. Certainly going to make the standard dumper/loader first, but the elevated option just looks amazing. I normally display my GBC 4 times a year and so would like to know if you find the v2 train any more reliable. Back in 2016 i ran the v1 train for 24 hours over 3 days and i found the module very tempremental. I persisted as it was a real favourite of the crowd, but a more reliable version would be great... is it more reliable generally? I have a general question regarding the train when parked. As i dont have the full system running yet, i am woundering when a train is not moving and is parked at a loader/unloade/switch/etc are the train wheels with friction actually rubbing against anything? If they are would the friction bands wear out? or is it resting on the 2x2 round tile with a hole? if so, what give the train the initial push out of the station to re-engage the saw tooth gear?
  10. Just started my v2 Train... elevator dumper will be next... watching with great joy. In the mean time has anyone done a BSX for the elevator and spinning dumper?
  11. alanburchill

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Zig Zag Step feedback... Page 5. There is no need to 2x 9L lifting Arms. One should be a 5L Page 19. Back Pin should in 3 holes in on the 15L Lifting arm. Otherwise the blue pin for the ram cannot plug in on the under side in on page 20. Page 31. These steps should be a closer mirror to the page 22 version. There is no need for the 1x3 plates at all... in fact this makes is a lot worse. Page 34. I geared this down some more and it was far more stable. This gear ratio was way to fast and the balls kept jumping down. See what I mean in the video..
  12. alanburchill

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Well done... much better than my attempt.
  13. I have just bought two new power function switches and the two on the left don't have reverser switch...!1993810&authkey=!ADA-FlbdZkmLZE8&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg Is this something new?
  14. alanburchill

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Big thanks to BlackBird (instructions), TheRebricker (part list) and of course Akiuki (original idea)... Here is my stuck ball contraption.
  15. alanburchill

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Here is the drop off station as built by the LDD link i posted earlier...