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    Lego pirates. Mainly the ImperialGaurds.
  1. legodude116

    Castaway t' Neverland

    A....monkey maybe?
  2. legodude116

    The end of LEGO Pirates by mid 2010

    they have one, the imperial flagship, which I recently purchased for 200 dollars. but, it was worth every penny. Unfortunatly, the ship only stayed whole for about a month, then a disaster accured. One of the bottom pieces holding the entire ship together came loose, then, when i picked it up to move it, the loose piece fell out, resulting in the snapping in half of my ship.
  3. legodude116

    Love Space Ship: Happy Birthday "Walrus Keeper"!

    Happy Birthday Walrus keeper!! and nice ship! Looks comfy.
  4. legodude116

    eBay DEALS - October 3 2010

    cool. I want the plumes.
  5. legodude116

    NEW BlueCoats are Coming! NEW BlueCoats are Coming!

    What I think is ironic is that hes never owned one, and wants one, but I own about 21 and dont even want them! For my alleigence lies with the redcoats. This is interesting! Last time with the minifigure series my Toysrus had boxes of them at the door! We were aloud to buy them so I got 80, but if these are going to be at Toysrus, I just might be able to buy them the same way!
  6. How come both of the root admins here have the same picture!
  7. well i bought 80 minifigures and only got 3 spartans and 3 pharaohs!
  8. legodude116

    Gothic Chapel MOC

    This is lovely! But how did you make the stained glass window pieces click? It looks like there just hanging there, may you explain it?
  9. legodude116

    Why Can't I View Member Profiles?

    Yeah!! It is working now! Thanks for the help!
  10. legodude116

    LEGO skull cave on advertisment

    I think it might be the volcano island.
  11. legodude116

    Review: 10024 Red Baron

    This looks so amazing!
  12. I need that bayonet!!! and also, where is the cutlass, i cant seem to spot it!
  13. legodude116

    HMS Puffin

    She is a beautiful Ship! But im not quite sure of this ships origin. Is it redcoat or is it bluecoat?
  14. legodude116

    Why Can't I View Member Profiles?

    Thank you so much!