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  1. Sauerteig

    How to Upload Parts Inventory to Bricklink

    The problem is right now no one has uploaded the consist of parts in the kit database. How do I submit that consist?
  2. I have procured the instructions to Pirate Creator 31109. I want to use the basis of the tavern build to supplement the island parts left over from Barricude Bay with the ship built. How do I upload parts list to Brinklink (or any place else) to then farm the parts I need?
  3. Have instructions been released for this? I really just want to use it to augment the island from Barricuda bay. If I can get the instructions I can obtain parts elsewhere to do what I need to do.
  4. I really do not like the ship. I will likely buy it for the tavern to try and help augment the Bay Island parts into something with the ship built.
  5. Sauerteig

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    At the very least, I am waiting to see if there is continued availability after covid19 dies down, if it ever does.....
  6. Sauerteig

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    I have a second set, but that is in the vault for resale..... I will check it out and get the parts from another souce.
  7. Sauerteig

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Hey everybody, First, I am not a hardcore Lego enthusiast. I bought Brick Bounty a few years ago but held off on the other sets because they left me pretty nonplussed. I have the Prison Island and the Arctic research center in bags in the closet. Anyway, when the Pirate Bay Ideas set out, I bought two and was fortunate enough to have my order fulfilled, albeit with some delays. I have finished building the ship sands the mod and am looking to mod the island, which leaves a bit to be desired when the ship is built as a stand alone. I am considering getting the cooing 3-1 creator set and use the tavern as a stand in structure, but the pics look pretty basic. Earlier posts indicate that the original piaret bay has been reverse engineered. Would love to be filled in on how to do that. Finally, does anyone know what parts are need to bould a crane as someone else has done. Thanks.
  8. Sauerteig

    Upgrading Modifying current pirate 2015 buildings

    This MOC of the EL Dorado is something I found a day or two ago:
  9. Sauerteig

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    Do we all agree that this will be it for this reiteration of Pirates? The Brick Bounty is great but the auxillary land sets leave much to be desired.
  10. Sauerteig

    Upgrading Modifying current pirate 2015 buildings

    Hey guys I am thinking of playing with the lego softwatre to get an idea of what I want to do. Do we all agree that thjese five sets will be all we get, with perhaps an imperial set to finish up? The Brick Bounty is a great offering (only problem only three cannons). The land sets kinda suck though.
  11. Sauerteig

    Upgrading Modifying current pirate 2015 buildings

    Oh I know i will have to buy extra parts. Pickabrick on the lego store should suffice, no?
  12. Hi So I am new to legos I suppose. Over this weekend I bought the Brick Bounty, because I always wanted a lego pirate ship since the original came out when I was a freshman in high school. I really like the Brick Bounty. I understand some are denouncing it but it seems really nice. Of all the vintange sets I have seen, I think perhaps only the Skull's Eye Schooner looks better. Anyway, I want the Treasure island and the Imperial For and outpost. HOWEVER, I must say both these sets look lackljuster compared to some of their predecessors. So now my idea is bite the bullet, get these sets and--particularly in relation to the Imperial sets--use them as a base to modify and improve. In relation to the fort and outpost in particular, I want to create something along the lines of the old EL Dorado fortress. Any tips for a newbie. Dont' think it can be that hard. Also, I intend to buy two sets of the shipwreck defenswe to get the two cannons needed to complete the Brick Bounty.