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  1. Kuat Drive Yards

    Thrawn-trilogy trailer as a community project

    Since I'm already making the ISD's for the space battle, I could also do the opening scene over Obroa-Skai
  2. Kuat Drive Yards

    Thrawn-trilogy trailer as a community project

    Sounds cool! I'm downright awful at video editing, but I could make the Chimaera and Inexorable attacking a Golan over the unnamed shipyards in chapter 9, or somethin' of the sort.
  3. Kuat Drive Yards

    Expanded Universe Contest

    Yay! Finally an excuse to create a Dreadnought-class Cruiser!
  4. Kuat Drive Yards

    MOC Erebor base on Hobbit the battle of five armies

    I...I refuse to believe this is possible. I'm not sure words exist in this dimension that can describe this. "Overwhelmingly massive and detailed" is about as close as I can get.
  5. Kuat Drive Yards

    [MOC] Mount Tantiss - Cloning Chamber

    This is amazing! I love the Thrawn Trilogy! Good work, it really captures the feel of a super-secret laboratory.
  6. Kuat Drive Yards

    [MOC] 74-Z Speeder Bike

    Woah! This puts every other speeder bike I've seen to shame by far! Excellent work!
  7. Kuat Drive Yards

    [WIP] Imperial Shuttle

    Great work! Nice interior, neat boarding ramp, good overall look. Can't wait to see more!
  8. Kuat Drive Yards

    [LDD] AT-AT

    Of the many UCS scale AT-ATs I've seen, I don't recall seeing one with a complete interior besides this one! Impressive work!
  9. Kuat Drive Yards

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I'm really hoping there'll be a new stormtrooper battlepack with Ep 7...none of those cartoony Rebels stormtroopers.
  10. Kuat Drive Yards

    Should invest in Lego Marvel sets, or Star wars?

    Is this even a question? Star Wars all the way! Just kidding. If by invest you mean buy a set and wait for it to increase in price post-production, I'd say go with Star Wars. For example, the 7667 Imperial Dropship was a $10 in it's time, but now you're lucky to get it for $18 (Amazon, for example, had it at $50. I'm not so sure the same inflation will occur with Marvel sets, though.
  11. Kuat Drive Yards

    [MOC] Probe Droid

    Wow! This is amazingly complex, and very true to the original. Fantastic job!
  12. Kuat Drive Yards

    [SoNE Freebuild 8.1] Another Day in the Dunes

    Thanks for commenting! I wasn't planning on making anything too exciting for this build- the next one will be a lot more interesting. This one was pretty much to introduce my character; in the next build the outpost will be bigger and their will be more stuff going on (to show that the operation is getting more intense.) And I added a line clarifying the use of the "sabacc table" (and the plating wasn't a landing pad- just a platform for the grunts.)
  13. SoNE-EpVIII-Frbld1-Pic1 by kuatdriveyards17, on Flickr Pilot Kappa Seven of Delta Wing (that is, the wing stationed on ISD Avenger) of Ypsilon Legion. I'm a fresh recruit, which is why I'm piloting some cheap Bantha-class skiff instead of shooting down rebels in a TIE. SoNE-EpVIII-Frbld1-Pic2 by kuatdriveyards17, on Flickr Apparently there's some important near-planet-wide operation underway on Tatooine which no one cared to brief me about, so forces are being constantly deployed to numerous distant outposts. SoNE-EpVIII-Frbld1-Pic3 by kuatdriveyards17, on Flickr After a long, dreary ride we finally arrive at the comm post. It's not much and it is by no means self-sufficient- the only permanent structures are a comm tower, a defensive turret and a holotable- which is why troops and supplies must be brought every morning and returned to base by night. SoNE-EpVIII-Frbld1-Pic4 by kuatdriveyards17, on Flickr We all work to unload the cargo and set everything up. SoNE-EpVIII-Frbld1-Pic5 by kuatdriveyards17, on Flickr Naturally it isn't long after the work is done till we pull out the sabacc deck. Hopefully it won't be long until we actually get involved in this massively important operation that way I can actually feel like I'm making a difference as opposed to just ensuring the Empire can communicate more efficiently over a few square kilometers of sand. UPDATE: Here's an unedited pic of the whole build, as MKJoshA requested. SoNE-EpVIII-FrbldI-Pic6 by kuatdriveyards17, on Flickr Please have this judged.
  14. Kuat Drive Yards

    [MOC] Clone Wars Vintage Z-95 Headhunter

    I didn't really intend for it to be from any legion in particular. but you could definitely say that.
  15. Kuat Drive Yards

    [MOC] TIE Defender D

    Sorry, but this is an old build so it's been long deconstructed.