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  1. 5 hours ago, Thewolfbuilder said:

    WOW really cool build but i think it would look a lot better if the bottom area was dark grey like in the movie. I have also made a juggernaut and would like some pointers as your a great builder.

    Looking at it, Saint hasn't been active since 2016. Though this is a blast from the past.

  2. 22 hours ago, Sportzjester said:

    In the Rebel Alliance Battle Pack, we received two alien figures (one being a molded Rodian).

    Does the community believe that TLG will introduce any additional aliens in Star Wars sets in the near future (especially in BPs)?

    Depends on what TLJ or the Han Solo film throw up really. If any major characters with a reasonably simple bodyshape and head style pop up and aren't one offs then TLG can get some use out of the moulds and use them in other sets, including BPs.

  3. I leave for two measly years and come back to find they're releasing a new UCS Millenium Falcon! Apparently hell does freeze over. I'm going to miss the threads of people making the old one from Bricklink though.

    But, another Landspeeder, Y-Wing, Republic Tank, Vader Transformation? We must have five or six Landspeeders by now, possibly more Y-Wings. Star Wars really isn't short of new vehicles they could have used. 

    • I liked it and it felt like a satisfying conclusion, it just felt there was something missing.
    • A replacement second Osgood? Bonny changed her mind quickly.
    • Hehe, I love the mind wiping tech in the Black Archive.
    • The boxes were empty? Not really a surprise knowing how the Doctor operates. Talking of how he operates I got a serious 7 vibe from him here. As in he's already planned the downfall of the enemy before he's even arrived on the scene.
    • 'Five rounds rapped', it's ice to see someone who understands that shooting an alien in the head is sometimes necessary.
    • Jenna Coleman is normally an average actor but I feel she wasn't really trying in this two parter. Clara felt weaker than usual and Bonny acted like a child and not like the Commander she was meant to be.
    • Didn't the plane have other occupants? A crew?
    • Why does the fact that the Zygons have spaceships never come up? I mean the ones on Earth now don't, but the Zygons currently in space do, just ring 'em up.
    • Harry Sullivan is an imbecile :laugh:.
    • Better than the first and third two parter but not as good as the second.

  4. I'm really enjoying this show now. As soon as Tarkin popped up last series this show has been fantastic without a dud episode since then. I really like the new Inquisitors as well and the petty power plays between them and Kalus/Constantine.

  5. ^ Yea, as I said that folding is probably not a movie accurate feature - I have never seen the wings folded in any SW movie (not watching rebels though). By the way the use of spray painted sandpaper for these cars is great. It really looks like asphalt. It's the use with lego what bugs me haha. But maybe I'm just to tender when it comes to dealing with this plastic :)

    Yeah, it's the TIE Advanced from 'Rebels' not any of the films. The wings on this version do fold when landed, I think anyway.

  6. That wasn't aspect that was badly executed, it was the fact that Missy turned her back on Clara - the companion she CHOSE for the Doctor - with basically no explanation whatsoever. There needed to be some kind of plan behind it IMO like Missy was trying to turn the Doctor into a Dalek.

    I think she only chose Clara because Clare is the current one and the only one in 2015 that she personally knows. Still, being random for no reason is well within character for the Master (Ainly and Simm especially).

  7. I thought there were a couple of things that were poorly executed (TARDIS's return, Missy betraying Clara) which meant it wasn't quite as enjoyable as the first part but still enjoyed it overall.

    I could't see how the Daleks would have been able to destroy the TARDIS in the first place so that wasn't a problem. Also the Master was going to betray them from the start, goodness knows why 12 brought her along.

    Same. Kinda confused after you previous post though.... ;)

    I don't think I posted my thoughts for the first episode though, it was longer.

    • All Daleks can fly, not just the Imperial and Time War ones, backs up 'The Chase'.
    • Davros thinks the Doctor won't point a gun? Is he an amnesiac?
    • Skaro was rebuilt by the Daleks? When, because 11 was on Skaro in the 'Asylum of the Daleks' and the Masters ashes were collected from there in 'The Enemy Within'.
    • Davros' handy forcefield is a great explanation for his survival rate.
    • No Emergency Temporal Shifts from the high ranking Daleks?
    • Sentient Sewers, nice, really adds to the gothic horror of Skaro established in 'Genesis of the Daleks'.
    • I expected Davros to get a new body at the end.
    • Mercy isn't in the Daleks vocabulary? I know we all wan't to pretend 'The Big Bang' never happened but it was 'kinda a big deal River Song made a Dalek beg for mercy.
    • No nods when Clara was in the Dalek to her conversion in 'Asylum of the Daleks', nothing, not even a 'this feels familiar'?
    • The Master was feeling quite like Ainley in this episode, best I've seen him since Jacoby in 'Utopia'.
    • The Master has a knife, why is the stick important?
    • Where's her weapons? No TCE, no Laser Screwdriver, no spitting venom, just a broach?
    • Sonic glasses is quite possibly the single worst idea I've seen Moffat ever come up with. If you're going to take away the SS have the balls to make done with it, don't just replace it with another idiot device.
    • See, told you Daleks could't destroy the TARDIS.
    • Galifray is in normal space? I thought it was still in the pocket universe.
    • That looked like a good chunk of regeneration energy, maybe a full incarnation.
    • Umm, what?The Doctor can just give it out (yes I know 11 did as well, doesn't make it less wrong), so why didn't he use it on Peri in 'The Caves of Androzani'? Is she worth less than Davros?
    • All those wires, we get it, it's a call back to the two wires in 'Genesis of the Daleks', learn how to use subtlety Moffat.
    • Clara is brain dead, why did it not occur to her to think 'open' to open the bloody thing? At this rate she'll probably leave after dying from forgetting to breath.
    • Nice nod to Ian in the Dalek as well.


    • Loved the interior of the city, very like in 'The Daleks'.
    • Davros has lost his electronic voice.
    • Genesis, Resurrection, Revelation, Remembrance of the Daleks and Journeys End, anyone know where the 5th Docs meting with Davros is from?
    • Shame Davros didn't want to see the Master again, they've worked together in the past (or rather the Master and the Daleks have).
    • Yeah, no amount of Daleks set on 'Maximum Extermination', even with a Special Weapons Dalek are getting through the TARDIS.
    • The Daleks already had a TARDIS like craft in 'The Chase'.
    • I spotted two other Supreme Daleks (a black one and a black and silver one) so why is the Red one in command?
    • The 4th Doc was talking about Davros, nice touch.
    • Why the bloody hell was the Doctor working with the Master anyway, talk about expecting her sudden yet inevitable betrayal.
    • I also heard the Dalek voices pitched differently as they used to be.
    • The Master got the Doctors will, a nice call back to 'The Enemy Within' where the Doctor got to take the Masters ashes from Skaro.
    • Kill baby Davros with a Daleks gun? Dramatic irony eh Doc?
    • The Master (and Davros) surviving with no explanation, very nice, that's how it always was.
    • I assume the Doctor has one of the Vortex Manipulators.
    • Karn was a bit wasted unless it shows up again later on. It's good they had nothing to do with the Masters return.
    • Talking about the Master. Was it ever established how he escaped the Time War, did he come through one of the cracks?
    • The current Master is almost certainly a regeneration of the last (and therefore Yana) because she mentions she can regenerate, so not a stolen body.
    • Nice of the episode to clear up all the creepy Master/Doctor slash and Doctor/Clara crap that seemed to litter the last series.
    • We know the Doctor won't die, the show knows he won't die, there was no need to waste most of the episode on his 'meditation'.
    • The Master also seems to have met Davros, they both fled the first days of the Time War (before the Time Lock), maybe it was the same battle.
    • I realise the Doctor isn't in a ship, but surely anyone else approaching Skaro would notice the gravity isn't that of a Station (i.e. the orbital gravity, not on the station).
    • Karn, Gallifrey, Skaro, a lot of important planets are red.
    • I'm not really interested in the Masters little ipad thing, the TCE was much more intimidating.

    It was also handelling an idea or rather fought I had a while ago - what if Doctor Who goes the X-Men: DoFP way? Like rebooting the timeline - at the cliffhanger ending of the episode it kinda seems like it.

    It's Doctor Who, timeline changes happen all the time.