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  1. Thanks, fingers crossed for a new non CW Yoda, and Kai Adi.

  2. Happy Birthday

  3. Happy Birthday

  4. Right next door, I'm from Bradford :)

  5. Right next door, I'm from Bradford :)

  6. West Yorkshire eh, where abouts?

  7. Why are all your friends duplicated?

  8. You just made count already.

  9. Your now a Rebel Blogger wow.

  10. A knight now and you capitalised your name :)

  11. no your not sorry it's 466 not 499 sorry

  12. OK and your one post away from knight wow

  13. yeah you seemed to be in your 30s or so but I go on this sit thinking everyone is older than me and a lode of people are about 15 and the book is about Revin I was been sarcastic asking if it was about Nilius ;)

  14. I've just knotaced your only 2 years older than me. Do you see a new book comming out about darth Nihilus?

  15. Happy Brithday darthnihilius.

    PS Reven is so much better :)

  16. Congrats on making Count.

  17. Congratulations on becoming a knight.

  18. you've gone all orange :0