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  1. Mr Man

    YABUM (Yet Another Bricklinked UCS MF)

    It's always nice seeing these.
  2. Mr Man

    (LDD MOC) Another T-70 X-wing

    Really nice looking model.
  3. Watching 'The Mark of the Rani' it would seem unlikely.
  4. Mr Man

    REVIEW: 75103 First Order Transporter

    I'd quite like to pick this up but the FO Stormtroopers will look a bit off next to an army of OT ones.
  5. Mr Man

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Yes, I think that was the image that someone posted on Twitter and the Director confirmed.
  6. Mr Man

    Somewhere to park my T.I.E.

    They builds fine in its structure, it really just needs different bricks.
  7. That's a good way to make a stand. Cant imagine there's enough watch boxes to display more ships though.
  8. Mr Man

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    Will it be in French? If not, I might just have to book the Eurostar .
  9. I'd like to get a companion that stands on their own two feet without being some super important nexus of plot, the only one we've had since 1996 was Martha.
  10. I saw that in the Mirror today. Won't that be the fourth time she's done that? (Before changing her mind).
  11. Very well, by royal decree, it doesn't. I remember it being mentioned as something that would be addressed in the show since 12 took the role. It's more of a wish of Moffets than a 'going to happen thing'.
  12. Mr Man

    Somewhere to park my T.I.E.

    I can't see from that angle but are the wings resting on the floor (or oven in this case .
  13. Mr Man

    [MOC] TIE Trainer

    Cute, and I love the head droid.
  14. Mr Man

    [MOC] Incom Z-99 Shadowfighter

    Interesting. Is there a story behind it?
  15. Does it count as a spoiler? I thought it was only a rumour?
  16. It depends, the troopers in the film wore a range of uniforms, some all white, some with tan bits.
  17. I assume it's the same as the link between Maxil and Six, or the Abbot and One, or Salamander and Two. Random happenstance.
  18. Has links to (as far as I can tell) every SW minifig made, with links to their wiki articles.
  19. It's a question. It could go either here of the future sets thread, it fits better here.
  20. I decided to watch' The Brain of Morbius' and 'The Daleks' ready for the first two episodes, next up, 'Genesis of the Daleks'. Apparently those three stories tie into the opening two parter. I also watched 'Resurrection of the Daleks', but I've never needed an excuse to watch that .
  21. Mr Man

    [MOC] Fortune's Thorn

    I love vertical ships.
  22. Mr Man

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I've been trying to find the link but director said it was .
  23. Comparing her armour to the chrome Stormtrooper minifig, it looks spot on.
  24. Mr Man

    [CLONE WARS MOC] Battle Of Kamino (Season 3 Ep.2)

    One of the highlights of the early show. Great job with it, it brings the episode back.