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    Creeps from the Deep

    Updates Fixed up his right arm to have the same bicep, but it's staying uneven because crabs have a similar uneveness to their claws. Didn't know what you mean by gap, so I completely changed up his torso. Takadox's armor was removed, but now, I don't really know what to do with him. Getting suggestions from others. Simplified Pridak and Ehlek, covered up Carapar more. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Buzzsaw

    Creeps from the Deep

    I see your face before my eyes... (Flickr album, too lazy to tidy up the link) 2007 was possibly my favorite year, so I decided to remake the Barraki. Individual shots in the album, and the group pose is a homage to the original poster. Constructive criticism is highly appreciated, these aren't perfect and I want these to be the best they can be. Changes: Make Ehlek thinner and remove a lot of spikes Remove Takadox leg armor Remove some blades off Pridak's back
  3. Buzzsaw

    The Prankster

    Thanks for the comments, any suggestions for a robe? I want to replace the tube. Next up: Vakama.
  4. Buzzsaw

    The Prankster

    For the past year or so, I've been working on revamps. It started out with a simple Matoran design that made the 2003 design more compact and slim. As time passed, I did other characters, finishing up the Barraki. I was then inspired to redo Nuparu, but with a high degree of poseability. I eventually decided to make a self MOC, but when I got my Bricklink haul, I decided against it when I saw that I had a Noble Mahiki. Thus, after about half an hour of tinkering around with designs, here is the fruit of my labors. I present Turaga Matau, the Prankster! I honestly am too lazy to make that link look pretty. Anyways, that's my Flickr album of him, and it'll serve as the home for my future Turaga. I decided to give Matau a compact design that takes a great influence from the movie design rather than the set. The tube serves to emulate his robes, if I can find a better way to do it, I would have. For now, the tube serves its purpose. I plan on doing all the Turaga soon, the next one is either Whenua or Vakama.
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    An amazing CCBS-related revelation...

    Interesting, this would work great with a future Zesk revamp I have in mind.
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    Let's Talk Reptiles

    Crocodiles are cool, nothing says awesome like a giant reptile spinning gazelles into pieces.
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    'ello, there

    I'm Buzzsaw, and I came here because I know a guy who practically lives here. He dragged me here and now I guess I'm here to stay.