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  1. filmorakel

    [MOC] batcave for the micro-batman !

    Awesome build, the size Ratio is great and everything else is very coherent! I really like it.
  2. Ui.... this is pretty awesome!
  3. filmorakel

    Nordheim Docks

    Honestly, this is one of the best MOCs, that I have ever seen - I just love it!
  4. filmorakel

    [MOC] Zombies - aargh braaains!

    Since when Zombies need weapons? :-)
  5. filmorakel


    I tried something at the weekend - here are the results ... Text is German - I hope that does not bother .
  6. filmorakel

    [MOC] Vienna k.u.k. Burgtheater

    What can I say?!?!? This Sir, is absolutely briliant!!!
  7. filmorakel

    Lego Room Build

    I'm almost jealous, absolutely great!
  8. Absolutely stunning, i'm very impressed!
  9. filmorakel

    REVIEW 41094 Heartlake Lighthouse

    Great Review, thank you very much for your work on this one!
  10. filmorakel


    Boah... how many hours of work did you put into this?
  11. filmorakel

    Review: 40121 Painting Easter Eggs

    Wow, is it still out in Stores? I thought I have to wait until 20.03.2015!
  12. filmorakel

    [Moc] M.O.M.A. Museum of Minigfigure Art

    Same here, I just love the windows in the frontpart of your building. I hope to see more soon, good job!
  13. filmorakel

    "Grüezi" from Switzerland!

    Well, I prefer to build city elements or creator sets. But frankly I also like the friends-sets: I love these pastel colors and the integration of natural elements... :-)
  14. Hi There! My name is Oli, 33 years old, Father of twin daughters (2 month old now), and i spend over 20 Years in the "Dark Years"... Now I have rediscovered the lego world - finally! At the moment I'm building standard sets, but also want to build a few things by my own. I hope you can understand my horrible English - this might be fun for you guys to try to understand me! ;-)