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    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I imagine they'll go with movie based designs. We've seen some clone wars characters recently in the Clone Turbo Tank and in Anakin's Starfighter both with the more realistic movie designs.
  2. MoxieBrown

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    So far as the overpricing goes, I just don't buy them. I decide how much each set to me is worth and I wait. A year if I have to for Amazon or Walmart online to knock the price 25 to 40 percent or whatever. So long as we keep paying a premium they will keep charging a premium.
  3. MoxieBrown

    Your Favorite Underrated Star Wars Sets

    This isn't a set exactly, but, my underrated thing is the clone wars minifigures design. Maybe I'm nuts but I love the stylized face printing. I think it's super fun and of that moment. I get that lots of people don't like it, and it is a departure from the movie minifigures. But maybe that's why I love them. I love the clone wars. The prequels not so much. The unique face printings makes them feel like their own thing in a way.
  4. MoxieBrown

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    Before tax. I had a mind to wait a few months for a price drop before I snagged it but, seeing as how this could have been an error, I couldn't resist.
  5. MoxieBrown

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    Yesterday I picked up the hydra showdown set at a walmart for $16.24. I checked the online price and it was listed for $19.99. I wonder if they didn't get it confused with the Cap vs. Hydra set from last year. Has anyone else seen this?