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  1. GamerX

    Mecha Contest # 3

    When's the next contest!?!!?
  2. GamerX

    Exo Force Summer Sets

    I actually like the Mobile Devestator, and when i get mine it will be 100% different(get rid of prison pods,Zamor launchers,Tahu swords) and giving it a main color scheme(Black and green)I like it and will rename it Mobile Venom(kudos to who thought of name)
  3. GamerX

    Mecha Contest # 3

    Ok. I managed to make a mecha, and I hope to have it in soon.Also,I'm working on a base right now.
  4. GamerX

    Mecha Contest # 3

    Dill,i may have to wait until the next contest.I'm missing major pieces and my mecha isn't turnong out as good as I planned.
  5. GamerX

    Mecha Contest # 3

    But not as good.
  6. GamerX

    How big is your Robot army?

    Dang. I would have more,but I just bought the Aquaraiders Tiger Shark Attack and Aquabase Invasion.
  7. GamerX

    Yo! Eurobricks here I come!

    Correct.I like Exo-Force and Aquaraiders. Yeah,but I need to take a pic of them.
  8. GamerX

    Mecha Contest # 3

    Sweet mecha,Jeffery. Mine looks similar.
  9. GamerX

    Exo Force Summer Sets

    Downside is that it's 89.99 but must have like,900 pieces.
  10. GamerX

    How big is your Robot army?

    I have a decent sized battalion. I have 16 robots including Meca One and a skeleton who always loses his head in one of their three full chests. My mecha are: Thunder fury x2 Claw Crusher x3 Iron Condor x2 Fire Hammer Custom x1 Striking Venom x1 Shadow Crawler Custom x1 Also,I hope to make a base/factory and get BW vs WL. Now,what do you have?Hmmm?
  11. GamerX

    Exo Force Summer Sets

    Yeah,the Mobile Devestator is sooo freaking cool!!
  12. GamerX

    Golden Guardian pics

    Thanks for the pics. The inside of the Mobile Devestator rocks!!
  13. GamerX

    Mecha Contest # 3

    Ok,I wanted make a Uber Venom.
  14. GamerX

    Irone Drone Base vs Recon Walker

    I need to build a good base like that one.My robots can't be sleeping in the car all the time! :-D