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  1. Nick Barrett

    [TC10] FlightSim

    Great project, and thinking behind it. Really love this!
  2. Nick Barrett

    [MOC] RC Wheelchair with Passenger

    Wonderful moc - nice figure building as well.
  3. Nick Barrett

    Jeeperific - Building a Second 853

    That's a lovely example you've found - and you've used it right! I remember building that Jeep sometime around 1980.... happy days.
  4. Nick Barrett

    [HELP] Disassembling A MOC

    I feel the OPs pain... but it's got to be done or I'll be drowning in Lego. One year at the STEAM show, a neighbouring exhibitor tore down his beautiful set-up after the show and literally threw it in chunks into the box.
  5. The second one has a variable speed control; the first is simply on or off.
  6. Nick Barrett

    [HELP] Which Technic Set Should I Buy?

    With the same dilemma, I went for the BWE. Much better value.
  7. Nick Barrett

    9.5L springs alternative

    I have 4 of these springs, and I can see no problem, according to the Royal Mail's website, about sending them to Iran. If you still need them you can have them FOC. Just PM me.
  8. Nick Barrett

    856 - Bulldozer - MODs and Improvements

    Oh man, I loved this thing! Like Groundskeeperwillie, I'm not bothered by the slack in the tracks and besides, it runs along really nicely. Although the lack of bracing is surprising, there's so many studded connections that everything always held together anyway. Enjoy!
  9. Nick Barrett

    Which set do you love to rebuild, and why?

    Lots of love for the 8043, totally understand! Glad it's not just me who gets a kick out of building 854 from memory ...
  10. Don't want to sound rude, but Bullcrap. They're busy adding errata sheets for the Blakbird mod / gear switching stages.
  11. So, not great hamster transport, then ? Thanks for your very informative and honest review. Can't say the lack of PF is a great problem, but I totally agree with everything else you say here. You may have saved me £250, so thanks for that. I should donate it to a hamster sanctuary
  12. Superb review, thankyou Jim. I really thought I'd get this on day one but now... it's a lot for 42039 functions plus a flawed gearbox in a 911 suit. Pass.
  13. Nick Barrett

    Defining a Supercar

    I always understood a Technic Supercar to be one that included steering, suspension, engine, transmission functions - at any scale and of any car, supercar or not.
  14. To be honest, I think when these were designed was when Lego had lost their mojo. Thankfully they found it again.