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    Movies, music & my radio-show, photographing, cooking, LEGO and it's minifigs, 16-Bit retro videogames.


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  1. rexcal

    MOC - 80s arcade game

    Absolutely awesome! :classic: You combined two of my big passions: Oldschool videogames and Lego - yeah!
  2. rexcal

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    I received my minifigs today, too! Thank you very much, what a great price - and how beautiful your swedish stamps on the envelope are...
  3. rexcal

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    I'm still waiting for mine, too. And yes, I am excited! :classic:
  4. rexcal

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    Thanks a lot, CopMike and eurobricks!
  5. rexcal

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    I also want to congratulate the first winners! And I also want to thank CopMike for organizing this and of course all you guys for all the wonderful and diverse entries, it's such a rich, inspiring and wonderful collection of entries, small ones and big ones, simplistic ones and epic ones. Seriously.
  6. rexcal

    Teaser // Maxifig Clone SW091 "Shock Trooper"

    Yeah, it's blocked here in Germany, what a bummer.
  7. rexcal

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    So, I'm in, too... Here's some guys happily waiting for the annual arriving of Santa himself! I present you the "Official Santa WELCOMING committee". For a bigger picture go here!
  8. rexcal

    Mystery FREE Raffle!

    Count me in, too, please.
  9. rexcal

    Red Darth Vader Helmet Raffle

    I know it's hard to believe, but there have been a few raffles which I entered and didn't win in the end... But since this one is Star Wars again, may the luck be with me.
  10. rexcal

    Red Darth Vader Helmet Raffle

    Just bought a ticket, too. I'm glad I still could get one!
  11. rexcal

    The free Mini V-19 Torrent raffle

    please count me in, too.
  12. rexcal

    4898 raffle tread

    Please count me in, too.
  13. rexcal

    Lego Agents

    I thought exactly the same and was just reading through the whole thread, because before posting how much this line reminds me of old MASK toys (well, as far as we can tell from that one picture...), I wanted to make sure that not dozens of other members had written that before. So the credits go to you, zz-80! ;-) Otherwise I want to agree to those who are becoming sick of all the fighting lines LEGO comes up with, including the heavy use of weapons. I'm not generally against weapons in LEGO sets, I just think it gets a little too much and too strong lately. And by the way: Same goes for all the vehicles included in sets, for example the tons of vehicles in the Batman line. Personally I find that boring, but as we know by now, internal studies have shown that kids go for the sets with lots of vehicles. So that's an obvious choice for LEGO.
  14. By the way: Are the two signatures on the certificates that contain the series numbers printed - or are they written manually for every certificate? And the other thread about our members' model-numbers tells that the first edition has eventually at least about 15000 units - if not more... *wacko*
  15. Hey there, I'm sorry if this has already been discussed maybe. I just couldn't find any information about exact number of units produced for the "limited" first edition. Are these are still being produced? When will the first deition be sold out or are they already in some stores? It'd be nice if you helped me with some info on this... :-) By the way: That baby's just great. I've never seen such a thick instructions manual for Lego. Well, there probably just isn't a second one like that existing.