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  1. MinifigureHQ

    3D Printed Minifig Head... Creepy?

    Brilliant. Made us laugh but very true, you'd think they'd go that little bit extra?
  2. Thanks for sharing this, I think we'll be having a lot of fun with this!
  3. I often find it easier to keep the base colour there whilst drawing, because it allows you to visualise the completed part. You can always arrange it to a lower separate layer and set it up so that, that layer doesn't print. Or simply hide the layer when you do go to print. Alternatively, highlight that element and set opacity to 0%... There a quite a few options for you if you are printing onto the clear Polyester sheets. Where possible I'd say use the part colour as much as you can, as it's pointless printing black to cover up black (for example). That said, the sticky sheets would add a 'gloss' to the part where ink hasn't covered.
  4. MinifigureHQ

    Mr Bean

    Thanks for the kind feedback, much appreciated!
  5. MinifigureHQ

    Mr Bean

    Thanks, Unfortunately as it's a full production figure now, changing bits or adding bits is more difficult than prior to production. I think what we may do, is share initial photos of the figures a few weeks/days before going into full production, that way we can gather feedback and test suggestions and make changes as needed. On the plus side, there is now a Mr in Almost every corner of the world, so the lack of Teddy bear, clearly hasn't held him back from becoming one of most popular figures.
  6. MinifigureHQ

    Microfig Customs

    The post is over a year old, might be worth just PM'ing him instead. That said, had you not posted here, I wouldn't have seen these and they're great! My view is that the Alien and Hulk Microfigs are the stand out additions. Maybe, LEGO saw this post and used it for inspiration for the Helicarrier.
  7. MinifigureHQ

    Mr Bean

    No sorry he doesn't, because of the attention paid to the design and packaging and because of the appeal to younger than our average customer base, we wanted to ensure the price was lower than usual. You can get the teddy's from websites such as Firestar and Bricklink though. The arms are difficult to print on. We have actually printed on the arms as you can see on the photo and I'd also like to point out, this is angled from the back, so doesn't quite do it justice. However if we print much further, we then enter the realm of uncertainty as there is the tendency for 'over spray' on curved surfaces and by only printing on the flat faces of the arm, we can ensure the print quality is perfect every time. It's no so bad when it's single blocks of colour, however the tweed print is far more complex, it's likely that this would be the same regardless of torso colour.
  8. MinifigureHQ

    Mr Bean

    Hello! (in a Mr Bean accent), Mr Bean is just one of those loveable characters from the 90's and we couldn't resist turning him into a custom Minifigure. We've gone all out on the detailing as well, his iconic tweed jacket really needed to stand out so we've printed on both sides of the torso and the arms. As with all of our figures, the design is in keeping with a LEGO Minifigure. What do you think?
  9. MinifigureHQ

    Gear up your minifigures

    Possibly one of those 'Genuis!' moments, really good idea, thanks for sharing. Will put this to good use. Do you know how long (roughly) the bands tend to last for? As generic elastic bands tend to degrade quite rapidly, especially in sunlight.
  10. MinifigureHQ

    Lego won the minifigures patent. So what now?

    The trademark over the mini figure has been in place for years.
  11. MinifigureHQ

    Revolutionary new Minifigure design

    When we started, we probably would have said the same thing and we appreciate that we don't fit everyones budget, nor do we try to with certain figures. Some figures simply take longer to make and therefore cost more. There's a lot of time and effort that goes into designing and printing the figures at such high quality and don't forget each element (part) is designed from scratch, we haven't cut any corners, all of our figures are designed from the ground (or legs ;) ) up, we don't use LEGO designed elements in our figures, such as faces, torso etc and then just add bits to it. When you actually break the cost down, it's not unrealistic and you quickly realise why we have to charge more for certain figures. I'm sure if you timed yourself when making and designing a full 360 figure, you'd be into a couple of hours if not more, then you've got to account for the cost of everything thats involved in it. Even down to things such as the actual PC you designed it on, as it all has to be paid for and maintained. Then you've got taxes and various other costs. Then the general costs and time of just running a business, It's an expensive process. We started off selling the odd figure on eBay, mostly it was just a custom torso and then we'd reuse a head, or legs etc. to make the figure as a way to make money from our passion and hobby (we're AFOLs as well!). Costs back then were tiny, it would be the odd Paypal transaction fee and postage charge as we didn't have our own website and it was all being run from a back bedroom. Once you scale up, you quickly realise why there are so few producing great quality custom figures around the world, let alone the UK. We're lucky because the UK seems to be at the forefront of the custom market, even so there are only a handful of us that have been fortunate enough to turn our love for LEGO and the minifigure in to our lively hoods. The old saying "You get what you pay for" rings true. If you want cheap figures, eBay is awash with knock off Chinese replicas and decal based figures (some actually selling in excess of £30).
  12. MinifigureHQ

    Revolutionary new Minifigure design

    The additional accessory is duly noted and a great idea. This could potentially push prices up though. What we may be able to look at is reduced optional extras in the future.
  13. MinifigureHQ

    Revolutionary new Minifigure design

    Thanks for sharing your point of view, some people like to display our figures (you only see the front) others like to play with them. The concept actually benefits both, because you could alternate between displaying both sides every few months and if you intend to play with it then even better!
  14. MinifigureHQ

    Revolutionary new Minifigure design

    Thanks, we tried ;) We tried, they were out of stock at the time of production, so the Si-dan helm was the next best alternative it's also a bit of a better colour match to light blue-ish grey torso/legs.
  15. MinifigureHQ

    Revolutionary new Minifigure design

    It was more a play on words, as you have turn the parts around to reveal the second figure. We probably could have chosen something better but we make minifigures not press releases for our day job, so clearly we won't be quiting to become a PR company anytime soon :D