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    Fantasy Effects

    Greetings! I'd like to refer to this MoC-Page of Diablo 2 Characters made of Lego. Some of the effects can be enhanced, but I liked some of the spells like the bone armor or the fireball. Also notice that you can link the older version of the flame pieces like on these photos and bend the flaming streams. I use this piece of fire with a lightsaber hilt as a firesword and a blue lightsaber as a frostsword. Many futuristic (transparent) Lego parts can be used as magic effects. I hope I gave you some inspiration. Maybe someone should make a guide about this... Brick on, dude!
  2. Really a great review (as usual), thanks for that! But i was surprised that someone didn't know leet speak yet. 1t'5 th4t n3rdy 1nt3rn3t l4gnu4g3 th4t b3c4m3 p0pul4r 4r0und t3n y34r5 4g0! Terms like "LOL", "brb" and "rofl" are also often associated with leet speak.
  3. Quichybo

    Unleash the Beast!

    Thank you very much, I just had the picture to that russian image-upload in my bookmarks. I edited it. I like to have the real creator if someone wants to contact him to ask for further details. And of course it is just fair so he can earn the glory. And maybe I can even find something on that russian site.
  4. Quichybo

    Unleash the Beast!

    Thank you for the new entries. They are excellent, I will add them with the next update which will hopefully not take as long as the last one. I always wait some time between them. There will surely be great creatures in Guilds of Historica challenge 3 among the guardians as well as the Lord of the Rings MOCs. I've already spotted some interesting wargs. An update to a post that long is quite boring with all that copy & paste work, spell checking and creating a standardised format. And I HATE those brackets... yesterday I forgot to close two of them and, don't ask me why and how, I created a three or four-level recursion of the first post from "scorpion" down to the flickr-entries. THAT was nasty (and interesting to see that this is possible). It even took quite some time for the forum to calculate the post after having sent it because of its length. And just because of two missing squared brackets. I hope this won't happen again.
  5. Quichybo

    Unleash the Beast!

    I finally did an update of the MOC-Index and the Set- / Mod-Index. The changes are mainly by Toshiya: and shinji-o:
  6. Quichybo

    New Member : "Outpost Mini-Castle"

    Greetings! This really hits the bull's eye of a classic MOC! I've always taken the grey "parrot" as a falcon or any other bird of prey of comparable size. And I think the "head with the grey helmet" is an enemy's head stuck on a spear. I also like that you gave some of your guards black leather gloves. I try to arrange that no knight in my armies goes into battle without gloves of a suitable colour.
  7. Quichybo

    Shields shall no longer be broken!

    I forgot to mention that I used instant glue... just a small drop. More is not always better. And I don't know if the roughening of the glue-points was necessary or even helpful. But it worked in this case.
  8. Quichybo

    Shields shall no longer be broken!

    Not at all! You just have to be carefull not to pull at the shield itself when you want to remove it from the minifig again but instead push the handle from the back. When attaching it to a minifig you have to push it into the hand NOT in an angle of 90 degrees (so it would make a "click") but instead push it from that rounded ending where the thick part has been. It has to be rounded (with sand paper) that it can easily slide into the hand like a train on the track. You will have to try this out before gluing it to the shield.
  9. Quichybo

    Shields shall no longer be broken!

    Just for the record: Though it really hurt to cut those tap-pieces, it worked perfectly in the end!
  10. Quichybo

    Shields shall no longer be broken!

    Thank you so far! I don't think the size of the surface would be the problem as I managed to glue an original handle to its shield (and give it to a minifig), and that surface was smaller... but that tip with the neck-bracket is really great, just in case it doesn't work! To buy another shield just to fix the old one seems not that attractive to me as I could use the new one instead. I don't need exactly these shields, I just don't want to trash them. But on the other hand, the black falcon shield may be rare... I will keep it in mind
  11. Greetings! I got many used bricks from a friend and sadly there are shields that came without a handle... would I best use the "tap-parts" as new handle? Maybe I could cut off the right (thick) part, roughen the left part with emery paper and simply glue it to the rest of the shield at the point of the original handle? Is there a better way? Did you face these problems and how did you solve them? And again I got a typo in the topic... it has to be "be broken"... Believe it or not, I read it for correction, but I didn't recognise it... my brain is just switched off. How embarrassing... would a mod correct the topic please?
  12. Quichybo

    TUTORIAL: Gender Equality

    That is another point of view I can understand, I've thought of it, too. But over the years the faces got more and more detailed so you would be able to recognise not only sex / gender but also real existing persons (like Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones or Cate Blanchet as Irina Spalko). Often it are the accessoires that make it possible to recognise the gender. But in many cases a minifig wears a helmet and has a neutral torso. There are very few torsos with a plate mail that hint at a female owner, the only one I remember is Princess Storm: Of course, in real life there are men with long eyelashes and remarkable lips and women that don't have either of these... so you could see the common face as neutral. But many things in LEGO are quite stereotypical. Men often have a mustache, a full beard or at least strong jaw bones. Almost every woman has eyelashes and pronounced lips. So this is not free of sexism, but at least it can be made equal on both sides. Among my minifigs there are only few that maintain with a "common" face. In real life there are also people that look like everyone else and have no remarkable spots, so why not transfer this to LEGO? But I for my part define these as male. I think that is my point...
  13. Greetings! I hope this isn't too obvious, but i haven't read a thread that proposes this so far... If you want to have more women among your minifigures, here is a quite simple way how to even the scales, especially for those who don't have the ressources for bricklink or pick a brick. All you need is the following: - A couple of classic LEGO-Heads (most of you will have plenty of them) - Black and Red permanent markers Simply enlarge the eyes for the illusion of eyelashes and draw the lips, voilĂ ! To make it easier, stick your classic heads together and just paint those in the center, so you can always touch those at the ends without destroying anything. If you did something wrong: Use toilet paper and lighter-fuel to erase the permanent marker from the head. Maybe you wont use them for the protagonists in your creations, but this technique serves quite well when the face is behind a visor of a (now female) knight in your army: The faces may not be the most beautiful among your minifigs, but i think they are comparable to these: How do you (try to) achieve gender equality among your minifigures (if you are aiming at it)? EDIT: Damn, I should have set a "TUTORIAL: " in front of the title of the topic... would a mod do this, please?
  14. Quichybo

    Unleash the Beast!

    And I thank you for the info! I edited it and called the entry "Unicorn (Amethyst)" (was with typo before), so people who look for a unicorn would find it more easily, like the dragons. I was aware of that minotaur of MicahBerger, but I was to stupid to click the "up-button" in his folder at Brickshelf. Thanks to your thread I found out that he (if that person is not a "she") has built so many more creatures. I hope I can keep this thread alive... Edit: Added links to LEGO Customer Service and Peeron to the official sets section.
  15. Quichybo

    Unleash the Beast!

    A major update: But if there are some I will not deny them. I found this wonderful unicorn with some customised parts (I think so) and had to add it. Also there were some birds added to the posts above. Besides those smaller additions this could also be called the "MicahBerger Update". At this moment the first and the last entry of the Custom Creations Section are his creations. This is representative as he seems to be the Alpha and the Omega of brick-built creatures in minifig-scale. Praise him, he deserves it! I guess with his creations included this can finally be called an index!