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  1. Hey! Builder! Leave those pins alone! All in all you're just another brick in the wall.
  2. Jay Psi

    RC Maus Tank

    The whole series does if you're interested. Although as far as weird anime series go, Girls und Panzer is as tame and wholesome as they come. No nudity, no profanity - just high school girls in tanks. In the meantime, this is part of the clip @efferman uploaded, with English subtitles. The video quality isn't as good, but the translation seems accurate: Every episode can probably be found on Youtube by now, if you're willing to search for them.
  3. I was, damn late shift on Christmas Eve. I should really learn to say no to covering colleagues. Got the next 10 days off though, and triple time will go some way to make up for it! Now if only there was a large Technic set for me to gift myself...
  4. On a related note, what is the performance - and propensity for wear/damage - like in fast mode? I'm not planning on buying another BuWizz 2.0 until I see the changes @Ron1 mentioned implemented* so I'd be using a BuWizz 2.0 and an older 1.0. *I was pleased to see the faults acknowledged publicly, but it's going to take more than words before I commit to another purchase.
  5. Jay Psi

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    That's what I get for not opening my Porsche yet ... thanks. The reductions should be a bit larger, given that the MSRP is likely to be a lot higher. At least that's how I'm going to convince myself that spending £200+ on a set for the first time ever is a good deal!
  6. Jay Psi

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I'd gladly take your advice, but this is currently outside my neighbour's house: And this is the only film playing at my local cinema... Back on topic somewhat - Was there a unique number on the Porsche? I'd normally wait for a cheaper price, but I'm a little worried that this will fly off the shelves.
  7. Jay Psi

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Well then, a new age of gearboxes awaits.
  8. Jay Psi

    BuWizz or SBrick?

    To paraphrase @Didumos69: But if it has to be a choice, as has been said before, it depends on whether raw power or precise control of multiple functions is more important to you. That's not to say the BuWizz is poor in terms of controlling functions, but even with the issues with the app sorted it still wouldn't offer the possibilities of the SBrick.
  9. Jay Psi

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    That's a good point. A commitment to wireframe or partial bodywork would no doubt look excellent; I would point to Sariel's Zonda as another good example of this. But if it has gaps to save pieces or as a result of unfocused design then it will be clear to see. While a fully panelled body would be the ideal for many, that would be another couple of hundred pieces at least, when adding in whatever changes would be made to the chassis to make sure the bodywork doesn't fall off if you look at it funny.
  10. Jay Psi

    Grum's Shed

    Let this be a warning to any errant Lego pieces out there - defying The Will of Grum is a gross error that will be punished severely. Glad to hear of the progress as always. What exactly did BusterHaus suggest that made connecting the links easier?
  11. Jay Psi

    [WIP] Le Mans Racers

    Another great model. I'm going to go against the grain slightly and profess my love for the original red/blue/white colour scheme, it's very reminiscent of the Nissan RC-series sportscars, and the curved panels at the back replicate the lines of the engine cover almost perfectly.
  12. 9: 10 18: 6 20: 4 1: 3 3: 2 11: 1 Good luck to all, it's been a real treat to watch the entrants this time round.
  13. Jay Psi

    [EV3] GLaDOS

    This is can only called a huge success. Even Black Mesa wouldn't stand a chance of making something this intricate.
  14. Adding my name to this list. I would be surprised if there wasn't a knock-on effect at play here.
  15. Done. Seems to be okay so far, results came up straight after voting. Poll didn't reset following a refresh.
  16. Jay Psi

    Testing Poll (again)

    Voted, no results, F5 to see poll open again. Yep, it's broken Jim.
  17. Jay Psi

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    @Zero (Zblj) That last comment cracked me up. Yes it's the right place to stop, but I couldn't let such a zinger go unacknowledged! I'll be honest too, I am still intrigued by 42070. The terrible performance outdoors doesn't bother me; Technic sets have never been designed for use outdoors, even when they have been very misleadingly advertised as such (9398 anyone?). I even like the looks, apart from the lack of a flatbed. But even I would say it looks unrefined and I wouldn't be surprised to find out there was a bigger compromise in this set than other recent flagships, as per the comments made by @nerdsforprez regarding the price/weight ratio.
  18. Jay Psi

    [AMS-1] Voting (Finally)

    1. MangaNOID 2. Lenaud 3. JTS I'm hoping to see more contests like this, with interesting takes on official Technic sets. Despite my votes I enjoyed following everyone's entries.
  19. Jay Psi

    BMW U2-P1A

    If the rear end could be brought one stud closer to the chassis, it would look perfect to me. But that is the most minor of complaints, and the only one I can think of - the bike is a study in mastering unconventional techniques otherwise. The steering jumps out to me as something I would never think of myself.
  20. Jay Psi

    42054 C-Model - Wheel Loader

    Instant purchase. Thanks for making PDF instructions; hopefully you won't be short-changed by this decision. You've performed a miracle in getting such a large range of movement out of small LAs.
  21. The V2 receiver was created because running two L-motors on the same V1 receiver would draw more current than it could handle (~1A). For most uses the V1 is fine, and probably a bit cheaper to produce given it uses a more capable motor driver. As always, Philo is the go-to for all the technical comparisons and details.
  22. Jay Psi

    (Poll) do you have a buggy motor??

    I have four, of which at least two are in use at any given time. While I have rarely found myself wanting more, I am somewhat afraid of pushing them because I don't fancy having to replace one.
  23. I was going to say the Vulcan, but I think @VKTechnic has got it with the Vantage GT3 (or possibly GTE). Either way, it looks really good so far, you manage to squeeze more and more into your chassis with each new car.