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  1. I really enjoyed seeing the creativity on display in this contest, you've all put me to shame. 4: 10 5: 6 9: 4 8: 3 2: 2 10: 1
  2. Sad to hear. Sales will obviously be a large part of the motivation, but I can't help thinking that Lego have dug their own hole with so many distinct but overlapping "build/code" themes and products. To my mind, Mindstorms - EV3 in particular - was the one that I found the most intuitive and feature-dense. The specific mention of Spike Prime (amongst other avenues) does have me worried slightly. In our education establishment, we've avoided Spike Prime, Boost, etc. exactly because our students find it far too limiting. If Lego commit to expanding the functionality then it may work out, but the way they (and Powered Up) have been handled so far makes me sceptical.
  3. Hey Grum, you may want to remove/re-edit the fifth photo in your update post on building 42070. The woman's face you were trying to obscure is still visible; it looks like you need another layer of the black masking tool.

  4. I could say that, but I'd be lying, wouldn't I? Even with the caveat of using an FDM printer, it doesn't sound out of place at all. You've clearly done a good job with the design of the parts.
  5. Disclaimer: When it comes to Lego electronics, I've never been satisfied by the in-house options; I've found third-party solutions (SBrick, BuWizz, FxBricks, PyBricks, etc.) to be worth the teething issues for the functionality they provide. Control+ has potential, but in its base form, it is held back by a number of factors. For me, the most significant one is using a touch screen. This is easily rectified in a number of ways, but all of them require extra steps compared to simply turning on the battery box and the Powered Up remote, and immediately playing. If you're comfortable with coding though, the options for integration are large. On the other hand, Powered Up isn't going to offer you any more than it currently does. I've never been a fan personally, although for what it's worth, PU has been much better at showing non-AFOLs what Lego can do, even now. <British weather joke>The fact the remote is infrared, and therefore suffers in strong sunlight, hasn't been a significant hindrance in my experience.</British weather joke> As for the 42129, if it has exactly the Control+ parts you want and it's decently discounted, then go for it. I'd recommend looking at 42124 if you want to see what C+ has to offer at a cheaper price.
  6. The move seems logical to me. From what I remember before the split, Mindstorms topics didn't generate much discussion; hopefully, with the lines between Mindstorms and Technic becoming more blurred, the move back would see more discussion. I don't think the relative lack of activity is to the same extent as the scale model forum was (I'm happy to be corrected), but they would definitely receive more attention in the Technic forum. If the response from the Mindstorms forum is positive, then go for it.
  7. This thread cannot go on without mention of the single greatest pneumatic set ever to be released. Two cylinders, seven switches, ten pumps, thirteen t-pieces, over 4.5m of pneumatic hose, all in just over 700 pieces. And it fits almost perfectly. Not a single function is out of place or awkward to operate. Quality over quantity. 8455 Back-Hoe Loader.
  8. I hope the price drop works out. It does seem that €15 has become a "soft ceiling" for instructions of alternate models. FWIW, I was happy to pay €20, the implementation of diagonal drive in Lego is one worth studying.
  9. It does. His spoken English is also very good, but I can understand Sariel not wanting to do his own voice-overs for various reasons. As for the set, this what I thought Dom's Charger was going to be like. The new-ish black panels are welcome additions
  10. I remember taking an afternoon out to read this the first time, it was as inspiring then as the "new chapters" are now. I hope you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour for years to come. It's also made me a bit nervous though - if that's what circa-60,000 pieces looks like properly organised, my current collection (105k pieces, 8-10 display models) that's half sat in their original boxes is going to need some serious work!
  11. My pie in the sky contest idea would be animals. I doubt it would be popular though, it's a niche of a niche. Why yes, I have been looking at @grohl's MOCs, how could you tell?
  12. I think that's been borne out in what Jim has already said (emphasis mine): For what my opinion is worth (having not entered a contest yet), I'm okay with a jury doing some form of (pre-vote) screening as long as it is well communicated, but the above reads like a red flag. I definitely would be more comfortable with a larger jury that had a range of opinions/tastes. It would reassure contestants that there would have been some deliberation and/or compromise in the selection, even if the final result does not differ significantly, if at all.
  13. It wasn't just the outsiders that voted for the coolest entry though. Given that most of the votes were from other contestants, a significant number of "insiders" also voted for the coolest entry as well, even though they were more knowledgeable and aware of the criteria they were supposed to vote by. I'll be honest - one of the reasons I didn't vote because I was constantly double-guessing whether I had adhered to what you & Milan had asked for in the voting. With that in mind, I would be in favour of a jury selection first, it will be the best way of ensuring whatever spirit the rules were meant to convey (depending on the quality of the entries). Of course, deciding how to do so is another topic entirely! Related to this, unfortunately it's not hard to see arguments over the jury selection; the "spirit" of the rules would need to be communicated clearly throughout the entry process. No, it won't stop all complaints, but at least there will always be something to refer back to when somebody argues about the interpretation of the rules. About the points, I do think it's time to expand on them. The old F1 (10-6-4-2-1) points scale was made for a time when you would expect ~15 cars to actually finish the race. If we're going to have more contests with such a large number of amazing entries, then it makes sense to have more points to be awarded to more entries. Again, one of the main reasons F1 shifted to its current points scale is because many more cars could be expected to finish the race. Edit - Credit to @Gray Gear for this from the results thread - an expanded jury would also be worth considering. There'd be less pressure on the jurors with more people involved in the selection process.
  14. It almost feels like digital BI were set up to fail. If you're going to go to the effort of having a B-Model, that model (and therefore the instructions) should be put in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Even with near-universal access to digital content, most people who buy a set won't be downloading digital BI, for a number of reasons. I understand the reasoning to save paper, but in doing so, the designer's efforts are essentially wasted instead. Back on topic, flipping the actuators over is an incredibly simple solution, but only to those with the skill and experience to see it! Thanks to you & @M_longer for this instant purchase.
  15. It's a common sentiment amongst United fans that Old Trafford could use a few new bricks, but this is probably not what they meant... More seriously, it's about time they got rid of that knock-off brand that does the rounds in the megastore. If it's up to the usual standards, this might be my first non-Technic purchase in a decade.