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  1. Good morning Akiyuki Addicts. I wanted to let the group know that I have assembled the parts for a couple of copies of the Bucket Wheel Tower. I am offering these for $250 plus shipping. Right now they are posted in my Bricklink store Utah Brick Works under Sets/Technic, but feel free to contact me here as well. I am in the process of collecting parts for Cup to Cup and Catch and Release and I should have these sets available in a few weeks. I am pricing these sets at the average cost of the parts currently available on Bricklink plus about 10% to cover my time assembling the sets.
  2. Here are a few photos of my latest build. I really liked this Museum that RedCoKid designed, but I felt like the elevators (as cools as they are) took up too much of the gallery space. So I decided to widen the whole thing by 16 studs. Untitled by mtbrider455, on Flickr[/img] Now I just need to figure out what to should go on the inside.' alt='23495970440_ed784e7f0f.jpg'>Untitled by mtbrider455, on Flickr[/img]
  3. Does anyone have advice on setting up the timing on the cup to cup? Is there a certain position of the spiral lift relative to the first cup? A way of counting teeth between the first cup and the second? I can certainly figure it out using trial and error, but if someone has already figured it out it might save me a little time. I am collecting parts for the bucket wheel tower right now and I went ahead and ordered 2 extra sets of parts. I usually have a couple of projects that I am bricklinking parts for at any given time, so its not a huge deal to add these into the mix. I can certainly offer these for sale here once I get them assembled, but I am a little unsure how to price them. It seems like there should be some premium over the price of the individual parts to account for the shipping and the time to assemble the order. I am also curious about the best way to make these parts available for sale. Superlot on Bricklink? The MOC Shop on Bricklink? eBay? Other options?
  4. First of all I really want to thank all of you here who have been doing the hard work to reverse engineer and document Akiyuki's wonderful machines. So far I have built the ball factory and the invisible lift, I am in the process if building cup to cup and I am starting to collect parts for the bucket wheel tower. Yes... it is an addiction... My question to the group is this. Do you think anyone out there would be interested in buying a full set of the parts needed to build these wonderful machines? It would be easy for me to collect more than one set of the parts as I am doing my own builds and I could offer you guys a full set of parts. Would anyone find that helpful?
  5. Tombacus

    2015 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The "coffee chain" is a sticker.
  6. Tombacus

    2015 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I stopped by the local Lego store here in Houston, TX and look what I found! I didn't think this set was released to the general public yet, but there it was. They also had a number of Ferris Wheel sets on the shelves. ... not sure how to show images here... The build was fun. You can see more images here.
  7. So... I have returned to building with LEGO and have a new fascination with the modular buildings. I have built all the available LEGO sets, bricklinked CC, MS and GG, purchased instructions from Kristel and Brian Lyles and built those modulars and now I am building a few of my own designs. Unfortunately my financial resources are not unlimited (has anyone else noticed how expensive this can get?...). I now find myself in a place where I am considering selling some of the modulars I have bricklinked in order to finance new projects. My question to the group is whether or not its ok to sell a full set of the bricks needed to build an MOC I have purchased the instructions for? I want to respect the time and effort those designers have put into their work and would not consider selling the instructions, but I put time and effort into collecting the needed bricks from a variety of sellers and that could be valuable to someone who wants to build these models and is daunted by the idea of collecting all of the pieces. Please let me know what you think.
  8. Tombacus

    (MOD) Toy Shop and Grocery 31036

    I used two sets plus a number of extra parts. Mainly extra bricks for the walls, extra red and yellow slopes for the awnings and the dark blue slopes for the roof.
  9. Tombacus

    (MOD) Toy Shop and Grocery 31036

    Here is my second Modular conversion. This time I started with two 31036 Toy Store and Grocery sets. I decided to just focus on the Toy Store, since the Green Grocer has the groceries covered. Like my Bike Shop and Cafe MOD, I wanted to try to keep the feel of the original. This is also my first attempt at an interior. 2015-03-05 16.45.46 I stole the sign idea from DDoshini... The ground floor is the toy store. A variety of things for sale. The first floor is a little office and storage for more toys. The top floor is a workshop where the owner makes his toys! More photos here...
  10. Tombacus

    New to modular.

    I agree with Pet Shop. Its really two modulars and each one is smaller. Plus you can enter Kristal's contest! I am pretty sure once you build one, you will be hooked. Before long you will be trying to sell a kidney so you can get a sealed Green Grocer...
  11. Tombacus

    [ MOC ] Carrousel

    Very nice work.
  12. This is my first attempt at a modular MOC. I based it on the 31026 Bike Shop and Cafe. There are two sets in the build plus a number extra bricks for the walls. I wanted to keep the build true to the original design as much as I could. I really wanted to have windows on both sides of the door for the bike shop, but that made the building 18 studs wide. I came up with the corner idea to allow me the wider facade. No interior yet. That is my next project. Ideas for what to put on the second and third floors? There are more shots of the building here
  13. Tombacus

    MOC: Kansas City Streetcar PCC 551

    Very nice. It reminds me of the historic trains running along the Embarcadero in San Francisco.
  14. Tombacus

    MOC: roadster California (real convertable!)

    I would love to see instructions for this.
  15. Tombacus

    MOC - The church of Saint Leonore

    Very nice work.