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  1. woodnman412

    What're your favorite and least favorite Star Wars sets?

    Really? I thought it was very unique and well done build. It left a great option to mod the interior, after I did that it's easily one of my favorites. I wish it was a bit longer though. I was pretty disappointed in the original build when the back door opened to a skeleton interior. I've come to really like these builds that lack interior detail though, allows you to mod without deterring from the original TLG look. I'll have to agree that original Sith Infiltrator was pretty lack luster and the battle packs that are not tied to any cannon are kinda bad.
  2. woodnman412

    Whats your next MOC?

    I've got some designed waiting for some build funds.. Yoda's Jedi Interceptor from TCW Season 6 Trident-Class Assault Ship Sharp Spiral Working on designs for an Aurore-Class Freighter and the Turtle Tanker from TCW
  3. woodnman412

    [MOC] Slave II

    I appreciate your reluctance to add this as an MOC but I'm not too worried about it. I posted the LDD file so others could build it or be inspired to improve it. I will set this as a public MOC and will post a link when it's available ;) The only thing I'm even remotely concerned with is someone taking this and making a profit from it. I have 'borrowed' elements of others builds which is why haven't put this on Ideas. I'm thrilled that anyone is even considering build it ;) I really just want to contribute to the SW Lego community. ****Edited, found a better way.. Rebrickable Public MOC
  4. Great build! I'd love to have one of these in my collection. I can see all the work you put into it. Great scale next to the other TIE's also.
  5. woodnman412

    [MOC] Slave II

    Yea, you can absolutely pull the bricks from Lego Digital Designer, it will also produce instructions for the model. Grab the LDD file off my MOC pages and upload it to Rebrickable.com, I believe I adjusted a few bricks in there. I spend under $100US through Bricklink to build this. Brickficiency helped keep the cost down. I'd love to see your builds along side the Slave I set. Here are my others. You can prolly find links to them on my MOCpages for better detail. I've uploaded my LDD files for all of them. The LDD files may not be spot on but they're very close and any structural modifications I made while building came mostly from the original parts lists. Thanks much!
  6. woodnman412

    [MOC] Slave II

    I used some Technic L's and hinges. I've use other methods for larger doors with varying results. I designed this as a 'playset' and wanted it to be a bit more robust then some of the others I've done. Funny thing is though out of all the bounty hunter ships I've made this is the only one my 3yo actually destroyed so far so maybe my design is flawed ;) Thanks, I loved Slave I but after so many years and the continued SW and Fett hype I've been wanting something new. So my goal was to make some of the more obscure ships. I went with standard green for ease of bricklinking, I plan on eventually going Sand Green. The first Slave I set featured green so I thought it would be an acceptable placeholder.
  7. woodnman412

    [MOC] Slave II

    Hey Eurobricks, Here is my Slave II build. I've seen other builds out there and they served as inspiration for this one. Here is my MOCPages for it, LDD file will be there. Here is my Rebrickable page for anyone who wants to build. Thanks much!
  8. woodnman412

    Cloud City Play set MOC

    I'd buy it. Great work!
  9. woodnman412

    [MOC] Venator bridge

    Very nice!
  10. woodnman412

    [MOC]s - Star Wars REBELS Vehicles and other Creations

    Well done! I have the Ghost but I gotta say I wasn't too impressed with it, yours looks much better proportioned. Well done on the Assault Carrier also.
  11. I'm having the same issue. Was working a few hours ago then all of a sudden I can only get red in extended. Very annoying.
  12. woodnman412

    Star Wars MOC To-do List thread?

    That's a nice Sharp Spiral. I love the smooth surface build. I'm going for more of a 'WWTLGD' approach so more studs are present on mine. More of a 'playset' feel. I'm a fan of the non-symmetrical ships so Slave II appeals to me. Also, I did all the more obscure ships for the other bounty hunters so I figured I'd build a Slave II for the project.
  13. woodnman412

    Star Wars MOC To-do List thread?

    I'm waiting for bricks for Slave II Have designed the Manka Hunter for Greedo, ready to source bricks. Next project is to design a SPHA-T Have Saesee Tiin's Sharp Spiral designed, ready to source bricks. Have Yoda's small Jedi Starfighterdesigned from Clone Wars E6, ready to source bricks. Lastly, I've got a Trident-class Assault Ship designed and ready to source bricks. Hopefully over the next six month's or so I can add these to my collection :)
  14. woodnman412

    [MOC] Dathomir Rancor Cavern

    Great build!
  15. woodnman412

    [MOC] Bounty Hunter Project

    Again, thank you for the comments :) They help justify the time and cost of the builds. I agree... I look at the pics and just cringe sometimes. I'm not much of a photographer but I was considering delving a bit deeper into the skill. I'm in the process of building Slave II and have one other on deck that I want to complete, then I may just have a professional do some shots for me. I uploaded the LDD files in case people wanted a better view.