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  1. NioN

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    I agree with what you said about the free rotation of the crane, it doesn't harm at all and it indeed quite usefull.
  2. NioN

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Nice, I didn't watch the (speedbuild) video's yet to prevent any spoilers.
  3. NioN

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Finished the build last night and it's such a nice model. It's huge, has lot's of small details, looks really nice and building it was so much fun. While building it I came across some new building techniques that I haven't seen in a Technic model before. Haven't played with the functions yet but for me it's more abut the looks than the functions. I noticed that the crane itself isn't locked on the chassis and that it can turn freely without using the function to rotate the crane. Not sure if that's intended or that I made a mistake when building it (hope not.... :P) Steering is really smooth despite the weight of the set. Only little downside is that the chassis bends a little but under the weight of the crane when using the outriggers. Overall, I can really recommend this set if you have the space to store it
  4. NioN

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    For those who are interested, just found a speed build building the first part of the crane:
  5. NioN

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Really can't wait to pickup this set tomorrow at the local Lego store.
  6. Almost completed the build and I see the differences as well but it really depends on the light source. As long as I see the model in daylight there are no visible differences. However when I place the model under a lightbulb I notice that some parts are less bright lime green than the other parts. Love the model though, it's so reach on details
  7. Finished the build yesterday which took quite a while. As Sariel already pointed in his review, the whole construction is kinda fragile. Small bricks get easily stuck inside the structure when either leaving the buckets or when changing the belt. Also somehow I can only rotate the structure counter clockwise and not the other way around but that might be a little building mistake... During the build I found out that I was missing a yellow 15 beam, luckily I had quite a few spares from the 42009 set.
  8. Really enjoying the build so far. Just connected the bottom part with the base of the pillar (step 163). What I noticed is that the four supporting wheels are not placed inside the yellow track but they are placed at the inner part of the yellow track. That seems a bit strange as you expect the wheels to be alligned with the middle track/rail. I double checked the instruction s but it seems to be fine. Otherwise these support wheels should have been placed just a little bit more to the bottom as they would float instead of being connected with the yellow track.
  9. I would be really surprised if that is a common thing. I can't recall having seen any color differences for the same color on any model yet. It might look a bit off due to contrast with other colored parts but that should be it. But well, waiting for the phone call from my local Lego store to pick the set up today along with the BWE and Volvo.
  10. NioN

    Color Coding

    For me it's a non-issue, especially from a design point of view. I don't mind if they are used internal but I prefer it if they aren't used/visible for the bodywork. For example I still don't understand why they've used blue pins for some parts of the Porche design which are clearly visible. It's an expert (display) set so why haven't the used a black pin? Yes that might make the build proces a bit harder but it isn't an expert set for a reason. Also, I never sort the pins, axles, beams etc when building a new set. Part of the fun for me is digging into al the pieces for each step. This doesn't bother me at all and extends my building and fun time.
  11. Really liked the review and it seems to be a very interesting build. The design looks quite nice too with lots of details. I guess that it will be only a matter of time before we will see some other attachments than the crane. That double PTO is really interesting. Guess I will pick this up as well, well I actually like this set even more than the BWE which got me hyped from the start.
  12. Yeah I think so too, 29th is a friday so guess what we'll do that weekend
  13. Really looking forward to this set after seeing all the images and gears. Dutch and Belgium AFOL's can get it for € 199,99 at my local Lego store: Unfortunately they don't ship to any other EU country.
  14. Ah, thought it was some kind of lever. Which doesn't make any sense though as it's not connected with anything...