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  1. Back when Warren first announced AFOLCON/'The Lego Show', I took a wild stab in the dark & as well as requesting an area for my own models, I thought I'd put a request in for a area for a collaborative display of 'micro'/'nano'-scale space ships. Now with the event is only a month away, it's time to throw the doors open ... Details at www.mocslug.com/fly-in2014/ MICRO-/NANO-SPACE FLY-IN 2014 AFOLCON / BRICK 2014, ExCel London 26th-30th November 2014 Interested in Micro-/Nano-Space scale models? Registered as an Exhibitor at AFOLCON 2014? If ‘yes’ to both, you’re invited to ‘fly-in’ to the collaborative Micro/Nano-Space display at AFOLCON/BRICK 2014! Contribute to the rag-tag fleet of space-based Refugees, Imperiums, Federations, Independents, Raiders, Pirates,Aliens, Ancients & More ... Also check out the Flickr group here - www.flickr.com/groups/microspace2014/ Or email me directly - afol.flyin.2014@gmail.com
  2. iangreig

    New Lego Store opening in Cardiff, UK!

    Both the Westfield & St.David's stores are having a 'soft opening'; both of the 'Grand Opening' events will be in the New Year. I'd take any information from new employees with a huge pinch of salt; there's absolutely no chance of 6 new stores in the UK next year. I can believe 6 new stores across Europe in 2011, maybe two of which will be in the UK.
  3. iangreig

    How many Brick Separators do you own?

    I've seen (& touched) red & blue ones too ... they were beautiful :-) AFAIK the orange ones have never been available in publicly released sets; I got mine from a German Bricklink seller. http://www.flickr.com/photos/blue-moose/2828142503/ Ian
  4. iangreig

    Brick Separator

    They come in some very interesting colours too ... http://www.flickr.com/photos/10279741@N00/2798419968/ ... but are fairly rare. You can find light orange ones on Bricklink if you look, but they are expensive. I've seen red & blue ones too ... anyone know of any other colours ? (other than the light & dark greys & the green one). Ian
  5. iangreig

    Space Police 2010

    My pleasure :-) I'm pretty enthusiastic about what we've seen so far of the 2010 Space Police sets; can't wait to see what else we'll be getting. It's obvious there's a lot of effort & love going into these sets from the design team in Billund. Ian
  6. iangreig

    Space Police 2010

    Those are from the Brickset.com image database; I did the old "zoom/Print Screen/past together in Photoshop" dance on Amazon.com to create them :-) Ian
  7. iangreig

    Space Police 2009!

    Galactic Enforcer. Yup; he's going to be the rare/expensive fig from these sets, currently only available in the most expensive set. Ian
  8. iangreig

    Space Police 2009!

    The Milton Keynes store had all 8 of the initial sets yesterday, including the two you mention. I assume the other two UK stores have the same. You can see the figs from the sets here, on my flickr-stream - http://www.flickr.com/photos/blue-moose/3567238801/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/blue-moose/3567922340/ Ian
  9. iangreig

    Space Police 2009!

    This news makes me happy. However, LEGO need to fire their marketing people in the UK, as a the current lot obviously don't have a clue ... Ian
  10. iangreig

    Space Police 2009!

    Me. I was simply reporting the facts of what LEGO were saying at UK Toy Fair. LEGO's people were telling all visitors to their stand at UK Toy Fair this week that SP3 was not being released outside of North America. That *is* what happened. They claimed that 'SP3' was a an experiment, to see if there was demand for such a theme; if it was a success then they would think about releasing it elsewhere, but not until at least 2010. But no commitments. That *is* what they were saying. There are plenty of precedents for LEGO having regional releases, even fairly recently - Vikings was originally announced as a Europe-only release. I have since been told, by several people claiming inside knowledge, that what was being said by LEGO's people at UK Toy Fair wasn't *entirely* correct. Not that they were lying, they were just expressing something that might be true from a certain point of view. Hence my caveat about it maybe coming to S@H/Brand Stores. Ian EDIT - SP3 is apparently in the Swedish trade catalogue for the 2nd half of the year. It isn't in the UK equivalent catalogue
  11. iangreig

    2004/2005 Sets and discussion thread

    Well, I've given you my thoughts on that. Something to think about, I hope. The Eurobricks mention remains, as there isn't really any ill-will from there to here. FBTB is a different place from Eurobricks, with a generally younger crowd; the rules over there have mostly come from bitter experience in the past. And it doesn't suit everyone, and that's fine, but it upsets me to see such vitriol against the place. Ian.
  12. iangreig

    2004/2005 Sets and discussion thread

    It's surprising how many FBTB members are also members here. Nice attitude BTW. I always thought this site prided itself in it's friendliness & openess. Oh well, live & learn. Good news on the release date. Thanks Sam. Ian (Yes, the same one)
  13. iangreig

    fbtb, anyone ?

    Pure speculation, but maybe they let the "no hotmail" rule slide in your case out of professional courtesy to the admin of another site ? Ian.
  14. iangreig

    Something wrong with this picture 2

    Is that Coke of Dr Pepper he's drinking ? Ian.
  15. You can with a bit of effort; only problem with it is, what are you going to replace it with ? Because it's not compatible with standard heads ... Ian.