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  1. That is epic! The shear number of functions, at this scale, and it still looks great. TLG really should produce a 9V battery option like that. How fragile are the connections at the nose section?
  2. I would be very grateful if someone could put this on rebrickable.
  3. But is there an actual difference, or can you just rearrange them again?
  4. Nothing to be sorry for, if you aks me. You used an extreme example to show how ridiculous the claim is that your car is a MOD. Nobody considers Paul's models to be MODs, neither is yours.
  5. Very nice indeed! What parts did G_phy actually adjust?
  6. Thanks! German shop also delivers in NL. I will look into it this weekend. That's just terrible.
  7. In which country though? Here in NL the same shop has 15% discount, but the porsche is not (yet) available. Discount ends 01-08-2016...
  8. It is beautiful! What a shame you won't finish it. Is there a specific reason?
  9. I also really like your mod. But I think I would like it even more if the seats stayed on the chassis instead of hanging from the roof. Would that work too you think? I have had my doubts about this set, but the mods/fixes by the great people here are starting to sway me.
  10. Hi roppie, I actually started building this a while ago. I solved this with turn tables above the wheels, with motors in the legs, but it becomes clunky very quickly. That's what I thought as well, but performance was horrible. Because the wheels move up and down so easily, they easily lose traction as well. Having only the front wheels with drive works better. However, for good climbing (which is what you want with this suspension) all wheel drive would be the best by far. Well, you can only connect them through the main pivot point that goes through the body. The connection can be made quite sturdy. Again with turn tables and two axles in the middle (one per side) which are linked with four bevel gears inside a technic frame. However, since you need 4-6 steered wheels and 6 driven wheels (or at least I did), the whole thing becomes quite large. Which means that the legs become long, and get a lot of play. This is why I abandoned the project in the end. It became very ungainly. Yes, go for an unsteered version first, to get a feel for the suspension. It is great fun already! Then build a version without suspension (4 or 6 wheels), only drive and steer. That is also great fun! I used mindstorms to get the steering to work accurately. But I think servo motors would work fine too. I implemented counter steering, crab steering and 'turn on spot'. Good luck! I hope you get further than I did
  11. Looks nice! Maybe add the designer (if known)?
  12. Nice build! And great selection of functions in this scale! Anyone for an aircraft carrier in the same scale?
  13. I also noticed that, and I was quite happy about it, since it was one of the weak points of the old BB. Others being the difficulty of getting rechargeable batteries in and out, and the overall size of the BB.
  14. Okay, no probs. I just thought that I was missing something.
  15. What do you mean by that? To me it seems these can be connected in a circle without filling the center.
  16. I cannot believe how difficult you all keep making this. All of these would make worthy winners. And I could not vote on all good entries either. 5: 10 3: 6 10: 4 4: 3 11: 2 14: 1
  17. Yes, but we've had so many already. I for one would be happy with a BWE. RC doesn't seem likely to me though. However, TLG has to cater to new customers each year, so another excavator also makes sense.
  18. There are several LEGO parts like that too, e.g. the large helicopter blades.
  19. Great alternative! I have those lying around anyway. Just like the zamor spheres btw. I might try to build this now. Oh, and worry about your English. It's fine.
  20. Very nice demonstration! For those who did not see it yet, Splat also demonstrated this effect very clearly:
  21. I do some of this stuff too. E.g. the following the manual for bush-orientation, even when I know it doesn't matter. Also when placing multiple 3L pins, I make sure the 2L parts are symmetric, or aligned depending on the build. That actually makes sense. I'll try that next time. Sometimes it is a pain.