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  1. We can order and pay, you got the time to produce.
  2. Placed my order for some switches, @coaster succes. #4
  3. Q3671

    LEGO Train Bogie Problem

    you can use a rubber band from set 40153
  4. Q3671

    Building 7777

    nice work @Jetflap a kids dream comes to live.
  5. sorry to hear that, succes.
  6. i like the HE, loved the color
  7. Q3671

    Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    intresting layout, nice work.
  8. Q3671

    Engine Shed V3

    WoW, just realy nice, love it.
  9. Q3671

    10254 - Lego Winter Village train retired?

    yesterday in the Atlanta Discovery center, Phipps plaza, 1 maybe 2 boxes on the shelf.
  10. Q3671

    Is the 4559 Cargo Railway based on a real train?

    i love that 4559 train
  11. @Lowa I received the motors and controller this morning, nice work.